Stuff I See 3: Goosebumps

They finally released Beauty and the Beast‘s full trailer yesterday and just before the famous sparkly (star) dust disappeared above Cinderella’s castle, the familiar piano piece we heard from the teaser months ago was played yet again and before I know it, I’ve got goosebumps all over.

I posted the news on my facebook  wall years ago when they first announced it (Who would’ve thought right?), but forgot it was there til they released the teaser trailer 5 months ago. Being a big fan of Emma who’s portraying Belle, which is only my ultimate favorite Disney Princess, I almost could not wrap my head around the big news at the time. I was dazed, but just as excited as everyone else. Plus, Luke Evans, a LOTR favorite plays Gaston. **freaks out even more**

Knowing that this was going to be huge, I still got a little surprised to see the total views going beyond 7 million after its release yesterday.

What doesn’t surprise me though is the fact that so many people have declared Belle as their favorite Disney princess of all time. Who wouldn’t? Even though at some point they all look alike, I still like Belle’s features the most. Her thick brunette hair and her doe eyes can take down the rest of them all any day. 😛

I also love the soundtrack very much. I remember playing it on our cassette player/walkman (LOL I miss the walkman) all the time when I was young and I even memorized the conversations in between the song, “Little Town“.

Among other stuff I recently discovered was this group of incredible Korean dance superstars, 1 Million Dance Studio. I don’t even know how I didn’t find out about them sooner, seeing that they’ve gotten so big and have such a huge following online.

I was girl crushing on all of these talented choreographers so much that I even followed them on Instagram.

Among my favorites were of course, those that featured my favorite songs: Closer, I took a Pill in Ibiza and Handclap.

Dayummm, I’ve always been a frustrated dancer and I admit I love dancing so much even if it’s just a one-way thing, so seeing all these women do all of these mind-blowing moves literally left me with my mouth wide open.

This first video features Lia Kim, who is only the sickest & dopest dancer I’ve ever seen and whose arms I super duper envy, showing off her very own choreography for the song Closer.

Favorite parts starts at 0:38 and at 2:00. I literally have replayed that part a hundred times. Plus, I also really like the girl in the middle of the second group. I love her look! LOL!

This next one I’m surprised they were able to choreograph a super fun routine for. Likewise, I also repeatedly played their sooooper awesome moment at 1:10. And so many people loved Yoojung, who danced here with Lia, but had a different and more flowy style compared to the latter. She’s also super fun to watch because she smiles a lot. 🙂

This last one I soooper love too because of the fun, feel good song, “Handclap. I also love how they let everyone dance this time.

They have tons of other routines I liked on Youtube. Their Beyonce‘s “Run the World” is also to die for.

I also have to give it to their cameraman/ director of photography/editor for the amazing shots and editing. GALING GRABE! Had I learned how to speak Korean, I would’ve applied for their studio’s job openings posted on their IG account. HUHUHU!

If that wasn’t the biggest thing I saw these past days, then maybe seeing Stranger ThingsEleven on Birdy‘s music video for Sigma is, where she’s gotten even more fan appreciation for her not so surprising (at least not anymore) acting prowess. She can act more than half the people on local tv today and she’s just, what, 13, 14? 

I was also surprised to learn that Sarah Hyland can sing!

She did a great job on this that it made me want to learn how to play Closer on guitar. Thanks to him for making it easy for me:

Finally, the woman, who no matter how controversial she gets, still gives me goosebumps for her incredible talent and x-factor. This was posted back in 2014, but it was my first time to watch it today. I failed to look at the title and couldn’t recognize the song by the beautiful, new arrangement, so I didn’t know it was a recording of Love Story, so when I heard the first line after the equally amazing introduction (the band and the back up singers were all so amazing, Imma cry), I died for like 2 seconds, then went back to life just in time to finish the whole thing.


From Youtube with love!

Ok, so my “to write” list is slowly fading into the background now. I should really get started on my trips before they get erased from my amnesiac memory forever. Wait, does that even make sense? Memories don’t get amnesia, but who cares.

Anyway, I was trying my best to drink 8 tall glasses of water today and so far I downed 6-7 and it’s just 6pm as I write this, so I’m on track! I could probably go over 8 glasses before I sleep tonight, so yay! You can probably tell I want to re-hydrate so bad because I want to have better skin. I know I’ve done this before and I got great results, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it consistently this time.

So apart from drowning myself in misery, errr water, I mean water, I was planning on seeing a movie, but it turned out to be a day for watching good videos on Youtube instead. Hooray for smart, creative and talented people! You bring so much inspiration and joy to people like me.

So here are some of my liked videos for today. You probably need a tissue on hand, just in case.

To start off, here’s the sooooper smart and not to mention, super duper smart, smart girl, Brielle. Funny coz I only wanted to see it because of this adorable kid’s name! BRIELLE is my ex’ name and my name put together, like one of those celeb couple names and I was just curious as to how they pronounced it. I know right, I’m pathetic, but hey I’m glad I did, because she is so amaaaaaazing and I love how she speaks. Just listening to her makes me want to have a kid of my own right now and force her to speak nerd too. JK! I love how she knows these tiny bits of trivia about some of the elements. She’s really one smart kid and she’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Here’s Brielle back on Ellen’s show, a year after and she’s still too cute! I also love that Ellen loves kids. It makes the whole experience (was I even there?) more heartfelt and genuine and touching.

The next video really cracked me up, ok probably just the African American actor, but tbh, they were all so good! I can’t, I mean I just can’t….ok just go watch the whole thing. I can’t believe I just subscribed to them just today!

The next one is by another big Youtube production team, WongFu, which I long discovered a few years ago. They did a pretty good job again and their fans are still waiting for the sequel of this video, if they haven’t released it already.

Then I saw this trailer, thinking it was of the same movie released in 2006. Apparently, it’s not, but I was curious as to why some were defending it as a creation of a really great director and writer. True enough, they were brilliant enough to make the trailer seem really promising. I mean, they’ve got pretty good cinematography and music, plus they didn’t give the movie the whole away and definitely no jump scares. Amazing right?

Then of course, there has to be another clip from Jimmy Fallon’s show. I’ve always had a thing for these late night shows and how they sometimes get their fans to get in on the fun too. I just wish they shared a few more!

Last but not the least, I don’t think is Calysta Beiver’s AGT audition. First of all, I really loved her whole look too like everyone else did and of course, I liked how she had this positive vibe despite her story. And like what Simon said, I also liked her song choice. It is pretty much her life’s theme song and mine too!

So that’s it for now. I’ve got to go watch Courageous Caitie’s story on MMK tonight!