Life Lately / 12


Gone were the days when I could write as often and as much as I can. At the moment, I am squeezing this teeny tiny time to write not because I have something spectacularly interesting to say, but only because my hands are itching to!

I used to always have all the time in the world to do whatever I want and I missed that since there is only so little that I could do with the free time I have off work (a.k.a. training). I couldn’t afford to slack nor to sleep longer than 4 hours, not even to go online  (yeah well not totally true), but just the same, I couldn’t do most of what a couch potato me has been doing for most of the time last year. I don’t even have the time to check my emails.

Today, all I want is time to relax, yet every time I think of getting a quick nap, I panic at the possibility that I could sleep through most of the day, therefore wasting time I should have spared for studying.

For this weekend, my goal is to completely memorize all 14 drugs in our division’s medication portfolio including their marketing communication and FAQ’s for our revalida on Wednesday.

I’m having doubts I can smoothly pass that test, but what the heck, I have something more to show them and I’m going to do what it takes to do that. Or not.

Lately, I’ve been having second thoughts, hearing mentors subtly and indirectly point out reasons why “I” cannot or should not go through with the training. I feel like I have made them lose their confidence in me and so they are somehow trying to discourage me by saying things such as “you have impressed no one with your awkwardness and dulling brain, therefore someone has been forced to take you instead of the other way around.” and “You have this weekend to think if this is the right job for you. You may back out if you don’t feel like being in this line of work and we won’t take it against you.” while looking directly at me.

Harsh. I know, but like what one of them also said, they might be actually doing me a favor.

I don’t think I can get those words out of my mind, nevertheless, I’m still determined to continue, (thanks to the encouraging words of my friend, Jan). I just want to believe in the fact that I am still here because God allowed for it to happen, this is where He led me to, where I should really be as I have prayed for ever so deeply; and so I trust that this is where He wants me to be.

I’m not happy with my performance as well, but with God’s grace, I hope I could do so much better especially on the final tests. I want this underdog to emerge a winner all for the glory of Him.

This is just one of the mountains I have yet to conquer. All for the glory of God!


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


Trip Down Memory Lane | Resignation

In December of 2015, I made up my mind to finally quit my job in an Australian BPO company. No one in my family knew, but I told my friends in the office and my immediate supervisor whom I have grown close with.

Looking back, I knew I almost had the perfect job. It had a great basic pay. Their policies aren’t as strict as those of the bigger companies in the same industry. We were catering to Aussies so with the little time difference between AU and RP, our schedule was also very favorable. Office location was along ADB avenue, so the commute was very easy for me, not to mention that we were very near 3 of the major malls in the metro. People were nice and accommodating. Our supervisors were all very helpful. We had the perks of a typical BPO workplace. What more could I have asked for, right?

Then again, I grew tired of a lot of things. There was a major factor which I can only keep to myself. Then there were reasons that in a sense helped me think things through and then eventually helped me reach a final decision.

First, there were the changes that the management have  constantly implemented. They are a very young company and I get that they have to build new strategies every now and then, but those changes drastically increased over time and affected not only their employees, but a lot of their clients as well. We saw how their company’s own clients took advantage of one another to avoid the burden of the said changes. Plus, they also made changes internally including some employee benefits that were one of the major reasons why I took the job in the first place.

Changes were also made with our schedules so my little group in the office was broken apart, at least in terms of having lunch together and all. Not to sound such a baby, but I admit I was a little clingy and I loved talking to and bonding over food with them. Made the already stressful work easier. Although that didn’t last long as I unexpectedly found new people to have lunch with, including my supervisor who has become a friend too.

Second, I knew that when I took that job, it was only going to be temporary. I had a plan to save up for a camera and workshops so I could go on in becoming the next America’s Top Photographer. Charrr! Seriously though, that was the plan all along, ever since I quit my job in the hospital. Unfortunately, I didn’t save enough as I splurged on my film photography hobby and on food. Yes, FOOD! I still couldn’t figure out why, but I didn’t have any savings at all.

Third, I was getting tired of talking to irate customers, which grew in number along with the changes that the company implemented. There even came a time that we honestly didn’t want to take the calls anymore because the customers were getting so impatient and rude that it became traumatic for me (callcenter virgin). And to think that Aussies are the most polite customers.

Lastly, one of my office friends offered me a home-based job and even though it wasn’t a sure thing, I took the risk, thinking that it was a sign for me to finally quit my job. So I quit when I got back from the holidays last year.

I finally told my parents a few days before my last day at work. My mother was surprised, but I knew I had to make that decision on my own. I knew I couldn’t tell them without a back up plan, so I told them I wanted to work full-time from home.

I applied for the home-based job, waited for 3 months for the whole application process to finish only to be turned down in the end. To be honest, I was led on to believe that I will get the job. My friend’s friend who referred me had to tell me that I had been an unfortunate victim of their manager’s power trip to console me, but I had to pick myself up as well and went back job hunting. To no avail, I failed to find a job, because I was either extremely picky or unqualified.

That, along with my grandmother’s death and break up with the ex, all happening simultaneously were 3 of the most devastating things that happened to me last year. Those almost pushed me over the edge and I didn’t know where else to go. My office friends were half-kidding that I take my job back, but thanks to them and their insane updates on even bigger changes in the company, I knew I wasn’t going back.

So there I was, devastated, heartbroken and broke. I didn’t know where else to go but to Him.

Then soon, I realized, working in the said company wasn’t all bad. I had really amazing supervisors and trainers that were not only very patient and helpful but kind people as well. I also got to work with colleagues that were very welcoming, extremely funny and equally helpful. Lastly, I met friends I never even thought I’d be friends with. They made me laugh, they chatted with me during and outside work, they taught me so much about life and they bonded with me over FOOD! (Have I not emphasized that enough? LOL). They all made my experience in a BPO company worthwhile and they helped me adjust easier with all their horror stories from their previous BPO companies and tips in providing great customer service.


photos grabbed from Xuxa’s IG account!

Also, everyone was telling me I was very lucky to have worked for that company as it wasn’t the typical contact center with the strict KPIs, and all that shizzz I’m glad I never experienced.

Looking back, I didn’t think I’d reach such a low point in my life. I didn’t know I could go that low. I’m pretty sure it was my worst year, but like I said, it definitely was my best as well. It was a real roller coaster ride for me with all the ups and downs, but I’m glad that not once did I feel disregarded by God. I’m just glad that He was there with me all along. He made sure that it wasn’t going to be all bad for me so I’m even more sure now that He will hold my hand through the good and the bad times, in all the days ahead.



TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: I’m traveling back in time to write about those 2016 moments that I haven’t had time to in the past year. This is mainly for my own benefit as this blog has been my personal diary for the past 5 years. If you happen to have a chance to share in the joy or to empathize with me, I will be more than grateful as life is better lived when shared. Have a great 2017! Cheers!

Things I’m Grateful For

Lately, my mood swings have gotten really bad and I know it may only have been aggravated by stress from work, my monthly period and perhaps the ever changing weather. Plus, there’s the fact that girls are perpetually bipolar beings, so…

Anyway, I have to be honest that I’ve been really down mostly because I thought that nothing has and can ever go right in my life, but I have long accepted that. What I didn’t see coming though was the little things that made me smile for the first time in a long time.

There’s the ever patient and loving boyfriend who went out of his way one night to take the frown off my face.

There’s the unexpected good news at work the other day which I honestly didn’t see coming.

Then there’s this customer whom I talked to also the other day who caught me off guard by asking me what I need prayers for. Shocked as I was, I didn’t pass up the chance to be prayed for and over by a stranger, even if I thought that it was a prank. I was relieved though that it wasn’t.

Right in those moments, I saw how good our God is. I thought I was going to cry over the phone while the person on the other end of the line was asking God to bless my family.

It’s true what they say that “stars shine the brightest in the darkest of night”

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 15

Bullet-point your whole day

Can you believe it? I’m halfway through this challenge, finally! If I religiously do this everyday for the next 15 days, I’m gonna complete it before the month ends and I don’t want it to take any longer than that, because hello, I’m already 8 days late!So yaaay! –>not sarcastic! 😛

So this is how my day went. The tropical storm, Falcon has just entered my country’s area of responsibility while another one, Egay exits, so it has been raining cats and dogs the past few days including today. My parents are away in a conference and I have to commute to work. Luckily, the skies cleared up a bit on my way to work.

  • 4:50am – I woke up late because I’ve been having problems staying asleep for the past couple of days. I panicked when I saw the time and went straight to the shower.
  • 5:20am – I hurriedly went back to my room to dress up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put make up on.
  • 5:35am – Finally got out of the house and walked to hail a tricycle.
  • 5:45ish am – Lucky enough, I didn’t have to wait too long to find a ride to work.
  • 6:10ish – Work starts at 7am so I had time for breakfast at McDonald’s. I had a sausage Mcmuffin, coffee and hashbrown. I opted to dine in because it started raining again and there weren’t a lot of people yet.
  • 6:40am – I received a text from my mother (whom I had a small misunderstanding with over the phone last night) checking up on us and another from a co-worker asking where I was.
  • 6:50ish – I clocked in at work and the co-worker told me some supervisors were looking for me. Apparently, they were so used to me arriving very early at work everyday and were worried I got washed away by flood waters or something. After that, I had time to do my morning ritual which was to wash my water bottle and to brush my teeth again.
  • 7am – started doing calls
  • 9:45am – quick morning break, stayed at the pantry as usual and saw that rain has stopped but rain clouds were starting to hover over neighboring skycrapers again.
  • 12noon – Sat at the table closest to the window to have lunch with a seatmate. It started raining cats and dogs again and the buildings disappeared behind the thick fog + rain.
  • 12:30pm – After lunch, I was supposed to go to a nearby convenience store, but because of the rain, I had to stay in to stay dry. 😛
  • 12:55pm – had time to brush my teeth
  • 1:05pm – went back to work. I was 5 minutes late. 😛
  • 2:45pm – time for a quick afternoon break
  • 4pm – I got off work, bid people goodbye, and hurriedly went to look for a ride home. Again, I was lucky enough to hail a ride before it started raining hard again. Although, when I think about it, it didn’t really rain too hard after 4pm.
  • 5pm – I got home! Laid in bed for a while, staring at nothing and realized that I had write another entry for this challenge, so I did.
  • 6:51pm – Posting an entry for Day 15 of the 30 day writing challenge!

My life is so boring! I know! But that’s it for today! I might add another bullet for working out but that’s still pending for now! 😛 Hope you all had a much better day than I did! 🙂

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The Daily Bugle

The long wait is over! I am  nowofficially employed!

I know I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself but unless I fail this training, I consider myself not a palamunin anymore!

Before I took this job, I went through the eye of a needle taking exams, working my way through interviews and even thinking extra hard whether to accept a few job offers or not (those were extremely tricky, mind you). Those days were over though. I can now say that after months and months of feeling useless and depressed, my day has come. Of course, like I said, I still don’t want to get ahead of myself, after all, I’ve only completed 25% of the training. I still have 3 more weeks to prove myself worthy of the company.

Today, we made our first calls and it was fun, or at least not as scary as I have imagined. Though the company makes customer calls, it isn’t exactly a call center, which is why it’s not as stressful as its counterparts in the industry. It also offered a very normal work schedule, meaning no shifting schedules and no work on weekends. They also have a Christmas break which is the icing on the cake. Pay is also higher than most companies in the outsourcing business, so I guess I have nothing else to ask for.

I found this job a few days before I was offered a job by the last company I applied to. I found it accidentally through the forum Pinoy Exchange and I knew right then and there, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. So, I turned down the job offer from the last company at the last minute. Of course the response from the HR personnel wasn’t pleasant but I owe it to myself and my family to get a job not only because it was the first to call, but more importantly, because it was a company worth all the wait.

True enough, it was worth it. I got the job on the same day I was interviewed for the position and voila, here I am on my fourth day, making calls already.

My calls weren’t perfect. In fact, I think I was the least competent and confident among the four of us trainees, but I can forgive myself for that. It was only my first time and I was the only one without BPO experience.

It was funny because the first ever call I made today was to a Pinay based in Australia. I was itching to speak in Filipino but I had to maintain professionalism (because the call was being monitored by the trainers and my fellow trainees in the other room, though I didn’t realize it until I got back to the training room where everyone was applauding and cheering me on) and I guess I wanted to practice the spiels as well.

That’s all for now. Lately I’ve been really tired and I sleep as early as 6pm and since it’s already 8pm, I am way, way past my bedtime so ciao!

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My view from my station 🙂 See the Daily Bugle building?