30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 6

Five Ways to Win Your Heart!

These are not necessarily in any order. Whatever comes to mind first, comes first. Here we goooo:

1) 35mm Films – I’m going gaga over films and where to buy them, especially the rare and expensive ones. This is probably one of the best ways to win my heart, buy me films, if not more analogue cameras to add to my collection. It’s tangible though, does that still count?

2) trips with my loved ones – It doesn’t matter ifย it’s just an hour-drive away from home, as long as I get to temporarily escape from all my worries and be with my loved ones, it’ll be worth it!

3) FOOD – Lately, I’ve been gaining weight and noticed my love handles getting not so lovable, all because my appetite just got a little bigger. This doesn’t mean I’m hating on food though. In fact, it’s actually the other way around! If you wish to win my heart, then let’s get started on food! ๐Ÿ˜‰

4) Make me something personalized or practically ANYTHING – As long as you made it yourself, it’ll surely win my heart! I love anything handmade, artsy and personalized.

5) More time with B – It doesn’t matter where we go or where our dates would take us as long as I get to spend more time with him without me worrying about curfew (i know,ย I’m too old for curfews) or my parents wondering where I’m at. I just want both the world and time to stop when we’re together.