30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 16

Something that you miss

One thing I really miss these days is bumming around. I feel like my days have been revolving too much around work that I honestly miss just staying in bed all day! A week ago, I decided to file a leave from work today, which I try as much as possible not to do because I’m saving all of that for Christmas, but this time, I felt really tired of work that I just want to escape and hide in a cocoon.

I was so looking forward to this day because I was supposed to have B all to myself for the whole day. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, we couldn’t risk getting stuck somewhere (although that could’ve been nice too!) or getting sick because that would’ve been horrible. I feel so tired already that I couldn’t imagine catching the flu too.

So I’m staying indoors all day today and I’m going to pig-out (which I do on a daily basis) and catch up on some reading and sleeping, on movies and series I’ve missed and a whole lot of artsy fartsy stuff. I’m hoping I get to bond with B too on Skype and to do a bit of cooking too. That’s basically my whole day planned out! Oh I missed this!

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