Calm before the Storm

We spent half the day in my beautiful alma mater and I’d say that time just flew by with my cousin, K and I just watching people (mostly high school, fresh meats) and reminiscing our good ol’ USTe days. While our soon-to-be-college-freshie cousin, Y was taking the USTET, K and I went to hear mass at Santissimo Rosario church, had some sweet snacks/brekky for me, took a lot of photos and did a lot of people watching. People watching is really fun, especially if you’d do it on days like today when it wasn’t uncomfortably hot. In fact, it was very windy this morning (all thanks to #RubyPH –hashtag talaga?), which made it more amusing to watch people cross the field, while the strong winds blew a horrible, mini sandstorm at them, leaving them all touched up with loose, matifying football field dust in shade #6. K and I just stayed for a couple of hours on one of the benches in the field, under a tree, laughing. 10423782_10204499476459567_2483524997208392170_n new10252093_10204499481619696_3314327271091816487_n  10425052_10204499480179660_7134302992635904428_n 10690287_10204499483819751_8157620235424034496_n 10698392_10204499480939679_293708724988885093_n 10704189_10204499478339614_4106800300729884810_n 10846122_10204499478899628_5363470583665502432_n 10848055_10204499483259737_1679891151848300811_n  1920156_10204499482379715_4656510769999437261_n It was soooo good to be back! Back in college, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and do my own thing, then here I am, 3 years after, longing to go back and be a student again! After the test, we took Y around USTe, in the same way I toured K around the campus a few years ago, and brought her to the go-to places outside the campus (aka the yummy and patok carinderias, piso printing stores, laboratory equipment stores and school supply stores) . Then, we took a jeepney to Morayta and toured the Ubelt on foot from FEU to UE to Mendiola (where K had to get their handouts photocopied) where San Beda, CEU, Holy Spirit and La Consolacion were, before we finally parted ways. We were all in a hurry to go home since apparently, different cities had been cancelling classes for tomorrow as we were having lunch and before that, we felt how strong the wind blew all day before it stopped all of a sudden. Kinda made me panic inside (forever paranoid). Since then until now, as I’m typing this, it still doesn’t seem like a storm is on its way here. Makes me even worry now, since it really and literally feels like the #calmbeforethestorm. We even prayed the Oracio Imperata in church this morning. So, be safe everyone and pray!