My Favorite Portraits

Recently, I stumbled upon a forgotten portfolio I made early last year. There was a page where I put together 4 of my all time favorite portraits and boy, how I loved how they all looked together as a whole.

Originally, it included the first 3 photos here, but I had to replace the last one because it was a “head shot” and I thought this other favorite portrait looked much better together with the rest of the photos.

I’m starting this “FOURtraits” series on my film photo blog where I’ll be featuring 4 portraits every week. Haha #shamelessplug. Of course, all photos were taken using analog cameras!

To start off, I featured my ultimate all time favorites among the rest! Click on the photo to read more on them!



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Ang Sarap Tumawa at Kumain

I was in high school when I first read about UP Samaskom LIVE AIDS (read more about it here and here) and since then, I’ve always wanted to see this show. I’ve told some friends about it then and I know that we’ve made plans to go and see it for ourselves, but those plans never pushed through, until this year!

I almost missed it again, actually, so I’m really happy to have stumbled upon a blog or their page on Facebook just a couple of weeks ago and when I found out that we could still make it, I reserved seats for me and Bri, paid for them the next day!

Come Thursday of the past week, 11th June, we went straight to UP right after work! We also planned to go around the university but we could only have time for dinner at the Chocolate Kiss cafe, which wasn’t bad at all. We plan to go back and try out the rest of their menu anyway and to do a real tour of the uni on a more convenient time.

A little segue on our short but literally sweet food trip, we read online reviews days before our UP date and found out that most people really loved the cafe’s Chicken Kiev and their Hickory Spareribs, so that’s what we ordered that night. We also had a taste of their famous Devil’s Food Cake and Kahlua Butter cake for dessert and we both loved them, though I’m a bigger fan of the latter, while B loved the DFC. We also tried their iced tea with the syrup and calamansi and loved it. If you haven’t realized it yet, well, I’m saying that I loved everything, even the interior and ambiance with these beautiful artworks that I’d love to have a closer look at next time. It’s my kind of date place with B, being very simple, relaxing, and with not too many people (at least before 6pm). I think they also have musicians playing that night, but we could only stay until right before the Live Aids show started. It would’ve been more romantic for our first date at the cafe!

photo grabbed from Brianne

After dinner, we had time to take photos of each other and walk back to the Abelardo Hall. CMC was packed with people mostly from UP and I was getting scared that the show was exclusively for alums and undergrads, but it was a relief to see a lot of outsiders who came to see the show too!

Now I know why people from all over come to see the show every year, because people were literally rolling on the floor laughing. It has been a long time since I had a good laugh, the kind that really gets me out of breath and would make me tear up (although I know I always do when laughing) and not care about how people around us would react with the accompanying squeals I had to let out when I couldn’t take it anymore. It was such a fun night. All I could say is that I’m still hungover and I would really go see this show every year to get my fix of a wonderfully put together event.

My favorite parts were the “Panggatong Sayo” sketch, the scenes of the lola and the pretty gay clad in the Miley-Cyrus-in-her-teen-years, shimmery outfit, in the Lavinia Bus skit, their grand dance productions and the last skit by the director herself, Tuesday Vargas.

I also loved their portrayal of Dra. Beki Below (and her whole sketch/monologue-she easily brought the house down), Claudia and Tumor Powers (the whole cast of this skit was applaudable, but the showdown between these two were very much anticipated and they didn’t disappoint), the lola and the gay in the shiny dress that I mentioned earlier (both of them delivered well), some political figures whose names/status are very much resonant/controversial today. I also loved their best actor (who was the gay in shiny dress I kept mentioning above), dancer (who was laudable and always had her game face on) and singer (that gave a really beautiful, but short solo performance) all of whom were named in the end! I don’t want to spoil it too much as they still have their last show which will be happening tonight!

All I can say by the end of it all was “Ang galing!!” and “Ang sarap tumawa!!!“. I’m glad to have seen it the first time on their 30th year! The show was spectacular, well-thought of (syempre) and well-put-together (as I kept saying).

photo taken by Brianne
photo taken by Brianne

P.S. other photos to follow on my other blog (still for developing and scanning hihi)