Passion Project

It’s no secret how much my heart flutters at the sight of good art, or upon hearing beautiful music, immersing into well-put together movies or books that I cannot put down, in architecture, design and in merely anything that has a wee bit of creativity ingrained in it.

In August of last year, I wrote an entry talking entirely about PODCASTS. I’ve been so addicted to them, they have become a part of my daily routine for the past 2 years! Since I’m living alone, these audio-recorded shows kept me company when driving to work, doing my laundry, cooking, doing reports and even while taking a bath!

It would be an understatement to say that I love Podcasts, coz in reality, I cannot live without them anymore and more so, they fuel my curiosity, my love for the arts and even my burning passion, which led me to finally fire up this little “passion project”.

Before I delve into that, let me just take a quick trip down memory lane. You see, for years, I’ve always had this idea in my mind to start a creative output with a purpose, something that will serve humanity and eventually, ignite even just a tiny flame of inspiration within those who will come across it. I wanted it to be something big, but not in an obvious way. And here’s the thing, I wanted it to be instrumental in putting ordinary people under the spotlight.

Originally, I wanted the project to be similar to HUMANS of NEW YORK, as I love taking portraits of people; however, surprisingly, not everyone is comfortable to pose for the camera. Kinda hard to believe when almost everyone is addicted to taking selfies nowadays.

Then came the lockdown. It was unexpected, and also very, very demotivating. Nothing piqued my interest anymore. I even lost my appetite for Netflix and also for a multitude of my hobbies. One thing stuck with me though, my love for podcasts!

I love podcasts so much, I asked a couple of my friends to start one with me. A few months back, my friend, Nin and I recorded an episode at 2 in the morning, but I don’t think she published that—yet. Then a few weeks back, I finally got 2 of my friends whom I talk to on the daily, Xuxa and Dee to record the very first episode of our podcast, “Thirsty at 30“. When I finally edited and uploaded it, I thought, why don’t I work on this solo podcast that I have long been planning to do. So I did what no one has done to make a podcast, I slept. LOL!

Kidding aside, I wrote a comprehensive outline of how my little show is going to be like. Then I asked a friend to be my first guest on the show and the rest as they say is history.

I’ve been reaching out to friends from all across the globe to join me on the pod. Basically, there would be a new guest for each episode and currently, I just finished recording my 4th and uploaded the 3rd last night.

Right now, most of my friends are kinda amused and excited to be on the show, which is what sort of pushed me to go ahead with this project.

Work has been the hardest these couple of months, but having started this project, it made me look forward to something new for the first time in a really long time.

So to debut on my blog tonight, my little passion project that has come to life, “Distant Dialogues“! A collection of stories and life learnings of friends to keep you company wherever you are in the world! Long distance chikahan!

If you wanna follow the pod, it’s now up on Spotify and Instagram!

You can also catch Distant Dialogues on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public and Overcast!

I don’t really plan on putting this out there too much, but it would feel really nice to hear more of my friends relate to the topics and especially to the funny anecdotes that we reminisce on on the show! Nevertheless, hope that you guys have fun with us too!

From Earth to Mars! Get it? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

P.S. The birth of this show also helped me get back into making more art (like this collage above) and I hope that with this momentum, I get to help share more of people’s stories to the world! Good night and stay safe and well everyone!

Lockdown Musings 1 / Don’t Stop til It’s Over

As I’m typing this, Temper Trap‘s “Sweet Disposition” is on that part, where the vocalist goes “….don’t stop ’til it’s oveeeeeeeer….” over and over. And I thought, hey! that would really make a good title for this post. Ergo ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป.

Just a few minutes ago, I was trying not to choke on a bottle of ice-cold, plain C2 (the one in green). I wasn’t sweating like a pig today, but my skin is still uncomfortably sticky from dried sweat. If you must know, it’s still crazy hot today so I’m glad this drink really did help lower my body temp by half a degree celsius lol. Thinking about it now, I’ve been actually addicted to this for more than a decade now. Not a lot of people like this —-no fact checking needed (which is very favorable to me especially in this era of hoarding), but I genuinely do, thanks to my high school seatmate, Mish Umali, who introduced this to me while we were talking about UAAP and Larry Fonacier, one fine afternoon.

I had to suddenly stop typing to glance at my phone. The song that’s currently playing is really catchy. I really need to save it or I’m gonna regret it forever. It’s quite amusing that the song is actually called “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” as that is probably what most of us do these days, in between work. Now, that is getting into my “Quaranchill” Playlist!

The songs that followed were all new to me, but nonetheless equally catchy, and save-worthy! LOL. Don’t you like how smart the internet is nowadays? On Spotify, there is this autoplay option, which basically just prompts your app to play similar tracks when the song or playlist you’re listening to ends. Whoever thought of this idea should get half of what everyone pays for for the service. LOL! The concept is pure genius and I appreciate it more than a gallon of free ice cream on a freakishly hot day! You don’t even need a playlist anymore these days. All you do is think of 1song and from there, Spotify will decide which songs to play next for you. And that my friends, is how you discover new music!

I think that this is the same prediction technology they use in online shopping apps and sites. Like I said, smart! The other day, I tried out the Google assistant on my phone for the first time and was asking her to do a couple of tasks for me. I can’t believe how Black Mirror-ish this thing is. My friend, Nin once told me that the stuff we see on that show will probably be what we will have in the near future, just as how we used to only see smartphones on movies of the past.

Funny ‘coz no matter how I feel like I won’t be able to keep up with new technology, I still always do. Even my parents do! LOL. Pretty brilliant how we, humans adapt well to the changing times and for me, that is a gift in itself!

Heck, we could be back in an ice age right now and still manage to survive, just as how we have in the past months on lock down.

I myself developed a new routine at home as my way of adjusting, and I blame that for the changes in my behavior and thinking, but all is good now. It even got me to write again, which I hope is a good thing, right?

I have so much more to share —–movies I’ve seen, webinars that pushed me to get back on my feet, photographs that I’ve taken on lock down, books that I hoarded, meditation practices that calmed me down, dating apps I’ve tried, dishes I cooked, workout apps I currently adore, more songs that I’ve discovered and things that I’ve been so passionate about. I’m gonna have to break them down into different posts so as not to overwhelm. After all, there’s already too much that is going on, we don’t need any more of that. ๐Ÿ˜œ

So, wherever you are in the world right now, I pray that it’s safe from negative energies that pull you down and that you help stop it from spreading, and yeah, don’t stop ’til it’s over!

Well, look at that! I actually finished an entire post after a loooooooong time. Looks like I’m over my creative block which I’ve struggled with for several weeks! I’ll talk about that on a separate post. For now it’s Ciao and……

Cheeeeers and stay home and safe!


Life Lately/Podcast Overload

Okay, so I feel like I have been spending way too much free time (meaning, once I get home from work or at the moment, over long weekends) listening to podcasts. Netflix also takes the other half of my free time so I should definitely make a separate entry for that too!

Anyhoww, over the past couple of months, I discovered heaps of podcasts and today, I will be sharing each of those to you; but I would really love it if you can recommend new shows too in return. Deal?

First things first, let me tell you how I got hooked to listening to audio series. If I remember it right, I started listening to podcasts around late last year. I never really thought I’d enjoy listening to one until I discovered “Wake Up with Jim and Saab“, which I must have seen on Saab’s blog. I am such a big fan ofย  her blog (this fandom dates back to her incugirl days), so it wasn’t that big of an adjustment to switch to her audio series co-hosted by none other than her husband, Jim Bacarro.

And since we’re doing throwbacks, some of you may know how I am such a fan of celebrity bloggers. This was way back when blogging was literally just an online public journal (such as this one lol) and when it wasn’t such a big money-making machine yet as it is nowadays. I used to follow Bianca Gonzalez, Patty Laurel, Veronica Peralejo and her friend Saab Magalona. They would share stories about their relationships, college adventures and problems which I found relatable at the time.

Fastforward to the present time, these girls are still very much in touch with their onlineย  following, except that they evolved from bloggers to what we now call social media influencers. Most of them have Youtube channels with carefully curated content, wider reach and influence, hence the title.

I am not gonna go through all different types of platforms. I would probably share some favorite Youtube channels too in the future, but for this entry, I’d like to focus more on PODCASTS which I am crazy obsessed with and so passionate about, it’s all I could talk about with my friends! I even pushed a couple of them to record their own shows (with me as their occasional guest of course!).

So for those who still don’t know what podcasts are (hello OG grandparents and parents), according to Wikipedia, they are episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download to listen. Alternatively, the word “podcast” may refer to the individual component of such a series or to an individual media file.

In short, they are basically talk shows, minus the visuals.

Living on my own, without access to TV becomes a little too lonely especially when I don’t get to hang out with my friends here in Cebu; but having these podcasts help me get by because they can be really entertaining, informative, not to mention, addictive.

I listen to podcasts almost all the time——when I cook, clean my room, drive, wash my clothes and even while taking a bath! So you can just imagine how podcasts have taken over my life (in a good way). They help a lot with catching up on current events, being productive and multi-tasking!

Even Jim Bacarro himself said that listening to podcasts make his night routine less tedious. (not his exact words)

So here goes the list of my favorite PODCASTS at the moment (mostly on Spotify, if not all):

  1. Wake Up with Jim and Saab – the first ever podcast I ever listened to. Talks about current events, pop culture, adulting, and relevant topics such as “elevator etiquette” and “bar rules. They have a “Malibag” segment wherein they read and give advice on some of their podfams’ mails. They have an online following and community (which I am proud to be a part of) that has grown over the past year!
  2. The Halo-Halo Show – This was suggested by my friend, Jan which I find similar to WUWJAS. Talks about TT’s (trending topics), theirย  and pop culture, travel, also reads and gives advice on their Leche Fan’s mails. Very engaging and relatable, also very fun, light and hilarious at times! They are also very interactive with their leche fans on their other social media accounts!
  3. The Linya Linya Show – One of the Pinoy Comedy Podcasts in Filipino, talks about different topics relevant to the youth and yuppies, and also very hilarious and entertaining. I often find myself laughing out loud (even while driving) while listening to these guys.
  4. Long Distance – Talks about being Filipinos living abroad and stories in the Filipino diaspora. Most episodes are in narrative form which are very engaging. One of the podcasts that produces the best and relevant content in this platform.
  5. Adulting with Joyce Pring – Talks about issues of yuppies venturing out into the real world! Very helpful especially for people in their twenties!
  6. Armchair Expert – Each episode guests personalities from the entertainment industry hosted by Dax Sheppard.
  7. Good Times with Mo – Good old radio show with Mo twister, his mature and helpful opinion on a wide spectrum of issues of his callers; very entertaining and informative!
  8. The Creative Introvert – if you know me, you know why this would be so interesting for me!
  9. After 30 – mostly drawn to this because I am about to turn 30 in the next few months!
  10. Hilakbot TV’s Horror Show – freaky ass show! I get scared even when listening in broad daylight
  11. The Telebabad Tapes – Another husband and wife show that talks about pop culture, relevant issues and current events
  12. Bo Sanchez Radio – Reminders of God’s love and promises in a podcast!
  13. Anna Faris is Unqualified – Completely forgot about this but I love Anna Faris and I found her show very amusing and entertaining as they take calls from their listeners! Now that I have seen her podcast on my list again, Imma listen to her again!

Also saved the following on Spotify to listen to later on.

  1. Kanin Konvos
  2. Boiling Waters OH
  3. Modern Love
  4. This Filipino American Life
  5. Potterless
  6. Life is Short with Justin Long
  7. Happy Place
  8. Career Power Hacks
  9. DKMH
  10. Secrets of the Most Productive People
  11. SNL Afterparty
  12. Career Stories
  13. Psychology of Black Mirror
  14. Work Life with Adam Grant
  15. Road Trippin’
  16. Travel Genius
  17. Mashups
  18. Conspiracy Theories
  19. True Crime Obsessed
  20. The Complete Guide to Everything
  21. Listen Playlists – Pastor Rick’s Daily
  22. TED Talks Daily

I lost count of the podcasts that I have been following, and to think that these are just a fraction of the digital content created for social consumption. In fact, most of us also follow a long list of content creators in various media platforms. Truly, Social media is continuously evolving! It has become instrumental in reaching a wider audience, and this in turn, has impacted the way people utilize the power of the internet. And I guess a lot of you would agree when I say that we are indeed in the era of social media, wherein everyone can be an instant celebrity, but that is one power that we should all take proper responsibility for! Use it wisely!



Filmmaking and Deliberate Living


Last Saturday, I attended another Colours Foto event here in Cebu. This time around, it was sponsored by SONY PH INC., which is why I was so excited! They offered free cleaning services for the first 15 attendees! Did I mention that the seminar itself was also free (with free snacks) and the speaker was none other than the the great, Pepe Diokno!





The talk ended earlier than planned as there weren’t a lot of questions from the participants; but it was packed with lots of amazing takeaways on filming documentaries and travel videos, I had to take notes!

What struck me the most at the beginning of the talk was the story behind his successful career in the film industry. I guess every great person had something to struggle with before they got to where they are now and Mr. Diokno was no different. He shared how he struggled to find his voice at the start of his career, not to mention how he went through a couple of mishaps, which I had to admit were terrifying but inspiring at the same time. It made him a bit more relatable and a little less infallible, at least through my eyes.

Another important takeaway from this talk was (of course) about filming documentaries. He taught us the 3 golden questions to ask before deciding if a documentary is worth doing or not:

  1. Who is the story about?
  2. Who is telling the story?
  3. What interests you the most about the story?

Simple, but these questions are the deal breakers as these would align all the other elements of the film to your plot.

Apart from these, he also shared a lot of tips, from evoking answers you need from the people involved in the story, to the camera set ups, to the pre, post and production of the film.

He also showed a lot of his works, most of which brought a lot of the attendees to tears, me included.

His award-winning films include “Engwentro“, “Above the Clouds” and “Kapatiran“.





He’s also known for tv ads that could make even the toughest men cry.



In the middle of the talk, I remember I had an epiphany! Well, it’s either that or I just got carried away so bad, my emotions were playing tricks on me! So I realized, I’m not meant to pursue nursing (despite having a license and hospital experience) nor am I destined to be successful in a corporate world, because my heart will truly beat only for ARTS and MEDIA. Though I know it would be hell to pursue, I feel that it is something I should go after, may it be in the near future or not.


Speaking of epiphanies, I must be on a roll this weekend as I had another one while watching this documentary on Netflix called MINIMALISM.

I watched it twice yesterday and I felt like it was speaking to me knowing that in my heart, I yearn for a life in simplicity.

I have struggled with depression and eternal quarter life crisis, not only because I used to constantly compare myself to my peers and social media made it worse, but also because I didn’t know how to fill the void in my soul, heart and mind.

This documentary and the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus helped me understand why people remain unhappy despite having everything money can buy.

After watching it twice, I felt the need to follow a minimalist lifestyle to be able to save up money this year, to live a deliberate life rather than a compulsive one and to be content and happy.

That is the goal and that is what I want for my life from now on.

Right now, I wanna learn more about living a minimalist life and how to declutter my life so I could let go of the excess stuff, not only the physical but as well as the emotional and psychological baggage that burdens me.

Boy, am I glad to have found a new PODCAST to follow and 173 episodes to indulge myself with!


I know the first 3 months of this year went by so fast, but I’m committing myself to continue with boxing for a stronger me, to pursue my real dreams and to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I have never been more excited!