Time for Solitude

One thing I realized as I started working away from home is that I actually liked and appreciated being A-L-O-N-E.



You know when you watch these coming of age movies and see this independent protagonist, who btw, also happens to be an outcast loser weave his way through the cafeteria only to be judged and mocked by all these other kids who are so full of themselves, and you think, “why wasn’t I as brave as this kid when I was in elementary (or HS even)?” Some would ask, “Why am I not still brave enough now that I’m freakin’ turning 100?”. Wehhh OA!


I wasn’t an outcast loser back when I used to wear my checkered uniform, but I also wasn’t the popular kid, and I have to say, back then, I dreaded being alone.

I couldn’t go down to our school canteen without anyone to accompany me. I feared not having anyone to talk to on the way to our school gymnasium for first Friday masses with the entire school. Heck, I even feared going to the restroom alone, but for way scarier reasons, if you know what I mean! 😛

Like most people, I grew up caring so much about what others thought about me. I guess, it’s part of growing up. You have to look good, smell nice. You have to do well in class. You have to have Jansport backpacks. CHOS! And most importantly, you can’t be seen alone, because people will feel sorry for you. WRONG!!!!

I used to hate being alone, but no so much anymore.

When I broke up with my ex, it felt weird to be shopping alone or eating alone, but it wouldn’t take long before I got used to the feeling. I started feeling comfortable doing things on my own. I carried my gigantic bags. I sit in coffee shops alone. I go to church alone (although my eyes still well up at the sight of families holding hands and kissing in church). I even go on roadtrips alone!

I started enjoying the feeling of being able to go wherever because you don’t have to consider what your companion has in mind. All decisions are up to you. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind faster than you blink your eyes, you have no one else to blame but yourself, and it’s okay!


I like being alone on most days. In fact, I enjoy being alone. It’s a breath of fresh air. It makes you think out loud, yet it also silences the mind. You get to clear your head, talk to God, be mindful of the beautiful things that you have taken for granted.


You also get to be grateful for the chance to have time all to yourself. It’s time that can never be lived again. It’s time that you will crave for on chaotic days. It’s your escape on negativity. It’s your time to rest and set everything aside. It’s your time to spread your wings on top of a hill while feeling the breeze through your hair without caring what other people also on the same hill think about you. 😛 Life doesn’t get any better than that, so cherish every moment that you’re alone. It’s a blessing in disguise.

Time alone also made me realize all thaaaaat! O diba? May kagandahan sa pag-e-emote! 😛


With all these goodness spilling over from having that well-needed solitude, I am slowly learning to stop caring about what other people think of me. I can never have control over that. I try to focus instead on what God thinks of me, which is waaay more important than what anyone else thinks of me.

Plus, I also got to take lots of photos in my me-time!











Friday’s 10 Happy Things, Volume 3

It has been a while since I last did this and I’m kind of in a good mood to do it again tonight, so here it goes…

This is a series and blog link up started by Helga Weber of Ditz Revolution. To quote her, “Friday’s 10 Happy Things is where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!”. Click on the button below to join in!

  1. I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s one of the best things that happened this week: our Japan Visa application got approved on Tuesday! After so many corrections on our visa forms, visits to PSA and my aunt’s office, research and planning,  we’re finally able to relax and count down days to our Japan trip.
  2. In relation to that, I had the chance to drop by the Adoration Chapel in megamall again (not sure what that chapel to the right of the Eucharistic Chapel is really called), which happens to be the place where I feel calmest, safest and most peaceful in the city. I don’t even feel the same way when I’m at home, to think that our house is one of my comfort places. I feel so at peace there because it helps me clear my mind and worry less, so I make it a point to go whenever I’m in the area and this time around, I got to pray at the frontmost pew and had a closer and clearer view of the Holy Host/body of Christ.
  3. August Break 2016 and so far, I haven’t missed a day yet! I’m very happy with the responses I’ve been getting from the community as well; and It’s so fun to see what others have been posting daily from all over the world.
  4. Got to talk to one of my closest friends today and I was genuinely happy to have heard his voice again. Also mentioned this super duper cute baby Aurora from the film, Maleficent, which I re-watched this week. I played this scene more than 10 times, I think!

all 4 photos were from Google

5. Tried using my Walnut ink from Craft Central for the first time this week and I’m so happy I bought the larger jar last February. Can’t wait to write awesome calligraphy quotes again. I’m also happy that my nibs are still in very god condition. 🙂

6. Painted my table’s legs with animal prints! I’m so obsessed with giraffe print! _DSC0173 (1)_DSC0177 (1)_DSC0178 (1)

7. Instagram Stories! Now I know what it’s like to have a Snapchat account. 🙂

8. My papa’s camera, a Sony a6000 which I got to play with all week for the August Break and for this short film I made. 🙂 Also loving my newest editing app, Polarr photo editor.

9. Made Spanish Sardines pasta for dinner and I guess manang, our house help, liked it too. 🙂

10. The readings on Our Daily Bread this week. So far, most, if not all helped me understand, be more patient with and be hopeful despite all my current struggles in life. Everything seems so fitting and timely.

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