#2. A famous person you’ve been compared to…

I was supposed to do this blogging challenge I got from tumblr wherein you are to blog about certain topics on this list:

I started it last June but I’m far from getting it done since I’m still on chenen——–#2! I remember I was writing about it na on my other blog, but then I got lazy and I ended up blogging about other stuff. Anyway, I’m back and I really, really want to finish the list this time.


We all probably have been compared to a few famous people from time to time whether it be about resemblances in appearance or in attitude, so here are a few of those people whom I got compared to thru time. No violent reactions please! I did not impose this upon myself. I am only relating this for the purpose of finishing the list!


So, back when I was much younger, *ehem*, my whole family (including our relatives from my mother’s side) would tease me about looking like Shaina Magdayao. Yes, that very pretty, very clear/fair-skinned girlfriend of another famous actor, John Lloyd Cruz. Here’s what she looked like back then.

I did not like being compared to anyone, especially when I was younger, not even to famous pretty girls back then. I don’t know why but I find it common in most kids at that age. Maybe because we were too shy or to humble? ewan.


Then came the awkward teenage years, Shaina and I were of the same age and as we both grew up, my relatives’ teasing would die down with occasional hirits na “ano nangyari sa ‘yo?” and “diba dati magkamukha kayo ni Shaina?” hahahha…. Yeah whatever.


So there came a time when I felt relieved not being compared to anyone for a long time. At least hindi ka na napapagtripan pag may family reunions. Then came this one day, back in 2009 or 2010 pa ata, I, was again with my family in one of our usual family gatherings (i cannot remember what exactly), and I was fixing my hair. I was tying it up into a bun. I was trying to make curls ata. So when I removed the ponytail, they all saw my new curls (thanks to my bun). And right at that moment, we were watching ASAP and there she was, Toni Gonzaga, my new lookalike. They all teased me saying that we had the same hair, then the same facial expression, I even heard someone said we had the same jawline (excuse me, I don’t think I even have a jaw) and as if I was back in grade school, I got really embarrassed being the center of attention again! They were even more persistent this time, trying to make me blush even more than I already have. Every move I made, they related to her, yung tipong para masabi lang at lalo ka pang mapahiya. Yes, it was embarrassing, but this time around, I knew the reason why….because I did not look anything like her. I knew that they were just making fun of me! My relatives like to connive and make fun of a particular person in a particular time, especially the shy ones in the family. I know that for a fact because we love teasing my sister too at ako pa may pakana most of the time! hahahaha!

At present time, I still get teased about her, by Brianne. Yes, he loves teasing me about it. Pero, this time, he said that personality-wise, we had our similarities (which is fair enough haha, umagree?) and he said that we didn’t look exactly alike, may pagkakahawig lang! Di ko lang matanggap when he says that even his mother and titas and sister all say the same thing, but I know me, and I know how I look like, so I’d never agree, ever, not even in a million years! πŸ˜›