today my life begins! CHOS!

I’m not saying that I had a swell time during my first night shift in the ward but it feels so relaxing! A breath of fresh air! Never thought that life can be this easy in the hospital, but I wouldn’t wanna jinx it. I still have 2 more duty nights to go!

Anyway, here’s what I did last night, a.k.a the duties of a night shift nurse:

  • Do UDS (Unit Dose eerrr I forgot what S means!) – charge all the patient’s meds + IV fluids + everything you need to order from the pharmacy needed for the next 24 hours!
  • Refill the chart forms – such as Doctor’s order sheet, Nurses’ notes sheet, I&O sheet etc.
  • Vital signs taking every 4 hours (12 mn and 4am) that is if your patients’ are like the chillax type of patients. Not like my patient last night who I had to monitor every 2 hours because he’s been having intermittent fever.
  • Meds – usually at 12 mn and 6am
  • change IV fluids
  • Lock all patients’ rooms – to avoid salisi gang people
  • make cottonballs – in case you run out of things to do
  • sleep – away from the cctv cam’s view
  • EAT! EAT! EAT! + lots of coffee breaks
  • Update patients’ charts and Kardex

What made this shift super nice is that there are no doctors!!! YAHOO!!! It’s not that I hate talking to doctors at all, it’s just that it feels much better to have less duties, less things to do and less orders to carry out! In short, this shift is for those who love bumming around. But mind you, it’s not as easy as it sounds because having nothing to do can drive you crazy and can make you sooooper sleepy which is BAAAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAAD!

Anyway, right after I got off duty this morning, I had to go straight to Kapitolyo in Pasig to renew my driver’s license with my father and brother. I was 4 months late so I had to pay a penalty of P75. Plus, I was soooper sleepy and soooper haggard so I guess I’m gonna have to endure looking at my license til 2014 in my white duty uniform and asymmetrical smirk! EEEWWWWWWW! I cannot stand it!

Funny thing happened during my medical examination, the person who took my BP told me I had a BP of 90/70 but the truth is, I felt my pulse at around 80/60! I guess she did not want to cause panic in me, but seriously, I need to increase my BP to at least 100/60! Also, when she weighed me, she typed 42 kg on my record! I just weighed myself earlier in the hospital and I know for a fact that my weight would not go any less than 45 kg! I’m a freakin 47 kg kaya! CHE! Hahahaha! To cut this long rant short, I got my license renewed today! Have 3 licenses in my ID holder na! It weighs like 1 pound already! HAHA Kidding! Wish I could really use it this time though! PLEASE LET ME DRIVE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We were at Market! Market! last Sunday and as usual, they had cars on display at the facade and this little sexy, red KIA RIO stole our hearts!!! Grabe!!! It was sooooper nice and even though I hate the small cars we have these days, this one’s like sooooper cute but still like sooooooper ma-dating! At first look, I thought it was a Mazda pero Kia pala! “Not bad!” I told myself with matching wiggle of kilay pa! Haha! Anyway, here I am again, dreaming and drooling! I really need to earn money already! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a job na Lord! PLEASE! Thank YOOOOUUUU!!!

trust me, it looks so much nicer and more appealing and more attractive in person!!!! πŸ™‚ **drools**

I’ve never been so in love with a car since I first fell in love with the MINI COOPER (still in love and drooling over it) from the movie the Italian Job and the AUDI car(still having an affair with it! :P) in the movie the Transporter!