Passion Project

It’s no secret how much my heart flutters at the sight of good art, or upon hearing beautiful music, immersing into well-put together movies or books that I cannot put down, in architecture, design and in merely anything that has a wee bit of creativity ingrained in it.

In August of last year, I wrote an entry talking entirely about PODCASTS. I’ve been so addicted to them, they have become a part of my daily routine for the past 2 years! Since I’m living alone, these audio-recorded shows kept me company when driving to work, doing my laundry, cooking, doing reports and even while taking a bath!

It would be an understatement to say that I love Podcasts, coz in reality, I cannot live without them anymore and more so, they fuel my curiosity, my love for the arts and even my burning passion, which led me to finally fire up this little “passion project”.

Before I delve into that, let me just take a quick trip down memory lane. You see, for years, I’ve always had this idea in my mind to start a creative output with a purpose, something that will serve humanity and eventually, ignite even just a tiny flame of inspiration within those who will come across it. I wanted it to be something big, but not in an obvious way. And here’s the thing, I wanted it to be instrumental in putting ordinary people under the spotlight.

Originally, I wanted the project to be similar to HUMANS of NEW YORK, as I love taking portraits of people; however, surprisingly, not everyone is comfortable to pose for the camera. Kinda hard to believe when almost everyone is addicted to taking selfies nowadays.

Then came the lockdown. It was unexpected, and also very, very demotivating. Nothing piqued my interest anymore. I even lost my appetite for Netflix and also for a multitude of my hobbies. One thing stuck with me though, my love for podcasts!

I love podcasts so much, I asked a couple of my friends to start one with me. A few months back, my friend, Nin and I recorded an episode at 2 in the morning, but I don’t think she published that—yet. Then a few weeks back, I finally got 2 of my friends whom I talk to on the daily, Xuxa and Dee to record the very first episode of our podcast, “Thirsty at 30“. When I finally edited and uploaded it, I thought, why don’t I work on this solo podcast that I have long been planning to do. So I did what no one has done to make a podcast, I slept. LOL!

Kidding aside, I wrote a comprehensive outline of how my little show is going to be like. Then I asked a friend to be my first guest on the show and the rest as they say is history.

I’ve been reaching out to friends from all across the globe to join me on the pod. Basically, there would be a new guest for each episode and currently, I just finished recording my 4th and uploaded the 3rd last night.

Right now, most of my friends are kinda amused and excited to be on the show, which is what sort of pushed me to go ahead with this project.

Work has been the hardest these couple of months, but having started this project, it made me look forward to something new for the first time in a really long time.

So to debut on my blog tonight, my little passion project that has come to life, “Distant Dialogues“! A collection of stories and life learnings of friends to keep you company wherever you are in the world! Long distance chikahan!

If you wanna follow the pod, it’s now up on Spotify and Instagram!

You can also catch Distant Dialogues on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public and Overcast!

I don’t really plan on putting this out there too much, but it would feel really nice to hear more of my friends relate to the topics and especially to the funny anecdotes that we reminisce on on the show! Nevertheless, hope that you guys have fun with us too!

From Earth to Mars! Get it? πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

P.S. The birth of this show also helped me get back into making more art (like this collage above) and I hope that with this momentum, I get to help share more of people’s stories to the world! Good night and stay safe and well everyone!