my 2nd/3rd photobooth pic/neoprint whatever

I’m posting this as per my best friend’s request but i warned her that it had some rated SPG shots that i had to cover with smileys. I’m sorry if I had to post pictures of us like this. It’s just that, this is the only place (?) where I can feel free to talk about what I cannot on Fb or twitter. Here, where only 4 people who I know personally, can access my pinakatatagong secreeeets! hahahahaha!!!! anubayaaaan! madrama na sana eh!

this was taken last week, couldn’t remember the exact date and day though! We panicked coz the touch screen wasn’t sensitive enough (thus the kiddie like scribbled names) plus there was a timer so it was like we were in a huge time bomb about to explode!!

ooops march 21 pala yung isa! haha!

ย this was taken just last monday, our 10th monthsary! this would probably be the simplest and &$^&^%(&(#**#est photobooth picture out there! You could even see the wall of the booth because as usual, we were panicking (and fighting) at the same time because I chose the wrong pics and didn’t had the chance to prettify (ooops i googled it, there is such a word hahaha) the photos!! But still, we made up and watched the Hunger Games after!

We stayed for more than the time allotted for us inside the booth since there were no people lining up after us and because we really liked the lighting inside! HAHA!!!