Early Morning January Light

I really love the cool January breeze. All thanks to the countries north of the Philippines, it’s past 10 yet my feet are still cold and the air is still surprisingly pleasant!

I went up early to go on a morning photowalk with our dog, Charlie although it didn’t go exactly as planned. Apparently, there was an ordinance implemented last year prohibiting homeowners to take their dogs to the park especially to pee and take a dump. I thought it wouldn’t matter as I’m ready to pick up his poop anyway, and Charlie did his thing before we left.


Unfortunately, he had to poop again, right before entered the park area and I couldn’t pick it up because it was semi-formed…..okay, it was slightly watery. So I had to cut short what would have been my chance to shoot some street photos and just bought Pandesal earlier than planned. Just my luck though, I bumped into a vendor who sold these beautiful, colored corn that he said was from Benguet.

I never thought I’d see this kind of corn for real. It was a curious thing I first saw last year on Instagram so I couldn’t help but buy some for breakfast.

So here I was, back home playing with food even though I was told not to. LOL. Well don’t worry, this is only¬†for the sake of photography and nothing else. You know how much I love and respect food just as much as I love and respect those who worked hard to get them on our tables. ūüėõ





I’m planning to go on a photowalk again tomorrow and chase the golden light and maybe jog a little while the air is still cool and while I still have the time.

Maybe I could also be braver to take more photos of people too, but I wouldn’t mind shooting photographing¬†animals like I did today.











Life Lately / 10

It has been just a little over a week since my last post, but it felt like ages to me, most of it due so many things happening¬†all at the same time. I still have yet to wrap my head around each of those milestones and moments, but I’m thankful for all of them nonetheless.

Since September, I have been interviewing with a company half of my family is currently working for. There was almost a month’s interval for each of the interviews (HR, Provincial Managers and Division Head) and it all ended last month when I got the go signal¬†from their HR department to do and pass all the necessary pre-employment exams and requirements. I still can’t believe it. Sometimes, I’m so scared to take this leap so bad, I want to back out, but there are times that I think about finally getting out of my comfort zone so I can¬†grow out of my crumbly shell.

I haven’t been this busy since my grandmother’s hospital admission, wake and burial back in Feb-March, so I could tell my body has yet to adjust to finally getting back on track. I have to keep mum on this as I might jinx it and because it still scares me¬†just thinking about what this new career path holds for me.

On the other hand, we’ve also managed to conquer 2 tactical and challenging mountains exactly one¬†week apart. The first one being Mt. Pamitinan in Rizal¬†a week ago and and Mt. Pulag in Benguet yesterday.

I still can’t believe how I managed to do so, but with great company, a strong mindset and permission and guidance from God, both climbs have been made possible.

More on these wild adventures and milestones later on. For now, I leave you these majestic views from above.







Trip Down Memory Lane | Weekend Warriors Part II

Christmas is only 44 days away, and the year is swiftly coming to an end, yet I haven’t even crossed out half of the stuff on my list of trips and events to write about. Boy, I better get everything done soon and by soon, I mean NOW! ūüėõ

So going back to where I left off 4 months ago, here’s the second part¬†of our exciting, but not so challenging, and thus enjoyable ūüėõ day hike to Mt. Manalmon back in May. Here’s the first part.¬†‚õį‚õį‚õį

No, I’m not being cocky at all. It was definitely a walk-in-the-park and I can even vouch for those who don’t work out on a regular basis. Easy peasy is what it was.

Although I couldn’t say the same for my cousin, whose blood pressure, I assumed shot up¬†as early as the first ascent. We had to stop a few times so he could recuperate¬†and re-hydrate.

After the first ascent, we reached a clearing (in terms of plants & trees), just a few meters from the marker at the foot of the mountain.

We stopped again so we could catch our breath or should I say, take some selfies. The drying grass helped make for a good background on our photos and the wide patch of land served as a rest stop for various groups before the second ascent.



Basing on this marker, the first ascent was just around 36 MASL

We then proceeded to climb the mountain itself in more or less an hour after we left the jump off point. This was probably the more challenging part of the climb. Though more amateur friendly, it’s still a mountain, so obviously there¬†are no paved staircases and metal railings to hang on to on the way up. It can still be perilous so¬†you’d need to watch every step and to hang on to branches and vines to support yourself. You see, that’s the beauty of having a guide, he told us exactly where to anchor our feet and which vines/branches to grab a hold of.

Here are some shots taken by my sister who was ahead of us…


Resting after the steep climb,¬†while the sister went up ahead…

Here we were finally reaching one of its many summits!!

Reaching the first summit was more than amazing. The first mountain I ever climbed was Kalbaryo within Mt. Banahaw back in high school and for a moment, I was taken back to how good it really felt to immerse in the great outdoors.

I’ve this extreme fear of heights. I get weak in the knees just walking along mall balconies, but being on top of a mountain feels so much different from that. I guess the surreal feeling tricks your mind into thinking that you cannot fall over the edge, not with beautiful views in sight. Just saying that makes me seem high because that’s exactly what it felt like, literally and figuratively. It was euphoric. I guess nature can really give you that feeling, huh?¬†This is most probably why everyone goes mountaineering these days. Just writing about it now makes me giddy. Definitely can’t wait til our next hike. Keeping fingers crossed.

Apparently as seen on the following photos, the first summit was where we stayed the longest, because it had bigger room to accommodate several groups. At the time, I think there were 4 groups of 5-10 climbers when we reached the first one.


We also maximized the¬†time to take¬†as many selfies and groufies as we can in one spot, and to re-hydrate and freshen up. Fortunately, the sun kind of shied away too when we reached the top, so we didn’t have to hurry to go to the next stop.

Some of these photos below were taken by our guide and we’re all very impressed, I must say. His compositions were spot on! Way to go, Kuya Joseph!



After a while, we decided we needed to let go of our spot as more groups were coming up, so off we went to……….. take more selfies! ūüėõ






Here are some longshots of the incredible scenes we saw from above. Those ants meeting under a tree sure look good in those shirts.


The second and final summits were both on the other side of the mountain and had more beautiful views of what I believe is the Madlum river snaking its way in between these mountains.






The final ascent was quite steep so we had to Spiderman-crawl to the top. My sister recorded the whole thing on video, unfortunately I messed up the music volume while editing, so you’re gonna have to put your speakers on full blast for this one.

The third and final summit had less room obviously, so we had to do all our shenanigans very quickly as the queue of climbers was also getting longer.



This tree was on the edge of the mountain and even though my cousin looked really happy here, he was actually very nervous as I was when I took the photo.



Yes, we also danced our hearts out on the summit. Bucketlist thing. LOL. This must be why someone from the group behind us was so pissed at us.

There you go. That was definitely one of the many highlights and blessings of this year for me. Of course, it could not have been possible without His¬†blessing so like all of the mountains that we’ll be conquering this year and the years ahead, this was¬†and always will be for His glory.


I want to say though that this is the last part of this travel series, but then I realized there’s still so much to write about. We also tried the extremely challenging Monkey River Crossing and Spelunking,¬†both of which I think deserve a separate entry.


Manic Mondays (late post!)

Normally, I’d really hate Mondays and I’d be dreading them¬†even just before weekends start. Each week, I sulk at having to cut short my¬†fun Sunday with my family, because Monday just¬†couldn’t wait¬†to make her presence felt. Yes, I just referred to her as a girl, and no I wasn’t sarcastic at all. ūüėõ

I want to say that¬†Mondays are¬†the best and they’re something to¬†be thankful for, but most of the time, they really aren’t. For one,¬†people tend to be extremely¬†panicky AF on this day and on this day only that sometimes, I don’t know what rush hour means anymore. We could leave the house at 5:15am or earlier and it still wouldn’t be early enough to avoid the whole Monday madness. If we leave our house around the same¬†time on a Tuesday though, I¬†wouldn’t¬†be surprised to see the roads almost completely empty. Like I’ve literally blurted out to my parents quite a few times, “where did all the people from yesterday go?”,¬†in total shock. I can’t say for sure if that’s the same in other areas, but in this particular corner¬†between Amang Rodriquez avenue and E bank road in Pasig, it almost always is. I guess people tend to relax more on the 4 remaining working days of the week? I wonder what difference that makes exactly.

For some reason, Mondays also made me feel anxious and agitated.¬†Mondays had me¬†wishing for any work interruption, may it be in a form of a weather disturbance or more often than not,¬†something more realistic, say, a zombie apocalypse…anything that can stop me from going to work.

But now that I’ve been a bum for four¬†5 months, I feel like Mondays make me feel the complete opposite of all that! Funny how my perspective¬†changed all of a sudden.

I feel like what once was a dreaded day is now a chance given by Him to redeem myself or to correct the mistakes of the week that has passed. I feel more energized and more optimistic. I wake up early, I work out a bit, I cook breakfast. I feel inspired. I try to be as optimistic as possible. Mondays never felt the same way.

It really isn’t going to be the same though once I find a job I would hate eventually, but I realized, what if I start thinking otherwise? Of course, I’d say this now because I’m bored to death, but I want to believe that maybe I can change that. Maybe I can try to see Monday as a clean slate, as a new beginning, as a day I should look forward to just as any other day of the week, just as they say in those motivational buzzfeed/thoughtcatalog/medium articles. Maybe I should give it a little more enthusiasm and maybe then, can it also bring much happiness and positivity in return.

P.S. was supposed to post this last week, but you know, Monday blues. LOL.



30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 10

Write about something for which you feel strongly

I didn’t think I would ever feel this way about………the coming elections. All my life I felt like I’ve lived a selfish life, but when I got past my teenage years, I realized that¬†I suddenly had this strong feeling towards the government and the way our leaders run our country. I’m telling you, it isn’t¬†a good feeling at all.

Back when I was younger, I never cared about politics let alone¬†the people in position. I would not have even cared who wins, had I been qualified to vote back then because politics to me was like GTA V to a newborn baby—it was barely significant to my pubescent life. Good thing, we were exposed to exercising our right to vote at an early age, having student council elections at school every year, but still the thought of adults arguing about laws didn’t appeal to me¬†as opposed to kids¬†my age implementing added school rules we would fuss all year¬†about.

Fast forward to the present time, at age 25, I feel so stressed about the wrong people vying¬†for presidential candidacy. Not only do I feel stressed about that, I also feel sad, desperate, disappointed, regretful, scared and angry altogether and those don’t even sum up to what I really feel inside.

Sometimes, I even end up in a fight with people whose views go against mine, betting against my candidate.

There was a time that I prayed so hard to God, desperately begging Him to just give us a good leader for once, at least after a long time, someone who can really make a change and who could do something without any bit of influence from that guy from down under, and by that I mean way below Australia.

Aside from this, I also feel so sad and angry about people who are so desperate for alms¬†that their brains get easily clouded by the sight of say, a purple bill or food, stamped¬†with the name of one too many despicable politicians. I mean, do you honestly expect people giving away wheel chairs, food, supplies just a few months before the elections to be consistently concerned about your welfare? Why couldn’t they have done that all throughout their previous terms? Why be generous only before the elections?

Sometimes, I also hate people for being stupid, selling their votes then blaming¬†the government for all their problems afterwards. You know you could’ve saved yourself the effort of¬†complaining about being stuck in a rotten life¬†by voting for the right people in the beginning.

So yeah, I do feel strongly about the country’s current political status and its consequent¬†issues.