Manic Mondays (late post!)

Normally, I’d really hate Mondays and I’d be dreading them even just before weekends start. Each week, I sulk at having to cut short my fun Sunday with my family, because Monday just couldn’t wait to make her presence felt. Yes, I just referred to her as a girl, and no I wasn’t sarcastic at all. 😛

I want to say that Mondays are the best and they’re something to be thankful for, but most of the time, they really aren’t. For one, people tend to be extremely panicky AF on this day and on this day only that sometimes, I don’t know what rush hour means anymore. We could leave the house at 5:15am or earlier and it still wouldn’t be early enough to avoid the whole Monday madness. If we leave our house around the same time on a Tuesday though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the roads almost completely empty. Like I’ve literally blurted out to my parents quite a few times, “where did all the people from yesterday go?”, in total shock. I can’t say for sure if that’s the same in other areas, but in this particular corner between Amang Rodriquez avenue and E bank road in Pasig, it almost always is. I guess people tend to relax more on the 4 remaining working days of the week? I wonder what difference that makes exactly.

For some reason, Mondays also made me feel anxious and agitated. Mondays had me wishing for any work interruption, may it be in a form of a weather disturbance or more often than not, something more realistic, say, a zombie apocalypse…anything that can stop me from going to work.

But now that I’ve been a bum for four 5 months, I feel like Mondays make me feel the complete opposite of all that! Funny how my perspective changed all of a sudden.

I feel like what once was a dreaded day is now a chance given by Him to redeem myself or to correct the mistakes of the week that has passed. I feel more energized and more optimistic. I wake up early, I work out a bit, I cook breakfast. I feel inspired. I try to be as optimistic as possible. Mondays never felt the same way.

It really isn’t going to be the same though once I find a job I would hate eventually, but I realized, what if I start thinking otherwise? Of course, I’d say this now because I’m bored to death, but I want to believe that maybe I can change that. Maybe I can try to see Monday as a clean slate, as a new beginning, as a day I should look forward to just as any other day of the week, just as they say in those motivational buzzfeed/thoughtcatalog/medium articles. Maybe I should give it a little more enthusiasm and maybe then, can it also bring much happiness and positivity in return.

P.S. was supposed to post this last week, but you know, Monday blues. LOL.