On Zombies, Putting DADs under the limelight and Lots of Other Important Stuff

With all the explosive events happening on the news lately, it’s quite hard to see the beauty of life anymore.

Sometimes, I find myself contemplating on the rampant killings (bombings included) in and out of the country, on the safety of my loved ones, their future and their emotional and psychological health and conditions because those things scare the heck out of me.

So how does anyone still see the beauty of living in a world as chaotic and seemingly as loveless as ours?

What bothers me now isn’t just our President’s campaign against drugs, which now also includes a battle against terrorism, but also the fact that the HiddleSwift hoopla has now ended. Taylor is indeed living up to her name, having swift, fleeting relationships with men I’ve lost count of. Kidding aside, no one can blame her, because it is her life after all and only she knows what she wants and who can make her happy. Relationships are cases of trial and error, for some. It just wouldn’t be right to settle with someone just to be safe because that wouldn’t be fair to both people involved. Anyway, apart from this slight segue to hollywood news, which isn’t really the whole point of this entry, I have also been affected enormously by the 2 movies I’ve seen over the weekend, the first one being, the well sensationalized, but not disappointing, “Train to Busan”.

So, how do all of these relate to one another? I’m guessing, I’m in the manic phase of my Bipolar disorder again, having these “flight of ideas”, jumping from one thought to another. 😛 On a serious note, all this thinking after watching the said movie, and another heartbreaking one in a span of 2 days made me realize that first, there is always hope, despite all the negativity in the world and second, dads are important in our lives too. 😛

I’m not doing a review of the movie because it came out weeks ago, or months even, and I probably might be the last one to have seen it, but I’m not saying that there won’t be any spoilers in this entry, so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. ALSO, I’d like to say that the film had such an enormous impact on meh heart and brain, so huge and deep that I ended up writing this post. But why’d you even take my word for it? Even a Pixar movie can get me bawling like a baby. 😛 Well, maybe because, for one, and I know a lot would agree with me when I say that there is so much to learn from the film, underneath all the sudden awkward and stiff break-dancing (as what my sister loves to call it) and chaos in the train, and it had a good plot, cinematography and special effects, effective acting and musical score, stunts and a heart. 😥

To break it down for you, I’ve listed some of the important stuff I realized while watching the film. First of all, for sure, we all learned that most of the time, we bring this upon ourselves, and the “this” I’m talking about can be anything from drug-addiction to failing in an exam, or sometimes, even losing a loved one. Mankind has so much potential, talent, power and intelligence, but when used inappropriately, can lead to greed and eventually to all the other bad stuff I don’t need to tell you anymore. Somehow, we know that we made those things happen. We may not be the root of all evil, but we allowed ourselves to be instruments of evil, out of hunger for more fame, money or power. Later on in the movie, it was revealed through one of the main lead’s employees that the outbreak was caused by their company’s plant, which made him cry silently in the lavatory.

Another thing I liked about the movie is that we were reminded to look after one other, because like what they say, we are our brother’s keeper. In line with this, the priest kept on repeating himself on his Homily yesterday that “when we think about Jesus, we think about our neighbor/s“, which brings us back to the 2 main rules of God–which is to love God and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. It’s pretty simple, and I know that even though we’re from different nationalities, cultures and religions, we were all taught the same thing, to love one another. It was so hard for me to see the characters on the movie die because I get attached so easily, especially to the husband of the pregnant lady. I admired his character so much for his selflessness and concern for others. In everything he did on the movie, it’s like he always had the welfare of others in mind before his own. I could even say the same for the homeless guy, who saved the lead characters’ lives twice. So It wasn’t a surprise to see the lead guy’s change of heart in the middle of the film and of his prior plan to just look after themselves. Of course, I’d have to give credit to the little girl as well. We saw how she was brought up well by her mother for she always was concerned with the other passengers’ welfare. Amazing group of kind-hearted people. Isn’t it comforting that even at a time like that, you can see God in each of the people on that train? When some people say that they don’t feel God’s presence, this is a perfect example of how we can.

Sad to say, despite having a group of people who are willing to help, there’d still be people who will trample on others for their own sake, which brings me to my third realization, look out for people like them. I’m very lucky not to have met someone or at least not that I know of, who is as painfully-irritating as Yon-Suk who was apparently the COO of a train company. It isn’t such as surprise to see someone like him do what he did because desperate times call for desperate measures, but it is quite bothersome to think what people would do will there be such a similar catastrophe in the future.

Lastly, and should I say the thing that left the deepest dent in my heart was the fact that dads, even though they’re almost always on the sidelines and not always recognized, are important too. No, it wasn’t a joke when I said that earlier. I liked the scene when big-husband-of-preggy-lady called Sang-hwa, one baseball team member and the main lead, Seok-Woo came to rescue the ladies and the homeless guy in a lavatory and ended up waiting in the lavatory across theirs while waiting for the train to go into a tunnel. Sang-hwa had a small talk with Seok-woo on how dads often work hard for their kids and that he knows that when Soo-an grows older, she would understand and appreciate why he worked so hard. It was a brief exchange between them, but it somehow gave tribute to the fathers who aren’t always recognized for their part in raising their children. This is mostly obvious in families with stay-at-home, hands-on moms and working dads.

In the end, when Seok-woo got bitten by none other than the irritating COO whom I felt sorry for when he said he was just trying to get home to his mother, he had to bid a quick and not to mention, a very emotional goodbye to his daughter, Soo-an. I cried the hardest when I saw Soo-an holding on tightly to her dad’s shirt. It reminded me of that time in Tokyo when we lined up at this sushi restaurant. We broke into 2 groups because some (aka my mother and aunt) didn’t like to eat raw food. My father originally went with my mama and aunt and eventually went with us. We originally told the waiter we were 4, but when my father joined us, we had to tell him we want to add 1 to our group but he said it wasn’t possible to seat 5 in a table so 1 would have to sit alone on a counter seat. My brother agreed with the waiter and said he’ll be the one to sit on the counter seat, but my father probably thought he was intruding, so he said he’ll just stick with my mama and aunt. We were asking him to stay so I grabbed a hold of his sleeve as tight as I could with a desperately begging face like a kid, because I could see how he was being too selfless again. It was the worst case of non-intentional guilt trip that I almost couldn’t bear at that time and makes me break into tears when I remember it.

I also loved the part just before Seok-woo turned into a full-on zombie at the back of the train, the scene when he first held Soo-an as a baby flashed before his eyes and he suddenly stopped crying and just smiled. There was a soft piano music playing in the background and it gets me every time, even as I watch it now. I don’t know why, but as I watched that scene, I remembered this article my friend sent me to read. It just said that we should spend more time with our parents, because they’re not getting any younger. They used to be so strong when they were younger (cue the scene from the movie below when Seok-woo holds Soo-an in his arms), but as time passes by, they become older and weaker and before we know it, their time on earth will eventually come to an end.


I couldn’t find the article itself, but just the same, this article’s title alone says it all,

“Love your Parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” – Amy Anderson

Read it, preferably while listening to the sad OST of the film below :P, you won’t regret it.

The day after I saw TTB, I also watched the dubbed version of “About Time” on tv, which I’m glad I did because it has been years since I first saw it and I almost forgot the most special parts of the movie with the lead guy’s dad on them. Again, it was another movie intended to break the viewers’ hearts and of course, to put dads under the limelight.

I myself have given little tributes to my own father on social media and even on this blog and on the other one countless times, and I remember a time being called a papa’s girl when I was young. They’d tell me stories of how I would go with my father when he would get his owner jeep fixed. Growing up, I would also eventually develop an inclination for the arts, influenced by my papa who is an artist. He taught us bits on how to paint, how to take photos, how to play the keyboard and a few songs that I know how to play until today, taught us how to play the guitar and one that I’m most proud of, how to use Photoshop back in high school, which I’m glad I’m still able to use today. He is so gifted passionate and I know wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him being supportive of my passions. Did I say he enrolled me in a photography workshop in an institute he loves?


So going back, I feel like I know the answer to that question even before I came up with it. With all the realizations (including doing cardio exercises for when real zombies with effing kangaroofic and puma-ish abilities arise) I have now after watching the said films , I learned that we, the inhabitants of this world we’re gradually destroying are also the hope we have been praying for, for a better world. God has given us each a part of him when he created us, so that only means, we are all naturally good. And in the darkest times, when some fear that God has forsaken us, let us be the ones to shed some light on them and remind them that God IS ALWAYS WITH US.

A week ago, my papa and mama collided into another car in front of them when a reckless jeepney driver crashed on to them from behind. There were 8 vehicles involved in total and our car was one that got severely damaged. It was a good thing that there wasn’t a passenger at the back and that they were able to come home safely that day with just minor gashes and hurting backs. I couldn’t thank God enough for saving them and not to mention for the help and support of my relatives, friends and B. I have always believed that God is always around. We just have to keep the faith that despite the most difficult times, He remains with us, holding our hands, or carrying us through it all. 🙂

So indeed, the beauty of living in a world like ours comes not from living a luxurious, safe and comfortable life, but one that is at times, difficult, but undeniably colorful and meaningful and most importantly, should be centered on God and in love.

P.S. Apart from my sister, my Papa also encouraged me to watch the film, being a movie-buff himself. He commended the cinematography and the plot, the director and even the stunt men. I’m guessing it’s his first time to see a Korean film, but he wasn’t disappointed either.

So Kudos too to Yeon-Sang-ho (director), Park Joo-suk (writer), Lee Hyung-deok (cinematography), Lee Dong-ha (producer), Jang Young-gyu (music) and to the whole cast for making this film successful not only on the big screen but more importantly, in penetrating through the hearts of people from all over the world!


One step at a time

So first things, first! I would like to give myself a pat on the back for……………ten-nen-ten-nen……………..RESIGNING! WOOOT! WOOOT! Obviously, I still haven’t allowed myself to let that piece of milestone in my life sink in yet! Seriously! 8 days after I passed the big letter (without any hesitations and with a BIG, CHUNKY SMILE ON MY FACE!), I still cannot believe that I did it! If you ask me, am I really happy with my decision?

It took me one long year and a great deal of courage and long, sleepless nights with accompanied crying fits at times to make this decision. So YES, if you’re asking me if I thought of this well enough. I apparently and wholeheartedly did think thoroughly of this well enough!

Looking back, I never thought I haven’t written anything in ages, to think that I went through a LOT all throughout those 7 months I was in hiding (criminal lang ang peg?). It could really take so much of  your time, LIFE, right? In all my years of blog-hopping, I’ve had some fair share of disappointments after learning that a certain blogger I persistently follow suddenly deactivates his/her account or fails to update regularly due to lack of time. It would take them months before I could get another update from them that I would just be digesting for a couple of minutes. Then I’d have to wait patiently and agonizingly for another one. Pathetic, isn’t it? But now that my work has become my life for the past year, I realized that it really does eat so much of your time!!! I am not a celebrity but it kind of works the same way. You keep a blog, you rant for a couple of weeks or months, then you get so busy, you suddenly don’t give a crap out of writing for the next several months, then out of the blue, you just realize, “hey, I haven’t written in a long time, maybe I need to update my followers (if i still do)”.

But, as ironic as it sounds, I think I kind of like the idea that I got too engrossed in my job. In a way, it makes me feel proud to have a life (just not the life I still want to have right now). Thus the resignation! OHHH YEAAAHHH! 🙂

I apologize if i sound a bit too much in-your-face-ish. It really just feels like I’m starting to discover who I   truly am. For a 23 year old, I know it may seem late to be called a late bloomer, but if it makes you feel complete and fulfilled then I guess there isn’t a definite age limit for this euphemism right?

I know, I know, I’ve been blabbing about how when I was in high school/college, I discovered my love for photography, digital art etc but i never had a chance to pursue this passion blah blah. You already know that (well you can refer back to my previous posts for all the emotional blah blahs I had in years if you have no idea what I am talking about here), but what i didn’t know I have is the guts to actually step up and make a decision so risky, I wouldn’t earn a certificate of employment from my current job. Yes, you read that right. I won’t dwell on it anymore because it would just disappoint me all over again.

Now, if you ask me, do I have any regrets? Of course I do! It’s not like this decision has been easy for me, especially that it has put a bit of an unbridgeable gap between my mother and I. If I put everything on a list, my regrets would have to be (listed from least to most heartbreaking):

  • I won’t get a certificate of employment – I regret not being able to prove that I worked hard for almost 1 1/2 years even though it is my right to have one.
  • I won’t be able to pierce through someone’s skin or vein anymore – yes, it’s true. The very thing I hated back when I was just starting would also be the thing that I would miss doing the most! (But i could always participate in medical missions if i want to, right?)
  • I won’t get to be with some of the best co-workers in the world – That is true again. I know there are people I won’t regret not seeing anymore and I know I never thought I’d have friends there, but it’s one of the things I thank God the most every day.
  • I won’t be called a nurse ever again – I would miss my family, friends and even boyfriend and their friends calling me and being proud of me being a nurse! This is the second on my list and definitely one of the things I think about almost everyday because being a nurse entails so much responsibilities and rewards as well.
  • It became the reason why my mother and I are not in good terms as of this moment – and it has been going on for some time now.

But I don’t want to have to dwell on those anymore. I’m pretty sure my mother would be happy for me too (like my father) sometime in the future. It’s not like she’s gonna ignore me forever right? Plus, I know that I would always be a nurse as long as I want to and I can practice venoclyzing anyone’s veins if I want to (as long as i renew my certificate and license) and I know that deep inside, the people who truly care for me would just be as happy as I am right now.

Before I end this entry, I would like to thank God for keeping me guided in all my thoughts and decisions. If it is not You who helped lead me into thinking that this is the right path for me, then I guess I’m headed for a big flop. Just go flush me down the drain now, will You? But I’m really hoping that this is what You also planned out for me. I know that in my heart, this is what I’m meant to do. And to my papa, the subject of my inspirational entries from time to time, I thank you for being the most creative and supportive father in the world. I know we’ve talked about this months ago and just recently, but you never closed any doors for me. You were always the one to tell us (my siblings and I) to always ask help from God. You were the soft-spoken parent that’s why though you have so much to say, good or bad, I took everything in without reservation. You listened that’s why you understood where I’m coming from. You gave me another chance because you’d want me to learn by myself and see the world through my own eyes and not yours. Most of all, you inspired me to be creative just like you. I may never be as good as you but you taught us well and you inspired us through your own works of art. I want to make you proud someday, you and mama! Thanks papa for all your photography lectures you handed down to me. Thanks for believing and trusting in me and thanks for this chance to help me find myself. Sabi mo nga, dugong artist ako diba? That short phrase means so much to me!

Going back to that one question above, Am i really happy with my decision? Well I think by now, you have figured it out. All I can say is that I’m not only happy that I am finally fulfilling a long time dream but also because even though I have so much at risk and regrets, but when I die and look back, I know I lived my life thinking that we all only live once! Happiness is a choice and this is what I choose to become. 🙂

YOLO! Carpe Diem!

P.S. I just read my entry last October 4, 2012 and I had the exact same entry introduction and topic! ONE YEAR AGO! Coincidence? Serendipity? Is this meant to happen? Gives me goosebumps!

Happy Birthday Papa, Itay, Papito

I’ve been calling him “Itay” a lot for months already. I don’t know why, it just feels funny calling him that. Maybe because I kind of feel that it breaks the ice sometimes and it goes well with what I call mama when I’m in the mood for teasing her (which is like all the time).

I know I must write something awesome to honor him or something since mostly, I’ve been writing about love. I guess it’s about time I give tribute to him, not that he’s dead (God forbid) or anything, but just because I’m proud of him and I love him, even though I’m not very vocal about it.

Anyway, I usually describe my mother as the one I’m closer with and my father as my idol. I wrote the very same thing for this scrapbook project I made back in college. In the same way that my friend, Joey thinks of his father, he is also like a real Jack-of-all-trades. I could totally relate when she talks about her father being like this and that, doing this and that because like her father, Papa is a man of Art. First of all, he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising. He told me once that back in the day, there were only 2 majors in FA, one is Painting—for the rich kids and the other one, Advertising—for the not so fortunate ones.

So basically, that makes him an artist and he literally is. He works as a company artist for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country (where he also met my inay). He’s been there for more than 30 years already, but to cut the story short, he’s great in anything related to art: painting (gotta see his artworks at home), drawing (I remember making him draw a witch on a manila paper for our presentation back in grade school, I never got to bring it back home :P), digital imaging (or whatever you wanna call it basta in Photoshop), photography, sculpting (this freaky head sculpture of Lapu-Lapu still freaks me out sometimes coz it’s really good), video editing (which is why we’re all very fond of making short films, videos, sensible or not), etc. He’s even good in designing websites! I told you, he’s good!

Aside from that, he’s also a good cook. My favorite specialties of him are: his Adobo, Morcon, Bulalo, Chicken Pastel and Hamonado! But it doesn’t end there, he’s also a great musician! He’s the reason why we all wanted to learn to play the guitar and we all did! Even my mother knows how (don’t know if it was my father who taught her though hihi), and he also plays the keyboard! All these he learned by himself. I don’t know how he does that. I guess he’s just too persevering that he gets what he wants.

You know what they say, when a person is musically inclined, it also somehow makes them more intelligent for some reason which is why I really do look up to him (but he doesn’t know that even though I keep writing about it in most of my school homeworks or projects since I was young). I guess it also helped that he likes to read a lot. Yes Joey, again, we have very similar fathers. Up until now, he comes home with either a new book or a new dvd. Most of the boxes we salvaged during the Ondoy contained his huge collection. He even has these tons of handouts/printouts of things he finds on the internet about different stuff. That’s why he’s so opinionated and that’s why he knows so much about a lot of stuff. I even get surprised he knows a whole lot of medical-related stuff I boast about at home. FAIL lang magyabang! He’s that good!

Woah woah woah, I’m not done yet! Did I even tell you about him being really, really good at writing? Heck yeah! You’d think with everything I mentioned earlier, I’d be bluffing already, but in all honesty, this is for real! I remember finding his college notebook one time with his writings that totally made my nose bleeeeeeeeeeeeed (literally!) KIDDING! At first I thought that he was just good in expressing what he wants and putting them into writing, but nah-ah, he uses these hyphalooting, Marianas Trench-deep words I could never have patience comprehending. Not that it’s a bad thing, I am just way too shallow to grasp such big words and ideas. My brain couldn’t take in so much density in writing. Okay, OA na, but I couldn’t help it. I’m such a big fan! hahaha!

Well, that’s about it folks. I guess it’s not much compared to other people with even more talents and multiple intelligences, but it doesn’t make me any less proud as a daughter because I have one heck of a father coz for me, he’s the best!

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO REVEAL ABOUT MY FATHER (aside from the things I mentioned above):

  • He’s a very quiet type of person. In most cases, my mother would do all the yelling and nagging, but when he gets mad, my mother wouldn’t even have a say anymore.
  •  He’s much more affectionate than my mother. He doesn’t say it at all, but we really feel how much he loves us with every hug, beso he gives us every time they come home from work! :’) (not gonna cry!)
  • He’s really hands on when taking care of us when we’re sick. Makes soup, massages us with his favorite: Efficascent oil. the works mehn! grabe lang!
  • I discovered this box one day containing all his love letters for inay, and boy I told you, this person could really write! And not only were they creative in thought, but also in presentation. Ang gaganda ng designs na gawa niya. Effort kung effort. Yun ang tunay na love letters. I shall post a few of my favorites when I find them again. HOPEFULLY! My mother was too embarrassed, she had them hidden somewhere we couldn’t find anymore!
  • If I can remember it correctly, we were in second grade when he came to get us after school. He was wearing their blue barong uniform and I will never forget how my bestie, Nikki, mistook him for a driver. I was so embarrassed and I felt so sorry for him! It still feels the same whenever I think of it. INTENSE!!!! I could still hear your voice in my mind, Nikki “Wow Marielle, may driver!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • My father is very fond of animals. I guess he got that from his father, my lolo. I could tell how much he likes Charlie. Of course I can’t deny the fact that Charlie’s soooooooooooooooooper cute, but I couldn’t help but notice the special attention he gives him and how he laughs differently whenever Charlie does something adorable or cute! I even noticed how he calls him “bebe or baby”. “gutom na si bebe?” Diba? Parang anak na! haha!
  • OoOOoOOoPS before I forget, I should also tell you guys the most important thing, trait or characteristic of my father. He’s first and foremost, very, very RELIGIOUS! I know he’s read the whole Bible a million times, he buys a lot of books about Religion, He downloads so many videos on youtube about God and all that stuff, he makes us pray the Rosary as a family whenever we get the chance to, He made us read the daily Gospel for years on the way to school (as in, in the car) and made us give our personal reflections about it, then he gives his own after. He e-mails us tons of beautiful, heartwarming and inspirational thoughts about God and our religion up until now. He sent us all to Catholic schools. He buys these prayer books, pamphlets from the store, St. Paul and gives us all a copy of them. So basically, he just makes sure we grow up in the same way he grew up (under the guidance of the teachings of the Catholic church).
  • most unforgettable moment with him? When I was scolded so bad by my mother during a really traumatic confrontation regarding my boyfriend, she walked out, leaving me shaking and teary-eyed. Yes, I did not cry. I was trying not to break down til I get to my room. Then when my father came in. I thought he was gonna yell at me too, so I didn’t know what else to do, but surprisingly, he just looked at me and hugged me. That was the moment my tears fell down like water released from a dam. Will never, ever forget that. I needed that hug and I didn’t expect I’d get it from him back then. :’)

So that’s it. I hope someday I could get you to read this without making us both feel awkward disgusted with all the mushiness. I could not even stand you guys reading the scrapbook I made for you back in college. What more if you see this, which is like 10 times more mushy that that? EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! hahahahaha!


here’s a soooooper catchy song I discovered when I made this birthday video for a college friend. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

today my life begins! CHOS!

I’m not saying that I had a swell time during my first night shift in the ward but it feels so relaxing! A breath of fresh air! Never thought that life can be this easy in the hospital, but I wouldn’t wanna jinx it. I still have 2 more duty nights to go!

Anyway, here’s what I did last night, a.k.a the duties of a night shift nurse:

  • Do UDS (Unit Dose eerrr I forgot what S means!) – charge all the patient’s meds + IV fluids + everything you need to order from the pharmacy needed for the next 24 hours!
  • Refill the chart forms – such as Doctor’s order sheet, Nurses’ notes sheet, I&O sheet etc.
  • Vital signs taking every 4 hours (12 mn and 4am) that is if your patients’ are like the chillax type of patients. Not like my patient last night who I had to monitor every 2 hours because he’s been having intermittent fever.
  • Meds – usually at 12 mn and 6am
  • change IV fluids
  • Lock all patients’ rooms – to avoid salisi gang people
  • make cottonballs – in case you run out of things to do
  • sleep – away from the cctv cam’s view
  • EAT! EAT! EAT! + lots of coffee breaks
  • Update patients’ charts and Kardex

What made this shift super nice is that there are no doctors!!! YAHOO!!! It’s not that I hate talking to doctors at all, it’s just that it feels much better to have less duties, less things to do and less orders to carry out! In short, this shift is for those who love bumming around. But mind you, it’s not as easy as it sounds because having nothing to do can drive you crazy and can make you sooooper sleepy which is BAAAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAAD!

Anyway, right after I got off duty this morning, I had to go straight to Kapitolyo in Pasig to renew my driver’s license with my father and brother. I was 4 months late so I had to pay a penalty of P75. Plus, I was soooper sleepy and soooper haggard so I guess I’m gonna have to endure looking at my license til 2014 in my white duty uniform and asymmetrical smirk! EEEWWWWWWW! I cannot stand it!

Funny thing happened during my medical examination, the person who took my BP told me I had a BP of 90/70 but the truth is, I felt my pulse at around 80/60! I guess she did not want to cause panic in me, but seriously, I need to increase my BP to at least 100/60! Also, when she weighed me, she typed 42 kg on my record! I just weighed myself earlier in the hospital and I know for a fact that my weight would not go any less than 45 kg! I’m a freakin 47 kg kaya! CHE! Hahahaha! To cut this long rant short, I got my license renewed today! Have 3 licenses in my ID holder na! It weighs like 1 pound already! HAHA Kidding! Wish I could really use it this time though! PLEASE LET ME DRIVE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We were at Market! Market! last Sunday and as usual, they had cars on display at the facade and this little sexy, red KIA RIO stole our hearts!!! Grabe!!! It was sooooper nice and even though I hate the small cars we have these days, this one’s like sooooper cute but still like sooooooper ma-dating! At first look, I thought it was a Mazda pero Kia pala! “Not bad!” I told myself with matching wiggle of kilay pa! Haha! Anyway, here I am again, dreaming and drooling! I really need to earn money already! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a job na Lord! PLEASE! Thank YOOOOUUUU!!!

trust me, it looks so much nicer and more appealing and more attractive in person!!!! 🙂 **drools**

I’ve never been so in love with a car since I first fell in love with the MINI COOPER (still in love and drooling over it) from the movie the Italian Job and the AUDI car(still having an affair with it! :P) in the movie the Transporter!