Life Lately / 10

I’m still on cold, soft/liquid diet. Homemade mac & cheese, lugaw (rice porridge), Gatorade, and ice candy diet, to be specific.

My gums stopped bleeding and hurting a day after my teeth extraction, which is surprisingly weird, but really, really good. Gums didn’t swell too, therefore I can only say that my dentist did a great job for sure. Tiis ganda journey continues. Still can’t believe though that I got through it. My fear almost made me wanna live with my overbite forever.

Got great news regarding the new job.

Raket finally paid off. Received and withdrew the money I earned from one of my online jobs.

Work finally got rated in another online job and got a high rating despite the numerous errors.

Enrolled in a few more design, photography and writing MOOCs.

Created a new header for this blog. Thanks to these sites for the GIMP tutorials on MARBLING and on creating GOLDEN TEXTS.


Parents finally used the juicer today. First combo was PEN POMELO and APPLES that tasted incredibly good! I have to add too that this greatly helped in bowel cleansing. 😛 It worked really fast!

Had meaningful and pleasant conversations with my cousin and friend about love and life.

Fought, made up, had a long, crazy, no holds barred, God-centered talk with someone and helped him with some paperwork afterwards.

All’s well that ends well. 🙂


Feeling Productive

A week and 2 days ago, I submitted my first writing assignment for this website called ESSAYS.PH. I almost didn’t make it to the deadline, but luckily, with a whole lot of praying on the side, I did! I think I was only a minute away from the deadline when I clicked on the submit/upload button. I was on the verge of crying because at the back of my mind, I was thinking, “I couldn’t have stayed all night for nothing” plus I really worked hard on those lists I wrote. Then a week after, here I am on the top 100 writers list already, all thanks to staying up the whole night last Saturday!

essays rank

Boy I’m glad I took the leap. Right after I saw the topics for that particular assignment and not thinking twice, I clicked on the CLAIM button because it was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass! I knew I could do it and I couldn’t forgive myself if I let someone else do it. I said I didn’t think twice (because normally I would), and it was the weekend, so most people were probably just at home so chances are it might have easily been someone else’s.

Looking back, I should really not get an assignment on weekends since I go to church and to other places with my family on Sundays. Also, assignments are usually due 24 hours after claiming them, so it would seem like you lose a big amount of time that should’ve been spent on writing instead. Not that I’m saying that time spent with the family is a waste of time. You simply do not work on weekends just like what it says in the Bible! 🙂 haha!

Anyway, I’m so happy that I got the news today. I was kind of really feeling hopeless after a week of daily checking my online “workdesk”. I think it was checked at around 1 in the morning today (so thanks to whoever checked it), plus I didn’t have to revise anything so that’s another thing I was thankful for. I was actually more worried about failing to check for any updates regarding my assignment since the submition of the revisions itself had a deadline too.

So there you have it, my very first paid writing job 🙂 I should really do this more often and I should learn to write about even the not so interesting stuff.