Songs while Driving

I don’t drive a lot in real life, but I do so around fictional cities, which were based on real cities, therefore are like real cities except that you don’t always get busted when running over rude pedestrians.

Does that ring any bell? If you got GTA in mind, then you guessed it right! Although my other favorite game, L4D makes my heart beat terribly faster and hands sweaty, GTA gives a different kind of rush, a more relaxing feel, actually. I’ve been fond of this game ever since my siblings introduced it to me way back grade school or high school years. Ever since then, my brother has been purchasing the succeeding versions of the game. Lucky us!

Apart from being in this virtual reality world that is about as close as I am going to get to roaming around American cities at the moment, I also like the fact that they play really good and real songs on the radio! I remember downloading the ones that got my attention or those that I was left singing long after the song has ended. I remember doing that since GTA: Vice City (and even in Forza Horizon, which is where I discovered Nero’s “Me and You” – see video below), the first version we had.

So, I decided to play GTA again today, after soooo long, you know, since previous work interfered (kidding!). Who would ever thought that after playing GTA V for months or years now,there’d still be new (or old) songs to discover?

It’s really cool that players have that option to glance at the current songs playing for as long as they want, even when at a midst of a car chase; so that’s what I do whenever something catchy comes up on the radio!

So here are 3 songs that I couldn’t get off my mind at the moment. It’s funny ‘coz when you look them up on Youtube, you’d see one or two comments saying GTA brought them there, which I all gave the thumbs up!

You see, these songs all came from different music genre and I guess I wouldn’t mind having these played on the radio in my car for when…

driving along a freeway, wheels on steady and hands out the window, feeling the breeze…

driving late at night… and hey, it’s Hall & Oates!!!

going to the beach which can make you “shimmy shimmy” while driving…

for when driving sooooooper fast… (from Forza Horizon)