Life Lately / 11

I wasn’t going to say something until maybe after the training is over and done with. It’s not like I’m scared of jinxing anything now, because, you know, I’m YOLO-ing all over again plus, I’m surrendering it all to the Big Guy up there, but I guess I just really can’t find the time at the moment to actually lay it all out and spill the deets on this great, big turn my life has taken.

So I’m back in college or at least it feels like it, except that this time, we’re taking a crash course on what some of us have studied for a semester or two all in just about 2 weeks or so. For the past weeks, my co-trainees and I have been getting about 3-4 hours of sleep on a daily basis to pull off the pre-tests, post tests, learning checks and discussions also on a daily basis. I thought I was done with this stuff when I graduated 5 years ago, but I guess that was just a pretty dream that I now have to put behind me.

So that pretty sums up the last 2 weeks, not to mention the added physical training aka walking in heels with a big bag of weights in tow everywhere we go, which is actually a mental training in disguise (coz’ it’s all in the mind and when there’s no pain, none will be gained, ain’t that right?).

Had I known I was in for a treat like this, I would have taken off to outer space or as far as I could in seconds! Juuuuust kidding! So there, so far, I failed 1 exam which bums me out big time because I know for a fact that I have written enough info on those essays (YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT, ESSAYS) to get me at least a passing rate, but I didn’t. Plus, I was trying hard to keep my grades up, now that 75 is just going to pull down my first 2 90+ test grades. That sucks and to think that I’ve never been this grade conscious in my life!

I knew though that this wasn’t going to be easy so I had to reevaluate my self, my life and my faith in order to get going. I know that there would always be tough days, days when all I could do is cry and pray hopelessly and times when I could just do this all day long:


But I also know and believe that there’d be days when I could genuinely feel as if I’m not constipated and heavy at all! LOL! I’ll be light as a feather and I could leap into the heavens, saying I survived!


Until then, I’m going to have to take studying even more seriously. Gone are the days when I could just slack off, add more weight to my belly and watch movies and blog all day.

Though I have to say, I missed writing a lot. I missed this! I still have a long way to go on my Trip Down Memory Lane series, but hopefully, I could squeeze in time to complete that by midyear.

That’s it for now! I’ll leave you be!

P.S. I made a little somethin’ somethin’! It’s one of my stress busters! Thank God for Art and Photography!



Life Lately / 10

I’m still on cold, soft/liquid diet. Homemade mac & cheese, lugaw (rice porridge), Gatorade, and ice candy diet, to be specific.

My gums stopped bleeding and hurting a day after my teeth extraction, which is surprisingly weird, but really, really good. Gums didn’t swell too, therefore I can only say that my dentist did a great job for sure. Tiis ganda journey continues. Still can’t believe though that I got through it. My fear almost made me wanna live with my overbite forever.

Got great news regarding the new job.

Raket finally paid off. Received and withdrew the money I earned from one of my online jobs.

Work finally got rated in another online job and got a high rating despite the numerous errors.

Enrolled in a few more design, photography and writing MOOCs.

Created a new header for this blog. Thanks to these sites for the GIMP tutorials on MARBLING and on creating GOLDEN TEXTS.


Parents finally used the juicer today. First combo was PEN POMELO and APPLES that tasted incredibly good! I have to add too that this greatly helped in bowel cleansing. 😛 It worked really fast!

Had meaningful and pleasant conversations with my cousin and friend about love and life.

Fought, made up, had a long, crazy, no holds barred, God-centered talk with someone and helped him with some paperwork afterwards.

All’s well that ends well. 🙂


New life

I’ve been meaning to get a job in the past few months and, lo and behold, here I am, a few months after, on my first day at my new job! And just like anything new that comes into your life, it always comes with this feeling of uncertainty, discomfort and fear. I’m not saying that this is not a breath of fresh air and a big blessing because it is, but the thing is, there’s still something missing.

I’m actually beginning to doubt my ability to stay long in one company. I’m even getting more scared that I’m turning into that girl stereotyped by my parents and most people their age as part of the younger generation who are never content, especially when it comes to work.

It’s just that people always make movies that make us believe in dreams and in living these dreams no matter how impossible they can be. Then they would further quote the lines from these movies stressing the fact that one should be idealistic instead of being realistic. How can you not dream big, right?

Going back to my new job, I feel that I’m even more out of place than ever. What am I thinking? I don’t even see people coming from prestigious schools anymore (not that people who came from other schools are not as special). But then again, I keep telling myself, this is just the start of getting back on track. I always think that to get to the top, you must learn to start at the bottom. So here I am, trying to earn money (ehem ehem at the bottom) just so I could chase the dream I’ve had in mind for a long time (without asking any more from my parents, not even my daily allowance).

I know most people (like my parents’ office mates and other relatives) find it odd that I now work here, but like what the CEO said  in his talk yesterday, I should be proud that I’m helping build better lives through education. It might not be the perfect choice at the moment, but it is just as rewarding as any job that renders service out there.

I just wish that the next job I get is really, really, really the one for me and that I may be able to achieve my goal for myself one day at a time. 🙂


my table earlier today 🙂 #firstdayhigh


I am on day 2 of my 3, well make that 4-day house arrest! No, I am not bored, if you ask me, because I have everything I need here at home. Food, TV, Internet, Phone and friends and family! But doing a lot of things (online) and nothing at the same time makes me feel like I’m wasting time so to make this day productive, I went job-hunting online and EUREKAAAA! I found it! I found the perfect job I was praying for all this time!

  • It needs no experience, because apparently they will be the ones training you (which is also a plus!)
  • requires you to work with kids (which I think I’m really good at!)
  • needs fun-loving people! (EHEM EHEM!)
  • must possess a strong, creative vision (which I doubt I don’t have)
  • must be stylish in manner of dressing (i can work on that!)
  • bachelor’s degree in any field (YAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!)

I will not post any more requirements that those above since I will be giving away too much info than needed, which may jinx any future plans of getting into that company! All I need now is God’s support and guidance!

He wouldn’t have shown me that job offer if I wasn’t meant to see that, right? Or am I being too superstitious again?

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind! So aside from God’s support, I will also be needing a ton of courage to tell my parents about it……………………………………………………………..SOON!

So friends, I’ll be needing your prayers and hopefully, this would be the start of something new for me!

P.S. I just opened up to my sister just now, and I’m talking to my parents when they get home later!