Challenge Yourself Endlessly

I’m no champion in challenges. That is a fact, but it’s not something I won’t be able to work hard for say maybe in the next few years! Chos! Kidding aside, this January, I’ve decided to start 2 or maybe 3 challenges max, since after all, it’s a time for new beginnings!

First on my list is one for the whole year. It is the Pinoy version of the 52 week Money Challenge! This was initially brought up/introduced by Jan last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a permanent job until September and by that time, it would’ve been too late to still do it.


This year, when I have long forgotten about it, someone brought it up again and thinking that while I’m still earning, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t give it a try this year. Plus, it’s not too late to start since we’re just on the 2nd week of January, or still on the first, maybe? Now that got me confused!  Never mind! I’m still doing it, come what may!

Now on to my next 2 challenges: Presenting, ehem ehem The 30 Day Fitness Challenges!!! Boo Hoo!! I know this might be way, way more ambitious than the first challenge, but we all got to do it, one way or another! We aren’t getting any younger and I tried on and bought a pair of bikini earlier and I need to look good in it or else, I’d look like a grade schooler with no chest and big tummy! Boy, I look so awful, I need to get Coleen Garcia‘s abs so baaaaaad!!! Yeah, it’s pretty much what I’ve been blabbering about when I got back to work after the holidays! Her abs! I know right?! Some people might not get it or get turned off by it, but dayuummm, it’s like the phase when I was obsessing over flat abs on women is totally over! Now, I’m into that semi-toned/muscular abs (but definitely not the soooooper doooooper scary and manly ones) plus toned body! I need to have them on me!!!!!!!! OA alert!


Not a big fan of her, not after the whole Bikki (or whatever fans used to call them) break up, but goodness, you cannot not be a fan of her abs! Need I say more? (I’ve said a lot already actually! :P) That’s what you can truly call a #fitspiration or #abspiration. But more than her abs, I admire her (and other celebs’ —-Solenn, Ellen) endurance and discipline.

I got myself a few more things on my list of what I’d like to achieve or invest on this year like send a child to school, get a life insurance, run every night, buy that cheap, film scanner from cd-r-king, buy a printer and scanner in 1, get new hair (maybe this week!!), buy a decent tablet and lots of other artsy stuff, so I’ve got to learn how to keep myself focused and disciplined this time!

Not sure if those are resolutions because that’d only make me hate myself more (not really good at resolutions!). Maybe I’d just think of those as just assignments that I’d have to finish by the end of the month/year. That way, it would sound more realistic and feasible. 🙂 —Hold on, ain’t that what resolutions supposed to be? FAIL!

Anyhow, this year, I’d be challenging myself endlessly. In fact, I’m challenging myself to sleep now, so I could challenge myself to wake up earlier than usual and challenge myself to start the 30 day Ab and Squat Challenges! Boy, those are a mouthful of challenges! Phew! Maybe I need to challenge myself to rise to these challenges!

disclaimer: photos link back to their owners!