Just dance and you never have to “workout” a day in your life :P

You know why people always say that it’s more fun and so much easier to workout when you have the right songs or playlist with you or when your workout is basically just dancing that it doesn’t feel like exercising at all? That’s because it is TRUE, and it’s not like a big secret or anything since MUSIC is such a big part of our lives that even walking kinda gets exciting with your favorite songs banging on your eardrums! In the same way, DANCING is something everyone can enjoy doing more than singing. It’s so fun to do, it’s almost like you’re just playing!

This morning, I was supposed to perfect some yoga moves (that I obviously still can’t do), but I thought that I needed to do some cardio warm ups first so I looked for a few ones on Youtube! I ended up trying Julianne Hough’s (fit, girl crush) trial workouts before discovering Lauren Fitz!

According to her short introduction on her Youtube channel, Lauren is a Zumba/Hiphop instructor. So you should already have pictured by now how exciting her workouts are. I’m a big fan of Zumba ever since it was introduced to us back in college because I always seem drawn to workouts that involved dancing and good music (I was even obsessed with HipHop Abs for a time)! Somehow those two factors help me keep going even when I think I couldn’t anymore. Plus dancing is such a “secret” stress reliever of mine hence my sudden breaking out into ridiculous, epileptic zombie moves in odd places for dancing, like my previous work place. In fact, this very good former workmate I’ve been with for a long time knows this! It’s either that or dancing is probably another one of my very few frustrations in life 🙂 I secretly love dancing so much that I can choreograph my own steps for songs I really love on the spot like this remix of Icona Pop’s “All Night” for example, which I got from the Christmas dance showdown between the very talented Julianne Hough (again, big fan here) and Maria Menounos!

Going back to Lauren’s dance workouts, I found her while I was searching for some Zumba leg exercises because I’m obsessed with toning my lower torso very much! It brought me to her “Royals” self-choreographed dance workout! Who would’ve thought this could be an actual workout song, right? Or is everybody else doing that already? LOL!

I’m telling you this workout was totally killing my hamstring muscles but it was worth it! Like I said, the song kept me going and  the fact that you feel like you’re just doing some dream dance production number on ASAP made it feel more easier to endure! I tried doing leg workouts before but it just wasn’t the same. I think it also helped a lot that it felt like I was a part of their group because dancing with a few others is always so much fun unlike when you’re on your own.

Anyway, here are a few of the others I’ve tried and really loved, also by Lauren!