Celebrate YOU!

Often, we forget to celebrate the smallest things we achieve in life thinking that only those deemed applaudable by society’s standards deserve recognition.

Why can’t we be proud of the times, we stumbled and fell, but stood back up? of the things we courageously fought for despite having no one by our side? or maybe the little heroic acts we do with our sincerest intentions, and not just because someone is looking?

Note to self: Be proud of what you’ve done may those be for the people you love, or those you despise, for the people who don’t know you at all, for those who don’t believe in you, or for the God you believe in. Most importantly, be proud of what you have accomplished for yourself, for never giving up, for never getting tired of being kind even when the world is not! In the end, your life won’t be measured by the number of trophies you’ve collected, but by how much you’ve done to pull yourself up and the others around you! Believe that no accomplishment is too small, long as it is done from the heart!

P.S. this post was not triggered by the current apocalyptic events in the world today πŸ˜….