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bad vibes :( (let’s see how many times i used the word “tired”) :P

I was dreading going on duty in the ICU today when I came in with 4 patients (1 admission who was in soooper bad condition). Then I was surprised to see bed 5 already prepared (which means there’s another patient coming in who happened to be intubated too!). FULL HOUSE!

All 3 of us (nurse trainees) weren’t in the mood to go on duty today, after all, it was our last day in the ICU. We started the week being pulled out in other areas just because we didn’t have enough patients in there, now our prayers were heard and mind you, God graciously answered our prayers; and when it rains, it really pours! We had more patients than we could handle! OoOPs just kidding, we were too great to handle all of them just fine! HAHA!

Anyway, after duty (after every duty actually), I usually reflect while I’m on the tricycle on the way home and I realize, every single time that I’m too blessed to have lots of different experiences at work every day! Today, my realization was that if given a choice, I would definitely choose to have lots of toxic duty days over benign duty days just because I get tired either way. I just find it more rewarding getting tired having helped lots of people compared to doing (and learning) nothing at all.

So today, Eli, Mitch and I had only 1 time to sit together and relax and it was just to eat our Palmera lunch at 1pm (lucky us, we still had time to eat today!) for 15 minutes, before we got back to work again! ODIBA? I told you it was rewarding! HAHA!

Plamera's famous Pancit and Garlic Chicken!!!!
hungry like the wolf (or in this case, wolves!)

Anyway, I shouldn’t be laughing here. I forgot I was in a bad mood! πŸ˜› I wasn’t supposed to, because even though I was tired from work, I had fun since I like who I work with and I just love doing what I’m doing (wow ah, can I say that again?) I love what I’m doing (finally!) Sabi ko na, it’s not what you do, it’s who you work with! NGEEEEE! CHOS!

So here I am all tired from work (how many times did I type the word “tired”? Moving on, I got home, played with adorable, little Charlie, saw my mom, made faces (jokingly) at her, changed into my pambahay (aka Bri’s shirt), ate another full meal (ako na!)— could you see that little lock-and-lock on the bottom left part of the photo above? Yes, that’s my baon which I wasn’t able to eat, so I ate it when I got home instead, plus they had leftover steamed tilapia in butter and garlic. I ate that too………………………..going off topic again………………then I played with Charlie again and that’s when my mother asked me to make Mango float/Mango ref cake or whatever you wanna call it. I refused since again, I was tired from work, but when I saw how badly my mother wanted it, I finally agreed to do it. Anyway to cut the long story short, my mother, being the sensitive pikon that she is, got pissed off when I jokingly got mad when she took out another tupperware when I’m almost done washing the other tupperware that I got. She clearly and angrily exclaimed “Wag na nga! Wag ka nang gumawa” then she turned off the lights, stormed to the guest room and slammed the door.

I was left there in shock not knowing if I was going to make that stupid Mango float or not. Then I decided that I am tired and I don’t have to make it if I don’t want to. I guess I’m gonna have to endure the silent treatment I’ll get at dinner, tonight. 😦 Good luck! What a day! Is this just post-FRIDAY THE 13TH fever? I gotta say, it sure as hell made me feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin’ unlucky!!!!!!!!!!!!! *(&#^*(^#&^@*&^*@(&@(*@@*()*!!