Nikki discovered their “BY CHANCE” video while we were watching the Nestle Habambuhay Kasambahay short films online. I was probably too hooked to the Nestle videos to notice theirs. But I wasn’t disappointed because the first time I watched it, I fell in love with them instantly. I found them cute and inspiring (in a way that they make love seem so less complicated and enjoyable), plus, this video was well-thought of, the editing wasn’t bad either and it was based on their real life love story (I think) so even though Nikki and I were hesitating to at first, we eventually had to “like” their page on FB and from then on, Yes! I admit it, I became a fan! hahaaha!

If you look at their facebook page, you’ll know how famous these two have become. It’s really amazing what youtube does to people’s lives! They even had mall tours, tv/radio guestings already! CRAZY! Anyway, here are Jam Sebastian and Pao Liggayu and their beautiful story……

Recently, I found out (via their FB account) that they made another video. Though this one wasn’t based on true events anymore and it didn’t have a happy ending, it was still worth watching. πŸ˜›

And here are some of the videos they also made , most of which were school projects (ata?) and others were probably made just for fun:

This last one is a compilation of their pictures, made by a fan (ata ulit..haha). It’s so lovely, I cannot help but smile πŸ™‚Β :

love love love is in the air……..weh πŸ˜›

One hour later…………………………I found the inspiration for their “by chance” video, here’s “strangers, again”

and I just realized that these were very similar videos…. the concept and the storyline were the same. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the last part of Jamich’s video before. hahahhaha