Life Lately: Bumming Around


Not that anyone else cares, but here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

I’ve filed for a 2-day leave this week and boy it was…not enough. I have to say it went too fast and now, I only have about 31 hours before I wake up and go to work again. How dramatic. Typical me.

I also went on a date with B twice. The first was last Wednesday, when he picked me up after work. It was so much fun. I’ll always remember that day as the first time I’ve laughed heartily in weeks (not including crazy, silly days with my family). The second date was just yesterday, which wasn’t as crazy as Wednesday’s but equally special, nonetheless. We were supposed to go everywhere, but ended up just chilling at a nearby mall, our favorite mall, actually (just like the old times when he’d pick me up from home or from the hospital). We went to see the Martian (coz I’m a Martian myself :P), which kept me on the edge of my seat and made me squeeze his arms and hands (yes, both hands) a couple of times.

I also baked soft chocolate chip cookies for B and his family (his personal request when I asked what he wanted me to cook or bake for him) and these chewy revel bars we’ve (B, my sister and manang) been eating the past days. Yes, I also let B try it and even though I might have flooded the whole thing with chocolate on top, it still turned out to be the revel bar I always wanted, chocolatey and chewy! Thanks B and family for being the best fans of my baked goodies! This is actually why we were ROFL last Wednesday.

I also posted several feetfies I’ve taken in the past year on film and uploaded them on my lomo wall (or whatever it’s called) and got about a hundred likes! I never thought I’ve accumulated so many, so I decided to put everything together and now, it’s my most liked album in there. That’s one big feat for me as I did not expect people to really appreciate #feetfies like I do.


I also got a hair dryer through Lazada and it was delivered last Thursday, which was a good thing since I was at home. I really commend Lazada for not only getting me the dryer way ahead of the expected date of delivery, but also for giving me several updates on the status of my order through SMS and email. This was my first time and I have to say, I’m impressed! Good job!

So there, that’s the end of it! I’m looking forward to more chill days like this 2-day staycation, to making my own pandesal and Nanaimo bars (keeping fingers crossed), to getting my very own Daykeeper 2016 and to lots of scary features on TV because it’s that time of the year again, when Heidi Klum dresses incredibly to impress! Yay! Those should distract me from all these crazy introversion-ish thoughts I have! Yes, I now officially admit that I’m an introvert and I’m pretty content with that. More on that soon!

Ciao! I’ll finish this cooled cold jasmine green tea now!



30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 12

Write about five blessings in your life

These are mainly just some random things I’ve thought of now. They’re the best yet simplest things and I couldn’t be more thankful for them!

  1. dinner last night – On weekdays, there would only be manang, our house help and me at home for dinner, and sometimes, when I’m up in my room the whole night, she’d assume that I’ve fallen asleep (which is only about 70% of the time), so she wouldn’t cook dinner at all, not even for herself. She’d just find a piece of bread or a biscuit to munch on and she’s good to go. I can’t blame her though, because like I’ve said 70% of the time, I’d fall asleep without having dinner, so on the rarest times she cooks dinner, I don’t get to come down and eat at all. Talk about bad timing. This is what I come home to most of the time, no food on the table (charrr), but since we’re currently having our house renovated (for the nth time) and have men to feed, she started cooking again and there’d be enough food for us both for dinner. Last night though, my parents decided to bring home some food and that’s what I’m thankful for now. It’s a blessing, though it might not seem like a big deal, it is for me and it’s still one of the things I’m grateful for, especially in desperate times. haha!
  2. plants – A trip to a hardware store in a recently opened “mall” in Kapitolyo about a month ago had my mother, my sister and I hoarding new gardening stuff, while my father bought stuff for himself. While my mother started getting a bunch of plastic pots for her plants, my sister and I saw these seeds of flowering plants and basil plants and thought, why not give this a try this time? We always see these in hardware stores, but never really bothered buying some, thinking they’d never grow in a tropical country like ours, so why the heck do they still sell these stuff here? So when I saw this soilless potting mix that sells for just a hundred pesos, I thought I’d give it a try this time. The seeds were pricey especially for hoarding so we had to pick plants carefully (and throw a few ones back to the shelf) and bought those that we thought would really thrive in this climate. In the end, we got the dahlia, zinnia, chamomile and basil seeds! I was like a kid who almost peed her pants out of excitement! About 2 weeks after planting the seeds, they’ve finally shown themselves (photo1). Then after a couple of weeks more, I was able to finally re-pot them because they’re growing up so fast. 🙂 I’m grateful for being blessed by the ability to cultivate plants, not knowing that I could.
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  3. recent family trip – My sister planned an out of town trip to Bataan for my brother’s recent and quick trip back home from Cebu, for one weekend (phew!). It was a very short weekend, but we were happy to have him back after what he went through. It was rainy, but it was worth it. We stayed in the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and boy, I’ll tell you, beautiful doesn’t give justice to it. The entire place was both breathtaking and a breath of fresh air; and not to mention, just incredibly awesome. It was a place with lots of beautifully reconstructed heritage houses from all over the country/Luzon. Just thinking about how they transported and put back together these houses will leave you in awe. The experience was like a trip back to the Spanish era, when girls dressed in long skirts and guardia civils roamed the streets. I would certainly go back, just because I haven’t seen enough of it, yet. 🙂 and I’m definitely grateful and blessed for having a wonderful family and also for the rarest times we get to spend together as a family.
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  4. 49th month together – Last month, B and I celebrated our 48th month together as a couple, so that’s 4 years of our lives that we’ve known each other and 4 years of a crazy, whirlwind romance. Yesterday marked another milestone in our thriving relationship as we celebrated our 49th monthsary and hopefully, this time, we’d get to appreciate more how far we’ve come and how blessed we are both to have each other. 🙂 I’m definitely grateful that we both realized and felt how much we love each other now more than ever. It makes me feel awfully good inside and it makes me smile every time I think of it. 🙂
  5. lola’s birthday – It was her birthday yesterday and as crazy as it sounds, I may not have kept track of her age in the past couple of years, so I’m not sure if she just turned 84 or 85 this year. Nonetheless, it is a blessing for all of us that she’s still with us. I’ve always believed that she’s the binding force that keeps this whole family together. She’s the reason why we still have family reunions. I cannot imagine life without her. Unfortunately though, one of her closest friends died the same day and they haven’t told her about the sad news yet. It would’ve made her feel bad and no one wants that. That’s another reason to be thankful for, not that her friend passed away, but despite her delicate condition she’s fought for all these years, she continues to be strong for us

. 13270034 I took this a year ago and my lola, despite not being able to travel far nowadays, stays strong and happy. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 6

Five Ways to Win Your Heart!

These are not necessarily in any order. Whatever comes to mind first, comes first. Here we goooo:

1) 35mm Films – I’m going gaga over films and where to buy them, especially the rare and expensive ones. This is probably one of the best ways to win my heart, buy me films, if not more analogue cameras to add to my collection. It’s tangible though, does that still count?

2) trips with my loved ones – It doesn’t matter if it’s just an hour-drive away from home, as long as I get to temporarily escape from all my worries and be with my loved ones, it’ll be worth it!

3) FOOD – Lately, I’ve been gaining weight and noticed my love handles getting not so lovable, all because my appetite just got a little bigger. This doesn’t mean I’m hating on food though. In fact, it’s actually the other way around! If you wish to win my heart, then let’s get started on food! 😉

4) Make me something personalized or practically ANYTHING – As long as you made it yourself, it’ll surely win my heart! I love anything handmade, artsy and personalized.

5) More time with B – It doesn’t matter where we go or where our dates would take us as long as I get to spend more time with him without me worrying about curfew (i know, I’m too old for curfews) or my parents wondering where I’m at. I just want both the world and time to stop when we’re together.

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 1

I was browsing through some of the blogs recommended by WordPress and saw Sudrobelle‘s. It was also on her blog where I got the idea to write 30 entries, one for each day, for a whole month. I know I’ve tried really hard to finish similar challenges before, but I never got to, not even one. So just to get myself to write more (even on days when I’m too tired to even look at my phone), I’m doing this challenge for 30 days! I’m not only keeping my fingers crossed, I’m gluing them altogether!!!

writing challenge

So for DAY 1, It says here that I should list 10 things that make me REALLY happy, and here they go (not in any particular order):

1) Dancing – I’m a frustrated dancer and “occasionally”, I burst into hardcore performances, but only in my room (minus the lifting and suspension into the air, of course), especially when I find a good song to play on loud speakers. I’d like to think that I can dance well and that thought alone, makes me really happy. Well, that can also be just the Endorphins that kicked in. Apparently, endorphins boost one’s self-esteem and gives a certain “high” or euphoric feeling. So, that’s why dancing literally makes me feel happy, plus, who doesn’t want to dance to a good song?

2) Art and artists– There’s nothing else that I can compare to, the happiness I get from ART (at least next to God and to the dearest people in my life)! I have paint running through my veins and I can die knowing that my eyes have feasted on thousands of different, unimaginably, beautiful creations by all sorts of artists—may they be photographers, calligraphers, painters, DIYers, crafters, etc.


3) Film Photography – No, this doesn’t make me happy, it made me into the addict that I am. I can’t leave the house without bringing at least one camera. I panic when I’m about to run out of films and cry at the thought that I have new photos waiting to be developed. Need I say more?

4) Food – I’m getting fat and flabby all for the love of foooooooooooooood! Whether I’m trying new restos or recipes or simply just watching cooking shows on tv, my mouth gets easily filled with overproduced saliva brought about by excessive addiction to/craving for food.

5) DIY – Nothing else feels greater than getting my hands all down and dirty! Every project or masterpiece I finish or hobby I get myself into brings incomparable excitement + happiness that often make my heart skip a beat!

6) MUSIC – This + dancing = my own personal anti-depressants. There’s nothing good music can’t cure or fix. And speaking of fix, I get my daily dose of good music from 8tracks and my sister’s player.

7) Crazy, Happy People – These people often make me laugh out loud or at least help contract my abdominal muscles so hard that I swear, get my abs toned instantly!

8) All Things Pretty – These can be great movies, or spectacular performances by extremely talented people or colorful books (literally and figuratively), well-decorated cafes or bedrooms, everything on pinterest or tumblr, the list goes on!

9) My family and B – They bring genuine and irreplaceable happiness. Not one material thing can ever surpass the happiness they give me, next to God.

10) God – He makes my heart whole again each and every time it gets broken.

P.S. Everything on the list tops the list, so don’t mind the superlatives!