Another well-spent day off

Yesterday, I had a chance to finally meet up with one of my closest and well-missed college friends, JOHANNA or as we all fondly call her, JOEY!

I had to specifically tell my parents that I’m going out with a Johanna since meeting up with a Joey wouldn’t be a good idea (knowing how more paranoid and stricter they have become these past months).

So there I was running late on a Thursday afternoon when I woke up at 2pm (when supposedly, she and I were to meet up at that exact time). I quickly took a bath and wore my sister’s tunic wrong side out! I ran halfway across Megamall to Ortigas station wearing the tunic and proudly exposing the tag for all the world to see. Good thing I wore my hair down the whole time. When I got in the train to EDSA, the girl that was standing in front of me, saw that there was something wrong with what I’m wearing the moment I came in. She discreetly told me that I was indeed wearing my tunic inside out, so I panicked and threw a few mild curse words at her, no no no, I mean at my katangahan and thanked her after.

When I got off the train, I quickly looked for a bathroom, only to find one with pay, but I had no choice so that even when I don’t have anything to squeeze out of my bladder, I paid P10 just to wear my tunic right.

Anyway, so much for that sudden shunga moment. When I got off the LRT at P. Gil station, I met up with Joey who was waiting for me at the UPM gate. From then on up until our movie date (we watched Kimmy Dora 2) ended, we never ran out of things and stories to tell. We surely did miss each other. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and time indeed passed by without us even noticing it. Before we knew it, we had to say goodbye yet again.

But before we parted ways, we bonded over milk teas, pasta and popcorn ! I cannot believe how I managed to put all those inside my stomach! Then after freaking out together over the scary Alodia Gosengfiao, we checked out this new Korean store called CNA Philippines (owned by the famous Krimmy couple) on a whim, where I bought these amazing cool earrings for a co-staff and my new BB cream!

Yes, I’m telling you, this is another day off well-spent with one of the people I truly missed! Hope to see you again soon, Joey! (P.S. Please do update your blog already! )

My well-spent day off!!!

I woke up eating leftover burger taken out of the fridge which tasted surprisingly good…….no, real good! Then I headed off to Ortigas extension to meet up with my boyfriend to have lunch!

We were going to try out this well-publicized resto in Marikina, Cafe Lidia. So we took the jeepney to Rosario in Pasig, then a trike going to floodway, where we took another jeepney ride to Marikina which dropped us off right in front of the restaurant.

At first glance, it didn’t look so incredible, from the outside, but once you get in, you’ll see why it’s flocked with people from all over. The interior was as good as the food. You’ll really find yourself coming back for more!

As for Bri and I, we were on tipid mode, both in time and money, so we weren’t able to try as much food as we wanted, though we were both already sooooooo satisfied with our own orders.

He ordered the Tuna Sandwich which as he said, was made from fresh tuna! OWS? As for me, I liked the fries… scratch that, I LOVED IT!

I ordered the Pasta Lidia since I’m a sucker for seafood pasta dishes (unlike Bri who’s allergic to seafoods, ironically!)

He also ordered this mudslide sundae (supposedly only for him), but the waiter gave him two sundae spoons and being the glutton that I am, I shamelessly dug in!

angas look/forced solo pic

After having lunch, off we went to the Santolan station bound for Legarda station in Mendiola 🙂

sexy B! 🙂

A few minutes later, we arrived at my beloved Alma Mater! We didn’t bother to go in since we were out of time and I needed to get home early, but I did not hesitate to take a picture amidst all the students going up the footbridge because I MISSED GOING TO THIS SCHOOL!

Spotted: My cousin, a freshman, who still obviously looked like a grade school student!

Here we were at Goldilock’s in Espana catching up on each other and having Buko Pandan for merienda! 🙂 I told you, my cousin looks like she’s 11!

Here’s a map I made for her emphasizing Coffee Indulgence, Mang Tootz and Asturias  for her photocopying/piso printing and food tripping needs!

Then I showed her how to go to Recto/Morayta where we bought her notebook before scurrying to Quiapo to catch a decent SM Fairview FX for Kaye and G-liner for us!

It was indeed a very well-spent off of mine and I’m glad I had these two to share it with! I needed a break from my stressful life and going to both old and new places did just that! 🙂

Pardon me for the incoherence of my paragraphs. I wanted to make this one, short, but obviously, it wasn’t sweet at all! I just woke up and I still need to sleep for a few more hours to properly function later at work, so CIAO!

P.S. Bri, thanks for the other photos! Grabbed them from your instagram account!

good vibes :)

Contrary to what I was feeling yesterday, Yes, I am feeling so much better today!

Aside from it being Sunday and on Sundays, we go to Church, it also is our family day! At breakfast, my mother was sort of offering me food already, so I was guessing she was in a good mood and might have forgotten what happened last night, but there I was, still not ready for a reconciliation, being a proud person that I am.

On the way to church, my mother was noticeably in a really good mood, goofing around with my sister. Usually, she’ll still be in a cold form of herself, one day up to a week after a fight like that, but I guess, she woke up on the right side of the bed this time.

I always sit beside my mother in church, but today, I sat on the end part of the bench. My pride was acting up again. I couldn’t forgive that easily, not when it comes to my mom, but I figured I’d have to make up with her, before the mass ends. That’s what usually happens when we fight on Saturdays, we make up when exchanging “peace be with you”s with one another. Also, I could not stand singing the Lord’s Prayer when I know that I’ve fought with someone. It would always occur to me what sir Joel (high school CL teacher) told us once that I could never, ever forget. He said that when you know in your heart that you still haven’t forgiven your enemies, then you shouldn’t be singing the Lord’s Prayer like a hypocrite. Instead, you should purse your lips on the part when you sing “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…”. Of course he said that jokingly and we all made fun of how he demonstrated it, but I took it seriously. So from then on, I either reconcile with the person I hurt or who’s hurt me or I do not recite/sing that part as we’ve been told. Funny but true.

So after kissing and making up, chen-ten-nen-nen, we’re back, slapping each other’s butts, pinching each other’s love handles. 😛

Here are a few other things that made me smile today:

chickboy's turnoes de leche! will try making this soon!
we get excited whenever mercury has this!!! cheap check up!

Yay! He’s 5 months old yet he’s still bansot, but we’d like him to stay bansot and cute rather than grow big because he’s cute like that! He’s our little baby at home and everyone’s stress reliever. He’s spoiled and a bit bratty at times but we all love him, even manang does!!! ❤ such a cutie pie!!!!!!! **grits teeth**

fun week at the ICU with these two: eli and mitch! (grabbed from eli)
this just in, from corny babe! 🙂



the chicken rice shop

We discovered this newly opened hainanese resto and boy I’m glad we did because I can tell that this one’s much better than hainanese delights! *guilty laugh* SORRY!!! I don’t mean to compare. I’ve only tried the latter once so……:P

Anyway, the first time we went there Bri ordered the roast chicken noodles soup (not sure of the exact name) while I ordered the hainanese chicken rice meal (ANO PA BA?!?!). We also got the spring rolls (which Bri liked so much, unlike me) and the pechay dish (shall ask bri what it’s real name is). Everything tasted good especially the rice; and even though I wasn’t able to taste Bri’s noodles, I was craving for it the day after because it sure looked good especially on days like this (soooooooooper gloooomy).

minutes later……I already know what it’s called: PAK CHOY (the pechay dish hahaha! thanks babe!)

Of course we had to take a picture of the storm aftermath and here’s our rating!!

I brought 2 different clothes for that day (i forgot why), but when I saw him wearing his striped tee, I did not hesitate to wear my striped top too! HAHA! Masabi lang eh! Even though it wasn’t a coincidence at all, still we have this knack for “coincidentally” wearing terno clothes just like during our 1st, 2nd, 4th (?) dates, the cardigan date, plus this one too!

It was also during this date when he proposed to me…..CHOS!!!! ahahaha when he finally gave me my long-awaited trodat!! Yes, I knew he had one made for me and I was anticipating this day more than a couple waiting for their first born, or a drug addict drooling for his MJ or whatever drug there is! (BAD analogy, sorry! but you get what i mean! I’m sooooper exaggerating here because I was the only trainee left without a trodat in our hospital hahaha).

2nd time we ate here, we ordered from the very same waiter and sat at the very same spot so I guess everyone recognized us. It was very humiliating but I had a great time still!

This time around, we were on a tight-budget so it was good that we were craving for the same dish and got the barbecue chicken (ata?) and their sooooooooper yummy, not to mention, addicting CHICKEN RICE!

I doubt that it took us 10 minutes to eat all that. I’m guessing it was around 9.8 minutes hahahha. Kidding aside, I think it was more like around 5-7 minutes, tops!

Last time we were here, he got me a trodat, this time, I got him something too! I wouldn’t dare compare prices with him since mine wasn’t as expensive as the one he gave me, nor would i compare the effort to have our presents for each other made since I didn’t have to leave our room to make my gift for him, but one thing’s for sure: it was made out of love *ehem* *ehem* and creativity! I always thought that personalized or personally-made (those are 2 different things! haha) gifts are the most special ones, so it doesn’t matter how much it costs or where you got them, as long as they’re given time, thought and tralalala (wala na ko maisip sorry! :P)

P.S. shall blog how i made this necklace! haha!

In fairness, it looked good with Bri’s pink top! haha! Proud potter!!

***photos taken by boyfriend***