The Sunday Currently : Volume II


Classes will be starting in a few days, well at least for some and traffic will be hell again. I’m going to miss the scorching but lazy days of summer, but I’m never going to say goodbye. I’ll always have an affair with the best season there is.

This horror story my sister has been talking about since yesterday. She read it with her officemates during lunch last Friday and she did wake up in the middle of the night and got paranoid because of it. Ooopsie, looks like I’m sleeping beside her tonight and I’m only halfway through the story! Aside from that, I’m reading bit by bit, this little, artsy magazine I bought in Booksale. It’s really my kind of magazine.


I wrote something yesterday! It’s the first time I’ve written something in a long time here. I’ve also picked up my kiddie brush pens and failed yet again in brush calligraphy; and I promise, I’m replying to my penpal tonight!

to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Hozier and the whole 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the background while writing this.

Whether I’ll continue reading the story I talked about earlier or not. I’m also thinking of a great milestone I’m celebrating with B next week, our 4th anniversary. I’m also thinking of my brother. I’m thinking of going back to work tomorrow. I think about a lot, I know and I worry about a lot too.

like Tapa, Meatballs and Shrimp all at the same time. 🙂

For me to have courage to join this movement I’ve been thinking about since yesterday. Oooops, should’ve included this in “thinking”. I’m also wishing a better life for these two people very dear to me, my brother and lola and for my whole family. 🙂

still that the future holds something good for everyone. Always.



this earlier. Too bad the dress was too short and I know I wouldn’t ever be comfortable wearing that thing unless I’m at the beach, but knit at the beach in RP? naahhh

This Victoria’s Secret fashion show, again and again. I especially love the 2006 Jamelia segment. The 2006 Sexyback segment. The Adam Levine x Anne V catwalk. Taylor Swift’s trouble part and I really, really, really love Carly Rae’s streetdancing with Tom Hanks and the Biebs. I also love the new themes I used for my 2 blogs 🙂

Any medium format film camera like a TLR or this incredibly cheap Mamiya RB67 I’ve been eyeing since forever, Kodak Ektar and Fujifilm Superia, a new phone and a reliable tablet, my brother to come home, my lola to get better and more succulents!

Another beach trip or any vacation away from this place. I seriously need time off.

worried and calm at the same time. Also feeling troubled by the fact that I may be running out of time.

on “PLAY” on Rumer and Val’s dance videos on DWTS! They won! 🙂

What it means to be Creative?

I’ve always been drawn to everything handmade or personalized and that strong penchant for such things dates back to my late grade school years to early high school, I think.

We had a couple of home economics and art projects that I admit, up until now, I’d love to do again. There was a project that made us use these gold leaves that I absolutely loved, then there’s the pots that we painted, boxes that we covered with sand and a miniature tallboy that we had to decorate with wood-finish stickers. Every bit of project made my heart skip a beat, though I admit, I’m the type who doesn’t feel the need to make every masterpiece perfect, so I never did. That’s just an excuse to make myself feel better about my not so beautiful creations, but I’m still proud of those. 😛

Fast forward to the present day, that strong passion to make butingting and kalikot, to make things out of scrap or to create something that was inspired by another’s work of art or a happy memory or feeling has definitely become a favorite hobby and a way to release tension and even combat stress. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing and it helps keep the creative juice flowing!

I think that it also helps that when I want something, but can’t afford to buy it, I try as much as I could to create it. I’m a master DIYer (right) and an expert improviser (cool, there is such a word!) and there’s nothing in the world that little research on the internet can’t fix nowadays.

When I had the craziest craving for everything red velvet, I baked cupcakes and crinkles myself. When I wanted food, I find everything that I could put into the pan to cook it. When I saw creative wall art on pinterest or tumblr, I bought the cheapest materials I could find and voila, out came my imperfect but still lovely pieces of art on my so-called Wall of Weird!

Here are some of the things I’ve created so far. Some have been collaborations with my sister and mother (I don’t know how to use a sewing machine beacuse I’m too scared to use one actually).




Craved bread with tomatoes, cheese and basil (fresh from our graden-naks!)


I think this was the time when I made pancakes from scratch, no pre-made commercial mixes, and it turned out to be very simple and easy to do! I even tossed in some long-time stored choco-chips to make the morning sweeter!


I’ve always loved my tita’s baked macaroni and I also loved how she used to baked them in these leche flan containers. feeling reminiscent of this lovely childhood memory, I made baked macaroni one time and I just added all the cheese we had at home (I think there were 4 types in there) and then topping them with nestle cream! Manang (who’s a bit choosy when it comes to food) actually liked it and I know it because she helped herself to a couple more servings after her first.


We always make our own flowers for All Saints’ Day. This might be my least favorite thing to do, thus the eye-catching arrangement!


I’m so in love with artworks inspired by the outer space. I wanted to make another piece with my zodiac sign on it, but I had only one canvas, so I put these two together. I think I also saw this idea of sticking in christmas/fairy lights into a painting on pinterest, thus the latest masterpiece I have at home.


My sister and I loved kimono cardigans and when she found an easy tutorial online, we used the lovely fabrics we hoarded from divisoria to make a bunch of them.





Here’s the first one we made and on the picture below is another one we made. My sister cut the fabric while Mama sewed them together.


But before we made those kimonos, I cut a small piece from the fabric above to make myself my own camera strap. I couldn’t be more stingy and didn’t want to buy a real camera strap yet, so I made myself one instead. I just had to make it stiffer and stronger by adding a canvas fabric inside.


Thank goodness for light leaks, otherwise, you could have seen how messy the ends of the strap turned out.


another one of my breakfast creations using sexy chix Arabiata (yep this was way before Jasmine Curtis’ tvc came out). I topped it with basil (also fresh from the garden) for a fancy presentation.



I think I just saw the movie, The Fault in our Stars which made me paint the iconic book cover a couple of times! It was also the time when I was doing some general cleaning in my room that I found my father’s lost watercolors. I knew I couldn’t hold back my excitement then so I just haphazardly finished cleaning just to stare at them.


I also painted the TFIOS book cover on a small canvas that has now been put up on my Wall of Weird ever since.





One of the latest projects I did was my own dreamcatcher. As usual, it looked weird because I added a small burlap ring in the middle of it to make it a bit different than the normal one. I bought the ring and feathers from this seamstress haven in farmers mall and the burlap and jute strings in my favorite place in the world, divisoria. 🙂

So what does it mean to be creative? Are those with talent the only ones whom we can truly call creative? Where and how does creativity emerge?

For me, creativity is part of human nature. Our earliest ancestors have been creating shelter, clothing and food (preparing food) from basic materials ever since they first walked the earth. Up until now, centuries after, people are still creating something new, mostly to make life easier, some for pleasure and others for artistic expression.

To create also means to undergo a process wherein certain factors such as passion and inspiration are both needed. So talent may be optional, as far I can see. Sadly though, people may find it confusing to differentiate between inspiration and copying when they create. I read an entry about this yesterday on GooglyGooeys and I was a bit scared that my so-called creativity is just a product of “copying off someone else’s work” especially those whom I idolize a lot. Good thing, after some thorough self-analysis and self-denial (LOL), it turns out that I may not be a copycat after all since I do have my own style, my own, weird ideas and concepts that pop up in mind upon seeing and appreciating other people’s work.

Lastly, as Ponggo pointed out, “Creativity is doing something everyone else is doing but in a new way” (Alex Alata). 🙂





My mama has been an awardee in their company numerous times for being hardworking. I think? Recently, she asked me to take photos of her for the avp/ceremony and we slept at 2 in the morning because I had to do her hair and make up aside from taking her photos.

On the night of the awarding ceremony, she asked me to drop by after work because she needed someone to tie the knots of her gown mainly. She could’ve asked my papa to do it but she asked me instead. Unfortunately I got there late and I saw her already fully made up, so I insisted to fix her eyebrows instead (my favorite thing to do in the world). Then we took some selfies before finally dropping her off to the event. When I was about to take her photo, she asked me to join her, which was a surprise.

This is a bit timely that I got to take these rare photos of my mother because it’s Mother’s Day! 🙂

Mothers are the Best! Make your moms feel special 🙂

Welcome Back

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lately, I have been busy doing a lot of things and nothing at the same time. I have been living a routine that can really get taxing, not to mention deadly.

Days have become routinary wherein I look forward to weekends and ignore the rest of the week. Well, that’s how it used to be until I started dreading Fridays too because lately, weekends tend to fleet almost as if they don’t exist anymore. The next thing I know, it’s Monday again and unlike weekends, the other 5 days of the week feel more like years than days, especially when I’m at work. I know what’s in your mind, “she’s become a zombie again!“.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like with my work schedule, the pay and the fixed weekends off, I get to do more and spend more time with the people I love more than I have ever had in my entire adult life. I can never be more thankful for that, but I know that this is still not the life I have been dreaming of.

Whatever it is though, I still haven’t figured it out. I’m 25, lost and directionless, but I cannot give up now. Not when I get to do more of what I love.

Take for example, the photo above. I could never afford to buy a camera to take that photo and get it printed and paint the exact image with watercolors had I not left my old job. I finally got that “privilege” which I think has brought more inspiration for me to work on my hobbies and passion even more, but I know there’s still something lacking in my life.

Like what I said, I still feel lost. Talk about quarter life crisis. When it feels like everyone I know right now has found their place in this world, it makes me feel envious but it also excites me in a way thinking that one day, I can be in their shoes too, and I believe that.

For now, I’m trying my best not to put aside my hobbies especially not because I’m too tired to do so. I’ve once been told that

“If you’re having a hard time finding motivation in doing what you so called “love doing” than maybe you don’t actually love it? When something is important to you, you make time for it. So if your having a hard time doing that, you may need to reevaluate what you actually enjoy doing. People evolve and so do their interests. It’s natural. “

I still get giddy whenever an opportunity comes for me to get creative and to be able to get down and dirty with art stuff. It is the glucose to my blood therefore making me instantly pumped up and before I know it, my workspace explodes into a mess again!

On our recent trip to divi, I splurged 95% of my money on craft materials. We bought paper mache letters (finally) and when my sister asked me to paint on the ones she bought for an officemate’s birthday surprise, I did it minutes before I went to bed at 2AM. It didn’t matter if I had to wake up only 2 hours after, I cannot not paint on it.

She also asked me to wrap a birthday gift for another co-worker recently and I convinced her that I use my recent finds to cover it up and here’s how it looked like in the end.


So there you go, I am happy to say that “I’m back baby” and so I’m cutting short my sudden hiatus to the artsy fartsy world!

Film Forever


On the 5th of May, I will be celebrating my very first, real, film camera’s first birthday. It was such a whirlwind romance between us and now, I can’t imagine my life without it. I never felt so in love with film as much as I am now.

To date, I added 2 more analogue cameras to my collection, maintained a film blog, traveled with the analogue babies and followed and got to know local and foreign film photographers.

Throughout the year that has passed, I’ve learned to love the bittersweet feeling one gets when shooting film. Some photos turn out nah, others look really good while some, you realize, don’t get developed/exposed at all. You’ll also start to see that you’ve learned a lot, but still have a long way to go. You learn everyday, every time you use a new film or a different camera or simply when you teach others how to do it.

You also begin to understand that it doesn’t always have to be about being hi-tech or expensive for one to see and appreciate beauty in photography. It’s not about taking hundreds of photos and hoping you get a good shot and maybe just delete the rest. It takes great patience, understanding and a whole lot of effort and figuring out your own approach in getting a photo to turn out the way you want it to. But when it doesn’t, it can be something way, way better than you have imagined. It’s very unpredictable, film. It can surprise you in a reeeeaaaally good way!


So how and why did I get into FILM PHOTOGRAPHY?

I bought my very first film camera from a college friend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to make it work. After getting 2 empty film rolls developed, I got very frustrated and I decided I just put it to rest.

Fast forward to a few years after graduation, a former colleague thought I would love his lomography cameras. He sold me his FISHEYE 2 and HOLGA CFN with a free 120mm film. I knew how to use a film camera. I know we used an “instamatic” film camera until I was in high school, but never have I seen a 120 film! I had to research how to load one into the Holga and to tell you honestly, it was pure joy what I felt when I did it. I was like “this is definitely not a thing of the past!”.


I couldn’t really remember why that colleague thought I would enjoy using his cameras, but now that I think about it, I think I may have poured my heart out once about being a photographer. Also, I think assembling my own plastic toy TLR camera gave me away.

As much as I had the time of my life using these toy cameras, there came a point in my life that I wanted to take the hobby up a notch higher. So, I decided to get myself a real film camera. That’s when I joined the group, Film Photography Swap, where I got my very first real camera, a Canon Ftb QL. It is a heavy, all metal and a very good looking vintage camera. It is fully mechanical and I loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it. That was indeed, the start of my epic film adventure!

Why I got into film is a different story. At first, I just wanted my own camera. I knew I could not afford getting a DSLR as soon as I can get a film SLR so that’s what I invested on first.

I also realized early on that I never learned a thing about photography (except for taking photos with DOF) playing around with my father’s DSLR, so I thought, why not start where almost all great photographers started, with film photography? True enough, most film photographers and enthusiasts alike would say that if you want to learn the craft, you’d have to learn it the hard way. 😛

Kidding aside, I understood all the technical stuff playing around with my camera. I appreciated everything the manual had to say and also what the online photography teachers expounded on. As time went on, I appreciated the unpredictability of the end results, the great effort you put into getting a single photo, the grain, the delayed gratification and not to mention the excitement and the magical feeling you get from beginning to the end.

I often think about the fact that this camera was built in the 70’s when my parents haven’t even met each other yet. It must have been passed on to generations and must have been used to take hundreds of photos, yet it survived long enough to take photos of the modern day world. Doesn’t that sound magical?

Do I see myself going back to digital?

Digital photography will always be the go-to and less risky way to document the most special moments of our lives. That’s why it’s comfortable to use! I still take photos using my phones, and digital may never be completely shut out of my life, but for 90% of the time, I would always prefer to shoot film and rather than megapixels.

What are the two other cameras I recently bought?


This one’s my first rangefinder. It’s a Yashica Electro 35 G. It’s an aperture-priority camera which means, once you’ve set an aperture on it, it automatically sets the shutter speed. It was customized by the previous owner, rangefinder lover and also a member of the FPS group I mentioned earlier, which explains the red leather cover of the camera body. It came with the complete and original leather case and strap, a rubber lens hood and a lens cap! Definitely a good catch! Plus, I got it in pretty mint condition!

This one I took using the said rangefinder. Not bad, right? In the photo is the latest analogue camera I got. It’s a Polaroid Automatic 230 Land Camera. It’s very odd-looking, uses peel-apart instant film and looks very intimidating to use, but once you get the hang of it, it seems pretty less complicated than it looks.

So far though, I’ve wasted 2 film sheets because it’s mostly for bright and sunny, outdoor photography. Sometimes, the peeling of the photo causes small parts of the photos to come off as well, especially when the photos have not yet been fully developed (I think). That’s why some of my photos were damaged mildly. Other than that, everything worked smoothly, even the loading of the film which I totally forgot to review before we went on our trip.

Any favorite photos to date?






















I have a few more, but these are definitely climbing up the charts!