Soundtrack Love | Before We Go

I swear, I have never listened to a movie soundtrack as perfect as BEFORE WE GO‘s. Not even my love for Warm Bodies‘ and Elizabethtown‘s respective OSTs can trump this one.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s that super bokehlicious film co-produced, directed and starred in by the charming Chris Evans with his semi-love interest played by Alice Eve.

It’s also where this beautiful quote was from:

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I’ve seen the movie twice or thrice now, so I can’t help but feel annoyed that I’ve never once been struck by its songs, until today. It’s so unusual for me to focus so much on the story line that I fail to appreciate the musical scoring or the songs in the background. Very unusual. It’s probably more likely for me not to finish my popcorn than to ignore the music in movies, and I love popcorn!

It’s probably easier to think of a reason, say them using these unfamiliar songs, then again, so did Warm Bodies.

Knowing myself, I’m very particular with the songs I listen to and I love discovering new ones especially those in movies or tv shows I watch, so why is it that I’m only figuring it now how well put together the soundtrack of this movie was?

I don’t really know how to answer that question too. All I know now is that, other than my favorite pop songs, fave pop indies and little bit of oldies, I have found my ultimate life playlist here, a playlist even so for when I’m driving. I mean, these songs will actually slow my heart rate down to normal when I’m super stressed or will keep my mind off rude drivers. These may even be songs I’ll listen to for when I want to believe that nothing can bring me down!

I’m listening to it right now and I literally haven’t even skipped a song yet! That’s how good it is!

I originally looked the OST up because I was looking for a particular song in a scene when the lead characters were in a hotel room at the end of the movie. A montage of them spending their last hours together while they were having fun, in a wholesome way was shown as the song is played. That song that captured my heart first among many others is Jason Collet‘s “Rave on Sad Songs“. Jason sounds like one of those romantic country balladeers and this song is just lovely.

So, I’m trying to narrow down my top favorites, but it really is quite hard to choose as ALL (I can’t stress that enough) of the songs are really good, so I kind of just grouped them together in all these little clusters instead.

Songs from the OST that I can listen to over and over again:

  1. Rave on Sad Songs – Jason Collet – This reminds me so much of Elizabethtown and its own OST
  2. Over & Out – Oliver North Boy Choir – This is soooo going into Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist!
  3. Song for Zula – Phosphorescent – was also used in that charmingly cute scene in TASM 2 when Peter was crossing the street with eyes focused only on Gwen.
  4. Best Part of Me – St. Leonards – also heard in Beauty and the Beast (only one of the few shows with a really great soundtrack)
  5. Restless Lover – Lesands – so Warm Bodies! I associate it with Delta Spirit‘s “Yamaha”
  6. The Alchemy Between Us – Young Galaxy – This is soooo going into Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist too!
  7. Into the Sea – Aidan Hawken (really feeling like going into the water now, aren’t you?)

Songs from the OST for when you are driving along a highway on a cliff overlooking the sea or when chasing sunsets on a long, chill road trip:

  1. Restless Lover – Lesands
  2. Sun Burns – Blue Boats – so M83‘s Midnight City!
  3. Burning Blue – Kowalski – so light and airy like a merengue! haha! must be fun to drive around with your windows down and this on your speakers
  4. Song for Zula – Phosphorescent
  5. The Alchemy Between Us – Young Galaxy
  6. So Here We Are – Bloc Party – great band! Brings back The OC memories, though I don’t think this song was on one of their “mixtapes”!
  7. Into the Sea – Aidan Hawken

Songs from the OST to listen to to help you calm your mind:

  1. Moonbeams – Family Band – the vocals are incredible!
  2. I Don’t – Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – this one’s so easy to the ears with great vocals and guitars
  3. Flaws – Vancouver Sleep Clinic – can also associate with M83!
  4. Urchin – Labyrinth Ear – This is sooooo Stranger Things!!
  5. Only Yesterday – Taken by Trees – so dreamy + good vocals!

Songs from the OST that are also really good but I can’t put them up on the other lists:

  1. Where’s the Baby? – The Loud – I can definitely hear this on The Perks of Being a Wallflower OST
  2. Dark Morning – Count Basie Orchestra – This one’s definitely going into The Notebook‘s OST!

I think I just died, but I’m not complaining ‘coz I have hell lot of incredible songs to bring with me to my grave!


I think I wanna make more of this! A new series, maybe?




What makes me happy?

When you’re kind of getting tired feeling sorry for yourself, that’s when you start feeling grateful for the littlest things you have in life. This is why most things on this list are probably the shallowest of all, but they make me really happy, as in genuinely happy from the bottom of my ridunculous heart 🙂

  • this song, “Let Me In” by Grouplove, currently on repeat mode as I’m typing this… gimme gimme that love, i’ll be waiting for ya! – my feel good song for a few weeks now ever since I started listening to the TFIOS soundtrack before it was shown 🙂
  • other songs – Rude by Magic and that Pinacolada song called Escape – make you wanna daydream of really beautiful stuff if not dance to them like crazy.
  • my film SLR – seriously, I could have gone totally boinks instantly without this in my life right now. I can actually look at it only and all my worries go away like magic! 🙂
  • eating my favorite Mango Ref Cake which I made last night when I saw that we finally have mangoes! – also called Mango Float cake or Mango Graham cake
  • stalking this girl a friend and I both know and feeling sorry for ourselves together 🙂 – this is weird but it makes me happy because we are such immature and green eyed monsters 🙂 And I’m so shallow like that!
  • film photographers – aside from taking photos myself, I also love checking out personal blogs of different film photographers and actually getting to interact with them. It inspires me to do more and to dream more 🙂
  • Hollis Gillespie – reading one anecdote a day from her book makes me feel less sorry for myself knowing that there are people out there in different parts of the world who have problems too, but manage to get by without getting overly depressed about it.
  • making my little cousins and grandmother laugh – it just feels wonderful to draw generous laughs from them because we rarely get together as a family and the sound of laughter is music to my ears 🙂
  • my grandmother’s dialysis being okay despite another dialysis-mate getting intubated and dying on the same day – I think my grandmother almost never finishes her dialysis sessions these days because she gets cramps  and gets sick more frequently, but I’m glad that the time I accompanied her, she didn’t have any problems at all. Wish us luck tomorrow!
  • Yogilates – this one’s the painful kind of good thing in life, but despite feeling the pain, by the end of a session, it makes you feel good that you actually finished one and feel more confident about your body 🙂
  • movie marathons – Ever since my job ended, I was able to watch a lot of the new films I would’ve missed had I been employed. So being a bum still has its perks!
  • printing photos – obviously, you have to have your photos printed if you’re switching to film because it is what it is. Don’t defeat the purpose of taking film photos if you’re not going to have them displayed in a non-electronic/non-digital way.
  • watching old, favorite movies and seeing them in a new light – it’s surprising that some movies may mean different to you depending on which certain time of your life you have seen it.
  • my pussy red nails – I didn’t know there’s an even better shade of red other than the bloody type which I used to love bigtime until yesterday! And yes, that’s what it actually says on the label. I didn’t just make it up!
  • hope – it makes me happy that I’m the type who never loses hope. I can be down for a couple of days, but I stand right back up because there’s so much more to life than what I actually get to see at the moment. I don’t really want to sound cocky because I honestly feel happy that I haven’t given up yet despite the odds never ever being in my favor. 😛 I know God will not let me down for a long time even though He has already! 😛 JK! 🙂

Spread the happiness 🙂


songs for when I die…

I’ve always fantasized about having a very dramatic wake when I die. I want people to cry just because I want to know that people do care for me. Even when they’ll talk about happy moments, they’ll cry. I’m a very emotional person, hence my shallow tears. So, I’m sure for a fact that even when I’m dead, I’ll cry as much as I do right now that I’m still alive, touched by the people who paid their respects for me. I don’t care if there’d be like a whopping 10 people on the day of my burial, I just want everyone I love to be there with me til the end! Paimportante ko noh? haha! LANDIIIIII!!!!

You know what they say, “When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.

So, we were watching the American Idol season 11 marathon on this gloomy Good Friday (I don’t know why this show’s even on today) and someone sang “One Sweet Day”. Unfortunately, I got so LSS-ed by it, thus came the sad entry! 😛 You could just imagine how I was making my best Mariah Carey kulot voice earlier today while singing this! KAINIS!

I don’t know if my sister still remembers the songs I jokingly asked her to play in case I go ahead of her. Unfortunately, I myself forgot those already. Shocker! haha so I’d like to make a new playlist for my burial day! HAHA!

Of course the Gary V songs such as “I Will Be Here”  and “Lead me, Lord” and my all time favorite pampatay song, the Beatles’ “In My Life” are still part of the list, but I’d also like to add the songs “One Sweet Day” and Bread’s “Everything I Own”.

So that’s it for now. Hopefully, I don’t die yet! 😛

P.S. Although I said I wanted a dramatic burial, I still couldn’t brush off the thought of me having a very hilarious one. I remembered watching this old Sharon Cuneta film and suddenly, I wanted to have the same burial as the one in the said film para maiba lang, plus it would somehow take the sadness off my family and friends’ faces even for just a while! After all, my loved ones would all love a good laugh and I’d love to see them happy even for one last time. 🙂

***Sharon Cuneta was part of this marching band that was hired for the burial of some guy. Then a woman came running telling the whole band that the guy wanted to have a happy burial so they ended up playing an upbeat song instead! It was very funny because even the men who were carrying the casket had to playfully bring the dead to its grave while dancing!***

P.S. here are 3 mass songs I remembered I wanted to be played on my burial as well! HIHI!!! Hi JOEY!

^^^^ultra-electro-magnetic FAVORITE!!!!! (nyeeee) ^^^^^^