My mama has been an awardee in their company numerous times for being hardworking. I think? Recently, she asked me to take photos of her for the avp/ceremony and we slept at 2 in the morning because I had to do her hair and make up aside from taking her photos.

On the night of the awarding ceremony, she asked me to drop by after work because she needed someone to tie the knots of her gown mainly. She could’ve asked my papa to do it but she asked me instead. Unfortunately I got there late and I saw her already fully made up, so I insisted to fix her eyebrows instead (my favorite thing to do in the world). Then we took some selfies before finally dropping her off to the event. When I was about to take her photo, she asked me to join her, which was a surprise.

This is a bit timely that I got to take these rare photos of my mother because it’s Mother’s Day! 🙂

Mothers are the Best! Make your moms feel special 🙂

New Year

Yes, this looks exactly like my new year post on my photo blog, having the same title and photos, but I wanted this to be more heartfelt than the other post already is!

I was pouring my heart out to someone earlier that it made me finally write something after a long time! I couldn’t get myself to write that year-ender entry I’ve been meaning to since November because of all the Christmas preparations and holiday celebrations.

I still haven’t organized my thoughts to do that yet so I’m postponing it for another week. Right now, I just feel like I should, in Taylor Swift’s words, “shake it off”!

Everyone gets a little hopeful every time a new year starts, including me. New Years give you hope of having a completely clean slate to start life anew; like it’s acceptable, only for that fleeting moment between 11:59-12:00 am, for anyone to just leave the bad behind and look forward to anything that can make the previous year better.

This year, tried as I might to shake off all the fears, negativity, guilt and sadness, I couldn’t! It’s been bothering me for the last few hours that I couldn’t help but vent it out to a friend. Maybe that’s why I’ve been painting in breaks between preparations yesterday, to calm the nerves!

I know I was such a terrible person last year and I couldn’t tell if I still am or not, and now I’m afraid that despite everything I’ve been through last year, I’m bound to fail again this year. I’m afraid that there wouldn’t be anything good for me anymore after all the bad things that 2014 has given me. I’m pretty sure that 2014 was one of the most challenging and heartbreaking years of my life, not to mention the lowest point in my life. Just thinking about the choices and decisions I’ve made makes me want to cringe. What’s worse is that I don’t know if I have learned anything from all my failures. It feels like I’m still the same, old me!

One thing I’ve done though before the year ended is patch things up with the people I’ve been in conflict with, all of which are friends. Though it still didn’t feel right and I guess things wouldn’t be the same as before, but I’ve already accepted that fact long before I decided to apologize to them.

So what else am I looking forward to now? What are my resolutions? What am I leaving behind?

Honestly, I’m still very much overwhelmed by fear, but it helps that I’m still alive to think that I do have a purpose that I need to fulfill. Only God knows how messed up my life really is right now, and I’m thankful that He never got tired of me, a sinner, not even once and the blessings I got this year are evidence to that.

09960005Right now, I feel completely stripped off of everything, like I’m naked, with no one else to get inspiration and strength from but from the people closest to my heart, my family, a few friends and God. So for now, all I want is to get back up and maybe, just maybe take baby steps to fix my self and my life. After all, the sun still rises and I still wake up to see it!

Calm before the Storm

We spent half the day in my beautiful alma mater and I’d say that time just flew by with my cousin, K and I just watching people (mostly high school, fresh meats) and reminiscing our good ol’ USTe days. While our soon-to-be-college-freshie cousin, Y was taking the USTET, K and I went to hear mass at Santissimo Rosario church, had some sweet snacks/brekky for me, took a lot of photos and did a lot of people watching. People watching is really fun, especially if you’d do it on days like today when it wasn’t uncomfortably hot. In fact, it was very windy this morning (all thanks to #RubyPH –hashtag talaga?), which made it more amusing to watch people cross the field, while the strong winds blew a horrible, mini sandstorm at them, leaving them all touched up with loose, matifying football field dust in shade #6. K and I just stayed for a couple of hours on one of the benches in the field, under a tree, laughing. 10423782_10204499476459567_2483524997208392170_n new10252093_10204499481619696_3314327271091816487_n  10425052_10204499480179660_7134302992635904428_n 10690287_10204499483819751_8157620235424034496_n 10698392_10204499480939679_293708724988885093_n 10704189_10204499478339614_4106800300729884810_n 10846122_10204499478899628_5363470583665502432_n 10848055_10204499483259737_1679891151848300811_n  1920156_10204499482379715_4656510769999437261_n It was soooo good to be back! Back in college, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and do my own thing, then here I am, 3 years after, longing to go back and be a student again! After the test, we took Y around USTe, in the same way I toured K around the campus a few years ago, and brought her to the go-to places outside the campus (aka the yummy and patok carinderias, piso printing stores, laboratory equipment stores and school supply stores) . Then, we took a jeepney to Morayta and toured the Ubelt on foot from FEU to UE to Mendiola (where K had to get their handouts photocopied) where San Beda, CEU, Holy Spirit and La Consolacion were, before we finally parted ways. We were all in a hurry to go home since apparently, different cities had been cancelling classes for tomorrow as we were having lunch and before that, we felt how strong the wind blew all day before it stopped all of a sudden. Kinda made me panic inside (forever paranoid). Since then until now, as I’m typing this, it still doesn’t seem like a storm is on its way here. Makes me even worry now, since it really and literally feels like the #calmbeforethestorm. We even prayed the Oracio Imperata in church this morning. So, be safe everyone and pray!

Sunday Fun Day

Or not. We spent half the day looking for stuff for the bathroom reno. Yikes! So Aussie! Looks like my job’s rubbing off on me.

Anyway, it was an eventful day and though we were just at the home depot the whole time, I did enjoy being the only child. I got my first pay so I took the chance to give back to the two people I owe almost everything to, my parents 🙂 Then true enough, like what I said yesterday, they asked me to drive, but this time for real (meaning outside the comforts of our neighborhood), so that was fun, but very, very scary, knowing how drivers are here in the Philippines. I don’t even know how I survived Rosario earlier, but I’m so relieved that I did.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Right about after lunch, I felt really bored and sleepy (I have the attention span of a kindergarten), so I’m glad my friends, Jan and Nikki were both texting me. Thanks guys! 🙂

Oohh and one more thing, earlier in Church, one of the mother butlers handed us another envelope for the offertory and since I got my first pay, they asked me to participate. Normally, I’d beg not to do it, but today I just had to let my guard down and just go with the flow and it felt nice, not saying NO.

Also, Before B went to work, he sent me nice messages which I appreciated, because I know I was being too difficult last night. So it was nice of him to set his emotions aside. So we’re okay again for now, but still, I’m pretty upset with our situation. However since I can’t to do anything about it (right, Jan?) and since I didn’t want to ruin my already beautiful day, I had to let it go.

Yeah this whole thing seems like a huge flight of ideas, so forgive me if this doesn’t make sense at all. I’m probably just too stoked to function today.

Btw, the whole day I’ve been asking everyone what this song I keep hearing on 99.5 is, almost everyday. Unfortunately, the only lyrics I remembered was boom boo boom boom boom boo boom boom boom……….  so yeah, stupid me! I kept singing that part to my sister and even sent voice messages to my cousin and Nikki. Luckily, when I tuned in to play fm just now, they were playing Ryan Seacrest‘s top 40, so I tried my luck in his site and lo and behold, I found it there! It’s Daughtry’s “Battleships”!

and, Once Upon A Time season 4 is hereeeeee finally!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole post may not make sense to anyone, but it does to me! hahaha! I need my meds! stat!

Ciao for now! Tomorrow’s our big day! We start making calls for the whole day for the next 2 weeks. So this is why I don’t make sense at all! OOoOOPsie! That doesn’t sound so good, not good at all! hahaha goodnight!


According to my ever dependable pc dictionary, MAGIC is defined as any art that invokes supernatural powers. It says that it’s also any illusory feat or it is considered magical by naive observers. According to Wikipedia, it can be classified into the paranormal, illusion or in fiction. Personally, I think that magic is a phenomena that’s very hard to explain (especially like what the dictionary says, by naive observers), therefore very hard to believe in, but once you see it, you’d either be moved by it, or be further skeptic about it.

I’d like to say that I want to believe in magic because it gives me an opportunity to escape my worries even just for a while. I’d also always be astounded by the supernatural or by illusions or by works of fiction that sometimes I find myself not wanting to fight the thought of it just for the fun of indulging in it. It feels good, actually, to sometimes be vulnerable to the unimaginable, to the unbelievable.

Speaking of the unbelievable, I’d been terribly hooked to this show that I only discovered a few weeks ago, Once Upon A Time. It was first shown in 2011 and I found out about it now, when I saw on hollywood life that they would be featuring Frozen soon in the coming season. Of course I only got interested because I saw the photos of the actresses who would bring to life Anna and Elsa and so after further research, I was convinced to watch it from the very beginning, yes, right when the narrator usually say, Once upon a time….. 

Anna and Elsa (photo links back to the original site/owner)

So the fourth season is not going to be shown at least for a couple more weeks, so I have more time to finish the first three ones. Currently, I just started on the third season. Yep, I’m still at it. I found it very much highly engaging as compared to other tv shows that I recently discovered too. No offense meant, I do love the other ones, but not as much as I have come to love this. 

I am not really going to talk about what’s it about or how the storyline goes, now that I’m on the third season, but I want to talk about how much it has given me that opportunity to believe in magic in this day and age. First of all, I find it magical to have found me at my lowest and darkest point because it gives me that certain hope and energy to find the good in everything despite what I’ve been going through. It sounds awfully a lot like a cliche, but that’s what this series is about: love, family, happy endings, good vs evil, magic that always comes with a price and always finding the good even in the most evil in all of the enchanted forest, the world where all the characters were originally from. 

What I also love about this is that it gives another angle or story to the fairy tales and characters we thought we knew or how we always knew them. It’s really funny and creative how they were able to magically just bring about a whole new world with all of the familiar characters we grew up believing in. What’s even more amazing is that the creators were able to make up a way to kind of involve all of these characters in the wildest of stories and put them all in a tangled up web. It’s like one of those all-star cast movies that gave each of the characters the right amount of exposure and equal importance to the whole plot. It’s amazing, almost made me believe that the stories there were the real ones the Grimm brothers or the other authors actually wrote. Who would’ve thought that Belle can actually be friends with little red riding hood, who lives right across Jimini cricket, or that Aurora wakes up from her somber sleep only to have Prince Philip taken away from her and gets him back by joining forces with Mulan? Crazy right? No, that’s magic!

I could tell you how much more magic I find here by the minute and I couldn’t even assure you that I’ll finish in a day, but all I can say is that what these fictional characters and us, human beings have in common is the belief that the greatest magic of all can actually be summoned not by a spell, but by the heart, which is, yep you got that right, the big L-O-V-E.

I love how it centers on LOVE still. Love is very powerful, yet very magical that I couldn’t imagine what all of the fairy tales would have been without love, the goodness of love and being in love and loving even the most vile of all creatures. Isn’t it just magical how two people can end up together despite not having anything in common or despite their differences in status or beliefs or despite the absence of physical attraction? Don’t you find it magical to fall for someone who only used to be a stranger? So there, I do believe in magic because I believe in love, which again I say is the most powerful and the greatest magic of all. 

Did I also say that two of the main actors who play lead roles, Snow White and Prince Charming actually fell for each other on set and recently got married and had their first born in freaking REAL LIFE?!?!!!? That I find really magical too. Seeing their onscreen chemistry, it’s no wonder they have something within them that’s more than just great acting. Plus they actually look good together too and I’m just happy for Ginnifer Goodwin to find her real life prince, Josh Dallas

happy ending 🙂 or is it? (photo links back to the original site/owner)

Now that’s real magic! I just can’t get enough of it. I find it magical that magic uplifts my mood and makes me feel better any day. Now, I’m happy again! 🙂 

I should also say that aside from good, the evil in this story/series have also got to be one of the best magical creatures and villains I have ever come to love, Regina, the evil queen and Rumplestiltskin. They have the most wretched and selfish of hearts, but surprisingly also the kindest and purest if I may say. Nothing touches my heart more than bad people giving in to their soft sides, again all thanks to magic! ❤

Plus, I also love the deep, dark magical feeling the musical scoring of the show evokes. Let me give you a sample, which is also my favorite, by the way… they play this whenever the evil queen needs a really good dramatic entrance….

Anyway, so much for the familiar characters, before I end this, I want to say something about my favorite character, Emma. Ring a bell? No it didn’t too, when I first started watching this. Apparently, she’s the long-lost daughter of Snow and Charming and 28 years later, she finds a way back to them through her own son. I told you the story is all jumbled up, but despite it, I find Emma, the savior, my favorite, because she is an embodiment of a strong and independent woman and I love it. She also looks a lot like Elisha Cuthbert, that girl, Jennifer Morrison, so that makes her really pretty too. 

True enough, other people think they look alike too! (photo links back to the original site/owner)

I’m trying not to get into so much hurry finishing the third season because who knows how impatient I can get until they show the fourth one, but I couldn’t really say how much I owe this show the sanity I still have left in me as much as I owe FRIENDS, but I’m saving that for another entry. For now, I’d like to believe in magic and be able to pass this on to my future children and grandchildren, after all, it’s something worth living for, something good to escape to and something which lights up that pure unadulterated spark of innocence and optimism within us. Magic will be true for those who believe in it and even though it isn’t, somehow, it gives you hope that in all adversities and misfortunes, there is still power, great enough up there that is quite like magic. You just have to have faith. 🙂

(photo links back to the original site/owner)
(photo links back to the original site/owner)