My Weekend in Moving Photos

It was quite a long weekend for my family as one of our beloved lolas died last week. She was one of the coolest lolas I’ve known, literally, as she doesn’t seem to ever lose her cool, evidenced by her permanent and ever radiant and beaming smile.

We could only make it to the last night of her funeral, which was on a Saturday before she was laid to rest today. Unfortunately, apart from it being a manic weekend, a storm was about to enter the country too, so we were stuck in the rain, wet and cold…


After being stuck in traffic for quite a while, some of us had to go on a pee break and grab a quick bite before going back on the road, so off we went to, ‘their’ favorite happy place…


C5 was tolerable and SLEX was very much in our favor, so it didn’t take long before we got to the place and saw everyone all huddled up in a corner…

Some were…


and others were…

2015-10-17_22_03_53    2015-10-17_22_08_03

while this one couldn’t resist picking up something to chew on… again…


Of course, we couldn’t call it a day unless there were selfies and groupfies taken, some even with one of the coolest lolos on earth!

2015-10-17_22_18_59    2015-10-17_22_17_17


I had to fix everyone’s eyebrows before going home at midnight, so were all like…

2015-10-17_22_23_26    2015-10-17_22_20_55

The next day, we were up at around 4:45-ish to 5 in the morning and before I know it, we were back on the road by 6 in the morning…

2015-10-18_06_05_34    2015-10-18_06_09_50  


The night before, a car flew over and hit a concrete barrier perhaps ‘mid-flight’ and smashed his hood, while another one hit another barrier this morning, both along Ortigas extension. Typhoon Lando really hit us big time!

Thank God, we made it back to the funeral by 7-ish, safe and sound.

We were told that the mass will be at 7:30, so everyone was…


taking selfies again…JK!


They were all chillin’ like lola here…


After the mass, everyone had time to freshen up and to do some catching-up with everyone else…


The mood in the room lightened up a bit, but then again, everyone knew what was coming to them next and that nothing else could be any more painful than finally saying goodbye…

2015-10-18_09_27_42     2015-10-18_09_24_39

2015-10-18_09_35_57     2015-10-18_10_38_44

I hate funerals, but I love the fact that everyone comes together not only to pay tribute to the departed, but also to set everything aside to comfort and catch up with everyone else.

But like what the priest said, nothing’s more pathetic than talking to a corpse that wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the tears, apologies and gratitude one extends in funerals or in cemeteries. It wouldn’t be right, so yes, we all have to make amends and thank people while they’re still alive and not only when they’re on their death beds or worse, when they’re gone forever.

On a lighter note…

2015-10-18_11_10_29     2015-10-18_11_49_05

2015-10-18_11_46_32      2015-10-18_11_16_07


Hope everyone else stays safe and dry while we wait this one out! Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? I mean look at the trees out my window!


Btw, I’m really loving this app, Gif Me! so I’m thinking of posting more stuff here and putting everything in a new series on my blog (My Life in Moving Photos) just for these photos that are too cool, they look like those magical paintings on Harry Potter!! I’m pathetic, I know! XD

The Sunday Currently, Volume 7


this self-help book by Francis Kong called “Being the Best You Can Ever Be“, which my parents brought home from their conference. Yes, there’s still hope for me and yep, I’ve always liked this person, mainly for being able to “move mountains” by way of his words and probably (or most definitely) faith too! I’ve been in one of his talks back in college so I know why he has been in demand over the years.

Nothing for today except this entry and another one for the 30 day writing challenge!

to a lot of Gospel and Worship songs on 8tracks. I was supposed to just listen to “Still” by Hillsong United on repeat mode but I might end up “turning on the waterworks” again like I did in church this morning when the choir sang this during the Holy Communion!

of how happy I am today…

of how good our God is, being able to forgive endlessly…

and how lucky I am to have my family.

I’m content and I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good! 😛

I’m also thinking about tomorrow and how I’ll turn my zombie mode on again. Uuuugghhh!

my father smoking cigarettes…

for the plans we made earlier today as a family to push through! I’m so looking forward to this!

for the plans above to push through! Not to jinx it though, I really hope we could make it come true, together as a family!

my boyfriend’s shirt and comfy pair of bedroom shorts!

this coding guide/suggestions I found on tumblr written by Devon Meyer. I won’t ever be patient enough to learn about dev stuff, but I can probably make time to study the basics and see where that can lead to… Is this really me, speaking…errr typing?

more VLs!!!!!

to learn more about make up, to make the next 5 months more productive and to just enjoy life as it is!

anxious, sad, happy, crazy and sleepy. I ain’t ready to go back to work yet! Can I have one more day off please??!?!

on my 4th Buzzfeed’s Books Newsletter since I signed up back in June! I have to say that it made me want to get a copy of and read: Jane Eyre (I haven’t been interested since I’ve seen the movie, Definitely, Maybe), The Kite Runner, Great Expectations (not a fan of classic novels, but I’m really having great expectations this time!–no pun intended), The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (even though I completely abhor anything that has to do with the holocaust), Mansfield Park (I know right?) and The Virgin Suicides (and maybe watch the movie after too!) and Tiger Eyes (this one, I have a feeling that I’ll only want to watch the movie rather than read the book).

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 6

Five Ways to Win Your Heart!

These are not necessarily in any order. Whatever comes to mind first, comes first. Here we goooo:

1) 35mm Films – I’m going gaga over films and where to buy them, especially the rare and expensive ones. This is probably one of the best ways to win my heart, buy me films, if not more analogue cameras to add to my collection. It’s tangible though, does that still count?

2) trips with my loved ones – It doesn’t matter if it’s just an hour-drive away from home, as long as I get to temporarily escape from all my worries and be with my loved ones, it’ll be worth it!

3) FOOD – Lately, I’ve been gaining weight and noticed my love handles getting not so lovable, all because my appetite just got a little bigger. This doesn’t mean I’m hating on food though. In fact, it’s actually the other way around! If you wish to win my heart, then let’s get started on food! 😉

4) Make me something personalized or practically ANYTHING – As long as you made it yourself, it’ll surely win my heart! I love anything handmade, artsy and personalized.

5) More time with B – It doesn’t matter where we go or where our dates would take us as long as I get to spend more time with him without me worrying about curfew (i know, I’m too old for curfews) or my parents wondering where I’m at. I just want both the world and time to stop when we’re together.

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 4

Write about someone who inspires you

This is hard. I have quite a lot of people in mind who inspire me. First, there’s God. I don’t want to sound like I’m religious or that I have a perfect relationship with this GUY because I don’t; but He’s always the one who I think picks me up whenever I fall down and He doesn’t have to be with me physically here on earth for me to realize that. When I read the Bible, and the Didache that a friend gave me for Christmas, I feel like He’s always around, trying to reach out even when I know I’m being hypocritical, turning my back on Him at times. When I’m at church, I feel moved by His words through the priests’ homilies every time, and I feel that that’s His way of inspiring someone like me to be a much better person even if it’s so hard to. His words pierce through me mainly because I am guilty of doing wrong especially when there’s someone like Him out there, always ready to forgive and to give a sinner like me, infinite chances. It’s inspiring to have a God that doesn’t judge, that forgives and that believes in you no matter what.

Then there’s my Papa and Mama. I feel inspired seeing them do everything they can just to make our lives so much easier. I can see how almost everything they’ve been working hard for, they’re not doing for themselves, but for us and the people around them. They’re so selfless and generous, they don’t even expect anything in return. They give what they can and they do it through the goodness of their hearts. They’re not saints, but they have the most beautiful hearts. Also, seeing them together on their 26th year as a married couple makes me want to be a part of a relationship like that, and I’d like to believe so.

This brings me to my next inspiration, my boyfriend. He knows this, but I still want to say how much he inspires me to become a better me, to work even harder for us both, to sacrifice and wait til everything falls into place. The fact that he makes me happy and he loves me so much makes me fall in love with him all over again and this time, harder than I’ve been before.

Last of all, there’s my whole family. Seeing my them reunite and just spend time together in the simplest way possible makes my heart melt. We can be having lunch together or panicking when lola’s having one of her dyspneic moments, it doesn’t matter, as long as we know we’re all together and we have each other to lean on to. It just feels good that there will be people you can always come home to, talk to, have fun with and make fun of, all without reservation and they’d still take you in without hesitation.

There are people I look up to, those that inspire me to be more creative or do things I would only want to do just because we only live once, but then, there are these people/Him who inspire me to be good and to be content and happy for who or what I am even if the whole world would conspire against me.

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 1

I was browsing through some of the blogs recommended by WordPress and saw Sudrobelle‘s. It was also on her blog where I got the idea to write 30 entries, one for each day, for a whole month. I know I’ve tried really hard to finish similar challenges before, but I never got to, not even one. So just to get myself to write more (even on days when I’m too tired to even look at my phone), I’m doing this challenge for 30 days! I’m not only keeping my fingers crossed, I’m gluing them altogether!!!

writing challenge

So for DAY 1, It says here that I should list 10 things that make me REALLY happy, and here they go (not in any particular order):

1) Dancing – I’m a frustrated dancer and “occasionally”, I burst into hardcore performances, but only in my room (minus the lifting and suspension into the air, of course), especially when I find a good song to play on loud speakers. I’d like to think that I can dance well and that thought alone, makes me really happy. Well, that can also be just the Endorphins that kicked in. Apparently, endorphins boost one’s self-esteem and gives a certain “high” or euphoric feeling. So, that’s why dancing literally makes me feel happy, plus, who doesn’t want to dance to a good song?

2) Art and artists– There’s nothing else that I can compare to, the happiness I get from ART (at least next to God and to the dearest people in my life)! I have paint running through my veins and I can die knowing that my eyes have feasted on thousands of different, unimaginably, beautiful creations by all sorts of artists—may they be photographers, calligraphers, painters, DIYers, crafters, etc.


3) Film Photography – No, this doesn’t make me happy, it made me into the addict that I am. I can’t leave the house without bringing at least one camera. I panic when I’m about to run out of films and cry at the thought that I have new photos waiting to be developed. Need I say more?

4) Food – I’m getting fat and flabby all for the love of foooooooooooooood! Whether I’m trying new restos or recipes or simply just watching cooking shows on tv, my mouth gets easily filled with overproduced saliva brought about by excessive addiction to/craving for food.

5) DIY – Nothing else feels greater than getting my hands all down and dirty! Every project or masterpiece I finish or hobby I get myself into brings incomparable excitement + happiness that often make my heart skip a beat!

6) MUSIC – This + dancing = my own personal anti-depressants. There’s nothing good music can’t cure or fix. And speaking of fix, I get my daily dose of good music from 8tracks and my sister’s player.

7) Crazy, Happy People – These people often make me laugh out loud or at least help contract my abdominal muscles so hard that I swear, get my abs toned instantly!

8) All Things Pretty – These can be great movies, or spectacular performances by extremely talented people or colorful books (literally and figuratively), well-decorated cafes or bedrooms, everything on pinterest or tumblr, the list goes on!

9) My family and B – They bring genuine and irreplaceable happiness. Not one material thing can ever surpass the happiness they give me, next to God.

10) God – He makes my heart whole again each and every time it gets broken.

P.S. Everything on the list tops the list, so don’t mind the superlatives!