My Weekend in Moving Photos

It was quite a long weekend for my family as one of our beloved lolas died last week. She was one of the coolest lolas I’ve known, literally, as she doesn’t seem to ever lose her cool, evidenced by her permanent and ever radiant and beaming smile.

We could only make it to the last night of her funeral, which was on a Saturday before she was laid to rest today. Unfortunately, apart from it being a manic weekend, a storm was about to enter the country too, so we were stuck in the rain, wet and cold…


After being stuck in traffic for quite a while, some of us had to go on a pee break and grab a quick bite before going back on the road, so off we went to, ‘their’ favorite happy place…


C5 was tolerable and SLEX was very much in our favor, so it didn’t take long before we got to the place and saw everyone all huddled up in a corner…

Some were…


and others were…

2015-10-17_22_03_53    2015-10-17_22_08_03

while this one couldn’t resist picking up something to chew on… again…


Of course, we couldn’t call it a day unless there were selfies and groupfies taken, some even with one of the coolest lolos on earth!

2015-10-17_22_18_59    2015-10-17_22_17_17


I had to fix everyone’s eyebrows before going home at midnight, so were all like…

2015-10-17_22_23_26    2015-10-17_22_20_55

The next day, we were up at around 4:45-ish to 5 in the morning and before I know it, we were back on the road by 6 in the morning…

2015-10-18_06_05_34    2015-10-18_06_09_50  


The night before, a car flew over and hit a concrete barrier perhaps ‘mid-flight’ and smashed his hood, while another one hit another barrier this morning, both along Ortigas extension. Typhoon Lando really hit us big time!

Thank God, we made it back to the funeral by 7-ish, safe and sound.

We were told that the mass will be at 7:30, so everyone was…


taking selfies again…JK!


They were all chillin’ like lola here…


After the mass, everyone had time to freshen up and to do some catching-up with everyone else…


The mood in the room lightened up a bit, but then again, everyone knew what was coming to them next and that nothing else could be any more painful than finally saying goodbye…

2015-10-18_09_27_42     2015-10-18_09_24_39

2015-10-18_09_35_57     2015-10-18_10_38_44

I hate funerals, but I love the fact that everyone comes together not only to pay tribute to the departed, but also to set everything aside to comfort and catch up with everyone else.

But like what the priest said, nothing’s more pathetic than talking to a corpse that wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the tears, apologies and gratitude one extends in funerals or in cemeteries. It wouldn’t be right, so yes, we all have to make amends and thank people while they’re still alive and not only when they’re on their death beds or worse, when they’re gone forever.

On a lighter note…

2015-10-18_11_10_29     2015-10-18_11_49_05

2015-10-18_11_46_32      2015-10-18_11_16_07


Hope everyone else stays safe and dry while we wait this one out! Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? I mean look at the trees out my window!


Btw, I’m really loving this app, Gif Me! so I’m thinking of posting more stuff here and putting everything in a new series on my blog (My Life in Moving Photos) just for these photos that are too cool, they look like those magical paintings on Harry Potter!! I’m pathetic, I know! XD

Celebrating the two of the most important men in my life


Today we celebrated father’s day and my brother’s last day here in Manila. Tomorrow he’ll be flying to Cebu for work and he’ll be staying there for a month. Then he goes back home for 2 days for a conference/training in July, before he leaves again to stay in Cebu for good, or at least for a year or two. This is his first real job and as mushy as it may seem, it would be heartbreaking for me to see him go (even though I won’t be seeing him off at the airport tomorrow).

 10300630_10202848799078748_6923851780223087463_n 10342784_10202848798358730_7054192532340598815_n 10354891_10202848799478758_681293239168051026_n 10378271_10202848797038697_2090135670917361786_n 10411044_10202848759957770_8338061201627249956_n

It hasn’t sunk in at all yet, probably because we went to church today like we would on any normal Sunday. We were as usual, making fun of each other during the mass. Went to Katipunan to get some cakes and to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Taytay to get our pre-ordered lunch. Drove around with his extremely loud house music playing in the background. It didn’t feel like his last day at all.

10382990_10202848773238102_5406306701044461094_n 10390147_10202848773438107_814729286887399128_n 10390220_10202848777438207_6853867584933022071_n 10397827_10202848801478808_6879939223477133789_n 10408890_10202848797998721_4746170605991846146_n 10440803_10204188821586537_4272381737454296210_n 10442402_10202848783078348_5341573302787284991_n 10458025_10202848765797916_1129315495476333060_n 10462548_10202848798798741_2145933117365693702_n 10462603_10202848797518709_3384684288168352749_n

We had lunch with our family and relatives, and even though his impending trip became the subject of every conversation, it still feels like it isn’t real at all. Am I just imagining it all? Will his flight get cancelled so he won’t have to go yet, at least not for a few more days? Am I going through denial, the first stage in coping with loss? If it is so, then would I have to go through the other stages(anger,bargaining, depression) as well in order to reach the final stage which is acceptance? Why am I overthinking the whole thing? Are my parents feeling the same thing? Is Kat, my brother’s partner-in-crime, too cold-hearted to feel this way?

10426866_10202848800398781_1142188368104658634_n 10451072_10202848770118024_4420693589845079196_n 10452355_10202848763757865_6748036405358874664_n

Why is it so ironic that I’m having these kinds of thoughts, that I’m feeling sad and all, but I couldn’t even cry a single tear? I’m going to miss my brother. That’s the only reason why, but I couldn’t let it out by crying so my brain’s compensating by sending mixed messages to the other parts of my brain and now I’m going nuts! Oh now my tear ducts finally decided to work again. Really?


As I was typing the first few sentences of this post, my sister was even asking for the latest episodes of their favorite shows, “Game of Thrones” and “Suits” from him. Am I the only one acknowledging the fact that he’s not going to be here anymore this time tomorrow?? Why isn’t anyone crying at all?

I know my parents are so proud of him, especially my father. Today being a celebration of our fathers’ fruits of labor, isn’t it just fitting to celebrate a father’s greatest achievement in life, which is his children? To be able to see them stand on their own two feet and walk along a path that they have been preparing for, for the longest time……the path of life. I know we are all proud of my brother and I wouldn’t wish him anything but happiness and prosperity in love and life.


Dear God please be with my brother just as You have been there for him since he came into the world. Keep Him away from all evil, sickness and tragedy. Thank you for giving him what he deserves. 🙂