food trip!

My duty as a nurse trainee in the hospital has been stressing me out lately. Although it’s quite fun (thanks to friendly senior staff nurses) and rewarding at times, I still don’t get enough time to unwind especially since the 8-hour shifts make me want to sleep in bed for the remaining 16 hours or less.

Thanks to my friends for the sooooper rare/occasional gimiks we have when time permits and to my family for the Sunday bonding time and to my boyfriend who puts in much effort in order for us to spend some sneaky, quality time together. And what better way to spend time with your loved ones other than going on food trips?

The last time my boyfriend and I went out, he accompanied me to my interview in another hospital (which touched me to the bones, btw! kakilig!), but the day before that, we went out too and tried this small restaurant in CubaoX! I love discovering small restaurants online. Last time I did this, I was with 2 of my ex-roomies, Caks and GelΒ (whom I fondly call the soooper twins!) and we tried PENPEN’s at tomas morato because I found their posters all over tumblr for their pasta-buffet-past-tuesday 2 years ago (wow, didn’t realize it has been 2 years already!).

So I was checking out clickthecity for restos in cubaox just because I was dying to go there when I found HALO! There were some good reviews and a few good enough people who even posted their menu online. All I needed to know was that they served pasta dishes before I barely slept the night before. In short, I was itching to go there so I made sure that everything went perfectly as planned. So after my duty in the OR and before I left the hospital that day, I had to write an on-the-spot excuse letter and fill up a leave form so I could go to my interview the next day at CSMC. We got delayed for a couple of minutes but still, we were able to visit Padre Pio church in Libis then eat at Halo and even do a little bit of Ukay shopping. It was a very productive and fun day! I even got my boyfriend to stay at the ministop branch near our village just so he could finally meet my sister! ODIBA! Sulit na sulit ang araw! πŸ™‚


These are one of the many times that I am truly grateful to God, even though it makes me feel bad and guilty for having to sneak out in order for us to meet. But still, I’m thankful! :’)