Life Lately: Keeping the Flame Alive


I’ve been spending more time reading, the past couple of days or make that weeks, actually. It has come to the point where I’d rather read what other people have to say than get what I have brewing in my own mind out there.

I read these amazing essays and articles all the time, and I get overwhelmed by my own stirred up thoughts and emotions, so obviously, I do want to get those out too, but when I try to write them down, they all just suddenly disappear. Does that mean anything? I’m not sure. Did I lose motivation or inspiration to write or to even do anything? I guess. Am I too tired to even think that writing is therapeutic and that it can actually help me wind down and just clear my head of these thoughts? Definitely not!–which is why I’m getting out of this rut and doing myself a favor by putting into words what I’ve been meaning to.

Anyway, I decided I needed to finish the 30 Day Writing Challenge, no matter how ambitious it has become for me. I also want to start on this project (also related to writing) I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time now. I wouldn’t say it won’t be something I might lose interest in doing in the long run because I have been on this road before and you know where that led to. Looking on the bright side though, if this works out, it should serve its purpose, which is to help someone who may be in dire need of I don’t know, an anonymous friend? Any clue what it might be?

I also signed up for 2 courses this week. One is a free course offered by The Nectar Collective called Social Media Superhero, which I fortunately didn’t miss on my email (otherwise I would’ve been moping in a corner by now). Feel free to join too if you’re interested to “learn how to use social media to increase your income, grow your online presence, and build a likable online brand”.

The other one will be a 4-week course created by Sofia Cope called the Open Art School (which I was glad I saw on my email as well). Tagline says “IT’S TIME TO PUT YOUR PASSION FIRST AND START SHIPPING YOUR ART (WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL).”

These should be intimidating but sure as hell as fun! I can’t wait! Last time I enrolled for an art course was 2 years ago (Stefano Mirti’s Design 101) and it was similar to Sofia’s, except that it took 3 months/101 days to complete.

I may really have lost inspiration to do something about my passion so I’m working hard to get that back one step at a time. I still owe Elle Luna a lot for igniting the fire in me to get back on track in pursuing what I believe my heart, mind and soul all thirst for. So big thanks and a pat on the back for that!

Then there’s Abbey Sy, who like most accomplished artists, created a way to share and teach her passion to aspiring hand letterers by creating her own book!

There are a lot more artists I really look up to like the lovely Googley Gooeys, the creative The Postman’s Knock, the inspiring Aida Azlin and Susannah Conway, the analogue ladies Katie and April, the hardworking Jim Black and the rest of them who have continued to support and inspire fellow artists through their work and passion.

I should write a separate entry for all of them as these words are not enough to acknowledge the hard work they do for their followers. They all deserve recognition for what they have done. Cheers! 🙂

It’s been 4-5 hours since I started writing this and I can’t say I didn’t miss this because I did! I’m so glad I still have so much to be thankful for despite having lost a lot. I’m terribly lost in life, but I’m glad I still get to find my way back every time I trudge a little further away from the path leading to where I need and want to be.

I’m also glad I have finally written something after so long!

I was watching the movie “The River Wild” starring Merryl Streep and Kevin Bacon and I remember watching this when I was younger than half my age now and I also did not forget how it felt as intense as it was when I saw it again earlier this afternoon. It was such an incredible, fist-clenching, teeth-gritting, old school film that I’m glad I’ve seen and would be happy to watch over and over again in the future. It was exciting as it was inspiring. I love good, old movies with stories that bring back broken families together.

Speaking of inspiring, I’d like to share something I read this morning that I couldn’t shake off my mind. It was from MEDIUM, written by Nic Haralambous:

“How do you know what you want to do if you don’t know what’s out there to do?”

I don’t know how this could work for me as I’ve never been anywhere out of my comfort zone in a long time, but I’m hoping it is the answer to what I’ve been looking for. I’m hoping I could go out into the world by myself and see how it could bring out the best in me and what I really want to do in life. #soulsearching 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not that you care, I know, but I’m #justsaying.

P.S. I found it funny how Saab used one too many hashtags on an entry and I thought it’s actually a good idea, being a fan of OA hashtags myself. Ktnxbye!

The Sunday Currently, Volume 7


I’m on the last few pages of my Elle Luna book, “The Crossroads of Should and Must” and I’m trying my best not to finish it yet, but I’m looking forward to buying another inspirational book, this time by Regina Brett.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading, thanks to MEDIUM.COM and to Elle Luna. I have bookmarked and recommended a lot of articles and so far, my favorite is still this one. Medium has thought me to read more. Of course, there are similar sites like Buzzfeed and ThoughCatalog, but lately, I felt like Medium has definitely stolen my heart and also, has blown my mind.



I slept late in the afternoon yesterday and woke up at 10pm last night, so here I was doing stuff at 2 in the morning. 😛

I was singing The Beatles‘ “In My Life” and I was thinking, “Has any girl made a cover of this song yet?”. I went straight to 8tracks to look for covers and I found this instead, a whole playlist of Beatles covers and I couldn’t be happier!

I especially love “Two of Us” and “Golden Slumbers, Carry that Weight, The End” because I haven’t heard these two songs in a while, when I had been listening to them almost every day back in high school, thanks to my father!

Also listening to this Beatles + Disney Songs mashup playlist 😛

carefully of what to purchase from The Craft Central! I’m drooling over so many things, but I’m doing this new thing of not hoarding too many stuff for now. While I’m on the topic of “not” hoarding, I’m also thinking of finally getting a pack of Quinoa, Chia seeds and Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous Tea since I’m about to run out of the Yogi Tea I bought last week!

I’m also thinking about the insurance plan sent by my friend yesterday. Looks like I’m finally doing this!


I could start doing what I must do instead of doing what I should do. #choosemust

All the best for my family, and loved ones especially for my lola!

for brighter days in the next couple of months!

my boyfriend’s shirt, again! It’s my favorite shirt to wear at home and my favorite pair of shorts! – Was this the same thing I was wearing on my TSC6? haha!

L O V I N G, Elle Luna, watercolor calligraphy, my Olympus photos (even though 60% of them were out of focus) and my mama’s Laing

Regina Brett‘s books and water brushes, Republic of Tea‘s Get Gorgeous Tea!

more time spent reading and practicing my hobbies!

even more awake than ever at 4 in the morning!

on MLL 🙂 I’m thinking of doing this soon! I’m ready to make my own envelopes again!

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain


I saw this book on the Best Sellers section of one bookstore last Friday, and it instantly grabbed my attention. I admit it wasn’t the title that made me look twice, but the cover as a whole (I told you I was a very visual person). It was artsy and messy and the title was made to look like it was hand-painted by a child.

My heart fluttered when I saw the copy on top ripped out of its clear, tight plastic covering. That was an opportunity I wasn’t willing to pass up. That means I had every right to flip through the pages and see if it was at least a bit more interesting inside than it already was on the outside.

True enough, the colorful texts and hand-drawn/painted illustrations inside didn’t disappoint. It ignited a flame inside of me that kept me warm and giddy inside. I was in love.

I was flipping through the pages when I realized that this book was what I needed in a really, really, really long time. I couldn’t let go of it because I wanted to devour every single thing the author, Elle Luna had to say. I was and still rotting in a quarter-life-crisis and this book was one of the self-help, inspirational reads I was looking for for the longest time. I went over the whole book once more and I decided I needed to get one of the last 4 copies (at least on the bestseller table) that night. I didn’t have much money left and the price was way more than I was willing to pay for a book then, but my heart was breaking free out of my ribs telling me not to let go of the book, but I did.

One part of me was willing to starve for days just so I could get the book that instant while a smaller part of me was saying I could go on another week without it. It’ll have to wait and I’m gonna have to practice self-control and delayed gratification especially in that particular moment. So I let go of the book and went to sulk over to the art supplies section. When I got what I wanted, I went to my other favorite section where the art books were and took note of some and listed them on my “to-buy” list.

But before I left the store, and after thinking it through for another 3 seconds or so, I finally decided that I had to get it then or not at all.

It was not a hard decision at all and I’m glad I grabbed a copy because I’m loving every bit of it. I don’t even want it to end. Like I said, I wanted to devour every bit of it as slow and as sure as possible, like it was a cake I would never have the chance to eat again, ever. I wanted to absorb every last bit of inspiration I can feed out of it.

So far, that flame I mentioned that has been ignited deep within me has grown into a fire that helped me think a bit clearer now. I’m slowly getting hypnotized into pursuing a passion that I have yet to fully understand and discover. It was the encouragement I’ve always wanted to have, the push that I needed to feel confident about what I might have potential in. At last, I have found a source of courage and enlightenment that I have longed for and prayed for over and over.

I’m so glad I found this book and I would hold on to this until I have fully understood what my purpose is. I may have no clear direction of where my life is headed, and the path in “choosing must” might not be as easy as it sounds, but with faith in God and in myself and with a bit of inspiration here and there, I know I can make it.

I’ll share a few more things I have learned from this book soon, and I’ll try my best to go on this journey, inspired to find and pursue what I was really born to do in life.

Here’s to a rough but meaningful and fulfilling journey we call life!