Just when I’m starting to like my job, despite the tight schedule and extensions, and the job description, the strict policies; I still get this feeling that I’m not fit to be a nurse. I know I’m still in the adjustment phase and I haven’t had any prior experience before undergoing this training, unlike my other batch mates; but being a fresh graduate, I feel like it doesn’t have to be this tough adapting to the new environment since it’s not “new” after all.

Anyway, today was the most eventful day of my hospital training. Aside from the fact that today was the earliest I got to the hospital (5:37am), it was also the first day of my period. As expected, I had an episode of extremely painful cheeeeneeeen: DYSMENORRHEA! Good thing I always bring Mef Acid with me, along with loperamide. Since my stomach was also acting up on me, I had to take in 2 caps of diatabs as well. At around 2 hours after I got to the hospital, I was feeling pain around my lower abdomen and then I felt a little gush “downstairs”. That’s when I realized that it was not diarrhea I was going to experience then. So, I hurriedly took in a tablet of Dofenal as well. After taking the vital signs of 4 patients at 8am (which was excruciatingly hard since my stomach started acting up), I rushed to the nurses’ station’s bathroom and took a dump. Yes, I did. Apparently, when I have dysmenorrhea, my colon probably gets irritated as well, so I usually have BM (bowel movement) too. Good thing I was able to let it all out in one sitting. HAHAHHA!

I even had to ask my senior nurse if I could buy another mefenamic acid (MA) at the pharmacy because I only brought one. She said that she’ll give me another dose (of a different med) if the pain wouldn’t be relieved by MA. They also even offered me our head nurse’s personal hot water bag. It was soooo embarrassing, yet very touching as well. They even asked me to go down to ER or to go home or even stay at the vacant room to lie down, but I graciously refused, thinking that the pain will be relieved by the med and warm compress anyway. True enough, after a few minutes (around an hour++, actually) of bending, sitting and a bit of twisting and turning, the pain went away.

I thought I was never going to be able to work well today, but before the day ended, I was able to change the IV fluid of patient I, discontinued my patient II’s IV line and pulled it out, pulled out patient III’s foley catheter, changed the diaper of my stroke patient (patient IV). I was also able to purchase (at the pharmacy) and administer medications of patient III, did their 12noon VS, changed patient I and III’s linens, did my charting and endorsement by the end of the shift.

I was thinking, I’ve never done so much in a day as much as I have today. So, I thank you Lord for all the experiences I gained today. All I can say is that I’m beginning to love this. Hopefully I could get past this adjustment phase and be comfortable and confident in everything I do in a span of 5 months. I could get used to this. I just wish that I could be in the AM shift forever! Morning person, sorry! hahahahha!

gotta love a nurse, este gotta love being a nurse palaaaaa!!!!! πŸ˜›

but not this type of nurse! πŸ˜›

**all pics courtesy of weheartit!**