30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 18

Post 30 facts about Yourself

I’m not sure I’m ready to divulge 30 friggin’ facts about myself, but here goes nothing!

1. When I was in preschool, I remember being a bully and a brat. I remember my parents consoling a crying classmate during a small gathering at school. I’m not sure what I did to her exactly, but I know I was the reason she was crying that day!

2. I used to be so good in Math especially back in grade school and my parents know that. In high school, I may only have been an average kid, but I loved solving problems, fractions, solving for that infamous letter X!

3. I may need to confirm this with my parents, but almost 2 decades ago, when our house was just being built, I may have pushed my little brother against some hollow cement blocks sitting on top of a gravel mound. He ended up getting stitched and I think he was just 3 then! That was very traumatizing for me and I guess for him!

4. My first kiss on the lips was back in preschool and if I’m not mistaken, the boy’s name is Ryan.

5. I studied in an all girls’ Catholic school run by nuns for 11 years!

6.  My first celebrity crush was Carlo Aquino (G-mik days) and my whole extended family would tease me whenever we see him on tv.

7. I don’t eat peanut butter and I would never eat Loaf bread with Nutella, unless it’s on a donut or on crepes. I’m weird, I know!

8. My favorite fruit is mango and I would eat anything with mango: Mango Graham cake, Mango tapioca, Mango crepes, Mango tart from Iloilo, Mango ice cream (my favorite), salad with mango dressing, anything with mango except for mango juice! I know, it gets weirder!

9. No matter how tan I get, my upper body always returns to its natural color, but my lower torso doesn’t!

10. I love bookstores and craft stores and when most girls go gaga shopping for clothes, I go wild over books and art materials!

11. I haven’t read 60% of the books I have bought over the years!

12. I’m such a visual person. I judge books by their covers, I am very critical of people’s clothes and the way they carry themselves, my closet is full of colorful stuff (even my bags and shoes), I love artsy places, coffee shops and restaurants.

13. Growing up, my favorite color was BLUE. That was until grade school. Since college, I’ve become so into YELLOW and that’s where the obsession fascination for this color started!


14. There was a time when we didn’t have a house help and that’s when I started to learn how to cook by myself. I was in grade school, I think.

15. I can say that the scariest, saddest, happiest, most degrading but rewarding moments of my life were when I used to work in the hospital. That’s cheesy!

16. I felt loved more by my college classmates than any of the high school classmates I had, ever did.

17. Being a nurse, I’ve done things I never thought I would ever do,ever in my life, things that most people would find scary or disgusting.

18. Inserting an IV cannula was one of the scariest things I had to learn, but when I did, I became obsessed with it! I used to look at people’s veins all the time and I think I still do!!

Here were my two senior nurses that let me practice IV insertion on them back when I was just a nurse trainee

19. My favorite shift at work used to be the Night Shift: Patients would all be asleep, and we could eat, share scary stories, chat and play, sleep or even practice IV insertion like what we did on the photo above!

20. I am an extreme procrastinator except when it comes to art projects and little DIY projects!

21. I lived with my grandmother and my uncle until I was about 1-2 years old and just like in the movies, when my parents showed up at the door one day to finally get me, I ran back into my grandma’s house which made my mama cry. They only told me about this story when I was in college.

22. I’ve been indirectly bullied in high school.

23. I have the worst trust issues in the world.

24. I have this thing for feel good movies and disaster movies!

25. I don’t have any unusual abilities like flipping eyelids inside out or having any double joints. I’m very ordinary! haha!

26. I started shooting in film with a real camera back in May 2014 and I haven’t stopped since! Check out some of the photos here! Here’s my little camera collection to date:



27. Some of my hobbies include calligraphy, stamp carving, art-journaling, watercolor painting, crafting and snail-mailing.


28. I follow over 2k people on Instagram and most of which are artists, crafters and photographers! 🙂

29. I started blogging back in 2002, when I was in grade 6 and I wrote about it here.

30. I’m extremely afraid of ghosts, of heights and falling and a whole bunch of other little things!

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 1

I was browsing through some of the blogs recommended by WordPress and saw Sudrobelle‘s. It was also on her blog where I got the idea to write 30 entries, one for each day, for a whole month. I know I’ve tried really hard to finish similar challenges before, but I never got to, not even one. So just to get myself to write more (even on days when I’m too tired to even look at my phone), I’m doing this challenge for 30 days! I’m not only keeping my fingers crossed, I’m gluing them altogether!!!

writing challenge

So for DAY 1, It says here that I should list 10 things that make me REALLY happy, and here they go (not in any particular order):

1) Dancing – I’m a frustrated dancer and “occasionally”, I burst into hardcore performances, but only in my room (minus the lifting and suspension into the air, of course), especially when I find a good song to play on loud speakers. I’d like to think that I can dance well and that thought alone, makes me really happy. Well, that can also be just the Endorphins that kicked in. Apparently, endorphins boost one’s self-esteem and gives a certain “high” or euphoric feeling. So, that’s why dancing literally makes me feel happy, plus, who doesn’t want to dance to a good song?

2) Art and artists– There’s nothing else that I can compare to, the happiness I get from ART (at least next to God and to the dearest people in my life)! I have paint running through my veins and I can die knowing that my eyes have feasted on thousands of different, unimaginably, beautiful creations by all sorts of artists—may they be photographers, calligraphers, painters, DIYers, crafters, etc.


3) Film Photography – No, this doesn’t make me happy, it made me into the addict that I am. I can’t leave the house without bringing at least one camera. I panic when I’m about to run out of films and cry at the thought that I have new photos waiting to be developed. Need I say more?

4) Food – I’m getting fat and flabby all for the love of foooooooooooooood! Whether I’m trying new restos or recipes or simply just watching cooking shows on tv, my mouth gets easily filled with overproduced saliva brought about by excessive addiction to/craving for food.

5) DIY – Nothing else feels greater than getting my hands all down and dirty! Every project or masterpiece I finish or hobby I get myself into brings incomparable excitement + happiness that often make my heart skip a beat!

6) MUSIC – This + dancing = my own personal anti-depressants. There’s nothing good music can’t cure or fix. And speaking of fix, I get my daily dose of good music from 8tracks and my sister’s player.

7) Crazy, Happy People – These people often make me laugh out loud or at least help contract my abdominal muscles so hard that I swear, get my abs toned instantly!

8) All Things Pretty – These can be great movies, or spectacular performances by extremely talented people or colorful books (literally and figuratively), well-decorated cafes or bedrooms, everything on pinterest or tumblr, the list goes on!

9) My family and B – They bring genuine and irreplaceable happiness. Not one material thing can ever surpass the happiness they give me, next to God.

10) God – He makes my heart whole again each and every time it gets broken.

P.S. Everything on the list tops the list, so don’t mind the superlatives!

1 down, 11 more to go

January is almost up and now, we’re transitioning over to the love month! Did I get that right?! Time indeed does fly so fast these days, we can barely feel it pass by.

So about a month ago, I promised myself to finish or at least start the challenges I’ve gotten myself into. So how did it go, you may ask? Well, let’s just say that I’ve been pretty successful with the money challenge, however, I gave up on the AB challenge on the first day and just about to go back to squatting after stopping on the 4th day (105 squats/day) **take note, I’ve miscalculated the number of squats or increments/day so that makes me an advance squatter right? That didn’t sound right, but you get what I mean.

The AB challenge, I underestimated, so I can forgive myself for failing that. The squat challenge, however, I really need to finish since I kind of gotten the hang of it or it’s gotten pretty much bearable after a few days of getting my body used to it. So, give me another month or so to complete it.

A few more things I have been obsessing on over the past month:

  • making my own planner – failing to win the last Daykeeper 2015 giveaway made me just want to make my own, after all, I’m a DIY queen, or princess or jester! Whatever!
    • Therefore, I’ve decided to buy my very own scanner/photocopier/printer in one to help materialize this vision (the film scanner would just have to wait)
    • Subscribed to youtube DIY wizards on how to bind books!
    • I’ve been studying InDesign as well!- since a few hours ago
    • might be buying liquid gold and metal stamps just for the cover – not that I’m copying the whole concept of Daykeeper
  • Buying my own Film Scanner – at first, I was just obsessing over the cheaper CD-R-KING stand alone scanner, but I convinced myself to invest on a more reliable one (i’ll probably get the cheaper Epson V600 first)
  • Iphone 6 Plus – This one, I should be able to get only when I become a regular employee (obsession rating 11/10)
  • this playlist – been playing this for weeks since I discovered it. This is my kind of playlist, songs I’d love to listen to forever and to think I’ve never heard of most of the songs in my life.
  • Slip on Sneakers!!!!! – bought a pair of black ones and although it’s not my size, I love wearing it! (my mother hates them though!) I’ve been scouting online for a pair with snakeskin or gray or leopard prints on them! You can wear them with anything – pants, formal wear, skirts, dresses and even shorts!