Uber Personal Post/New fave color/not a beauty product review

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Who’s bored?


Di ko masyado namiss mag-blog noh?


So sorry for this one. I just tried on my new lipstick in plum, which I think Heart Evangelista is also so fond of these days. When I go to work, I just dab it on my lips just enough to stain my colorless lip balm so I couldn’t really tell if it’s plum or just plain red. This time, I tried swiping more to see if it is what I’m hoping it would be. Surprisingly, it really is! Woot! Woot! Congrats to me for not wasting mooolah!

I was never a dark lipstick wearing person. Ever since, I would only fall in love, over and over mind you, with nude shades and never really cared about the rest. Somehow, when I was window shopping last Friday, I went to check out an empty make up counter, while the rest are going gaga over stationery and other make up brands. Then I found this lovely shade. It wasn’t accidental though since I saw this “hot” color on a magazine in a nail salon just a week before. Never really thought I’d buy one until last week. 🙂 (Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look plum in my photos above! Booohooo!

Nonetheless, I find it really sexy and photoshoot worthy! Maybe I’d get my sister to take a photo of me wearing this on film! Wachootink? hahahaha! landiiiiiii mode on! Anyway, I loved it so much, I thought it deserves an entry on my journal too!

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