My Life in Moving Photos | 3

Finally got the PHHHOTO app on my android phone and I like that it has become my go-to social media app for ordinary and non-out of this world updates. Much like what SnapChat is for most people these days.

Since I don’t have a SnapChat account and I don’t want to be boring people with what may look like super ordinary photo counterparts of these GIFs when posted on Instagram, I choose to post more of the less artsy stuff on PHHHOTO. You see, I’ve become one of those super OC, feed-obsessed, Instagram addicts which was why I decided to make my feed more well-curated than it used to be. I remember how I used to post random, non-IG worthy photos which basically is every single thing you could imagine me taking a photo of.

So thank goodness for PHHHOTO for it has become my ultimate, semi-private, online, photo diary, but more fun because the photos are moving! Yes, they’re all in GIFs! And since it’s almost Christmas, most people have been posting twinkling lights almost every day, including yours truly!

Some of these photos were taken a week ago when my sister and I went to the FEAST in the Bay Area, and when we had to hail a private car (via Grab Car) to take us to Makati after, and some of those Christmassy photos I was talking about earlier, and yes if you take a look at one of the bigger phhhotos, the one on the top right, you could see of one of the cameras I recently bought, and one of the newest in my collection, a very lovely and sexy TLR!

And that’s it for tonight! We have 13 days left til Christmas! Can’t Wait!


Christmas Feels

If I could summarize the weeks in between today and the time I posted my previous entry, I could say that it was definitely a whole new experience for me. It may not sound like it’s that big of a deal, but for me, it’s actually just a whirlwind of events that I cannot take back nor could’ve stopped from happening. Yeah, really no biggie! It’s just the way it is, life. It happens and it slams you like a huge __(insert effingly huge and hard thing here)___ in the face!

On a lighter note, when I got out of the office today, it felt really different because it was…………………… actually chilly and at 4pm at that! Christmas feels! When it feels this good, why would I sulk at the thought of my life turning out to be one of the suckiest this year, eh?

So looking back………again, I’d like to set aside the bad things that cause anxiety and stomach upset and instead, take note of the pretty things that have happened for me:

  • There’s the Outbound Education orientation last Wednesday, not to mention the opportunity for me to discover UP all over again and just by myself!
  • Met new people during the orientation (thanks to the pang-retreat na icebreaker)
  • The days when I made it to the required listings I need in a day including today (must not make sense to you, but it’s really big in my vocabulary!)
  • having lunch with my officemates (Hi Jan!)
  • Undas weekend = family reunion
  • Got my very first pair of running shoes!
  • Got my very own 28mm LENS!
  • Went on dates with my former workmates (including a very opinionated boyfriend of one of them) from the hospital and the swim school and learning so many different things from them (literal na marami at magkakaiba!)
  • Met a new film photographer and getting lots of tips from him!
  • Learned to be comfortable being on my own (thanks to my friends! Jan ulit!)
  • Got a new system/program for work (which still needs a few more tweaking but works much better than the previous one)
  • Took outdoor photos with my new lens!
  • Realizations about love, life and my lovelife!
  • Making it to the mass for the feast day of St. Jude Thaddeus!
  • Knowing that God has always been and will always be there for me, until the end! —this is the cherry on top of the cake!

Odiba? The little things do really count and if you think about it, these are the things worth keeping in mind and in your heart!

So to end this overly sentimental post, I’d like to share these equally heartwarming and Christmassy videos for you to cry your heart out on 🙂 charot!

P.S. The last one I got from a friend, not sure who, so I won’t name names, just to be safe! Say Aye if it’s you!