My mama has been an awardee in their company numerous times for being hardworking. I think? Recently, she asked me to take photos of her for the avp/ceremony and we slept at 2 in the morning because I had to do her hair and make up aside from taking her photos.

On the night of the awarding ceremony, she asked me to drop by after work because she needed someone to tie the knots of her gown mainly. She could’ve asked my papa to do it but she asked me instead. Unfortunately I got there late and I saw her already fully made up, so I insisted to fix her eyebrows instead (my favorite thing to do in the world). Then we took some selfies before finally dropping her off to the event. When I was about to take her photo, she asked me to join her, which was a surprise.

This is a bit timely that I got to take these rare photos of my mother because it’s Mother’s Day! 🙂

Mothers are the Best! Make your moms feel special 🙂

Work in Progress


I miss blogging or writing, in general.

Today, someone told me I couldn’t write well. I believed her.

I always thought that I am getting better at this, but it seems like the other way around. I’m regressing and I’m going back from knowing something to have never known at all. It’s like the Benjamin Button of learning, of wisdom and knowledge, of writing.

A few times, I felt like I have never truly learned anything at all. Do I have a problem learning how things work? I guess. Do I have a hard time understanding new concepts? I think. Will I ever learn something I won’t forget soon? I don’t know.


Sometimes, I still hope that I’m a work in progress. Other times, I just hope. I hope for nothing but good things to come.

I wish that the time would come that I’d figure out how things really work.

Then, I’d dream that there is a right time for everything. I’d dream of me being who I was always meant to be. I love to dream.

What she said was right though. I don’t know how to write well. I haven’t gotten this all figured out, but I’m not hopeless. I never will be, just like the sun never stops rising at the far end of the earth.


Today, I found another reason to be hopeful for. I know that God has everything planned out. It’s up to us how to figure them out, but how do we stay hopeful? How do we stay strong despite some hurtful words thrown at us? How do we hold on tighter despite circumstances and the odds never being in our favor?

The reason I got from Aida was…

And how that rings true. For everything in life. We can want something so bad, but if it has not been willed for it to happen, it will not happen. Even if the whole world conspired and helped you, if Allah has not willed for it to happen, it will not happen. And if it is bound to happen, even if the whole universe is against you, Allah will make sure it happens.

3rd roll



Finally had 2 rolls of film processed today! It took them 2 hours to develop and scan the said rolls of my most awaited Centuria photos (which was an hour late), but I managed to brush off every bit of urge to complain and tada, out goes my ever so random photos!

It was my first time to go to Picture City for film processing and I was surprised to know that they were already using a Noritsu scanner as well! So instead of having a scan resolution of 1545 x 1024 just like my previous rolls developed in Mitsubishi Digital, I got them scanned with a whopping resolution of 3089 x 2048!!! My computer cannot even read them properly and fast enough as the photos were so huuuuuuuge! Although I found a few scratches and splotches such as the one in the middle of the photo above which might have been caused by improper handling or damaged lens. Nonetheless, I’m still very happy with the results! 🙂 I can finally post more photos on my photoblog!



By the way, I didn’t know that I took a photo of myself wearing the same shirt I wore to the store today. This was taken a few weeks ago and it looked like I love this shirt sooooooo much!!! 🙂