Ang Sarap Tumawa at Kumain

I was in high school when I first read about UP Samaskom LIVE AIDS (read more about it here and here) and since then, I’ve always wanted to see this show. I’ve told some friends about it then and I know that we’ve made plans to go and see it for ourselves, but those plans never pushed through, until this year!

I almost missed it again, actually, so I’m really happy to have stumbled upon a blog or their page on Facebook just a couple of weeks ago and when I found out that we could still make it, I reserved seats for me and Bri, paid for them the next day!

Come Thursday of the past week, 11th June, we went straight to UP right after work! We also planned to go around the university but we could only have time for dinner at the Chocolate Kiss cafe, which wasn’t bad at all. We plan to go back and try out the rest of their menu anyway and to do a real tour of the uni on a more convenient time.

A little segue on our short but literally sweet food trip, we read online reviews days before our UP date and found out that most people really loved the cafe’s Chicken Kiev and their Hickory Spareribs, so that’s what we ordered that night. We also had a taste of their famous Devil’s Food Cake and Kahlua Butter cake for dessert and we both loved them, though I’m a bigger fan of the latter, while B loved the DFC. We also tried their iced tea with the syrup and calamansi and loved it. If you haven’t realized it yet, well, I’m saying that I loved everything, even the interior and ambiance with these beautiful artworks that I’d love to have a closer look at next time. It’s my kind of date place with B, being very simple, relaxing, and with not too many people (at least before 6pm). I think they also have musicians playing that night, but we could only stay until right before the Live Aids show started. It would’ve been more romantic for our first date at the cafe!

photo grabbed from Brianne

After dinner, we had time to take photos of each other and walk back to the Abelardo Hall. CMC was packed with people mostly from UP and I was getting scared that the show was exclusively for alums and undergrads, but it was a relief to see a lot of outsiders who came to see the show too!

Now I know why people from all over come to see the show every year, because people were literally rolling on the floor laughing. It has been a long time since I had a good laugh, the kind that really gets me out of breath and would make me tear up (although I know I always do when laughing) and not care about how people around us would react with the accompanying squeals I had to let out when I couldn’t take it anymore. It was such a fun night. All I could say is that I’m still hungover and I would really go see this show every year to get my fix of a wonderfully put together event.

My favorite parts were the “Panggatong Sayo” sketch, the scenes of the lola and the pretty gay clad in the Miley-Cyrus-in-her-teen-years, shimmery outfit, in the Lavinia Bus skit, their grand dance productions and the last skit by the director herself, Tuesday Vargas.

I also loved their portrayal of Dra. Beki Below (and her whole sketch/monologue-she easily brought the house down), Claudia and Tumor Powers (the whole cast of this skit was applaudable, but the showdown between these two were very much anticipated and they didn’t disappoint), the lola and the gay in the shiny dress that I mentioned earlier (both of them delivered well), some political figures whose names/status are very much resonant/controversial today. I also loved their best actor (who was the gay in shiny dress I kept mentioning above), dancer (who was laudable and always had her game face on) and singer (that gave a really beautiful, but short solo performance) all of whom were named in the end! I don’t want to spoil it too much as they still have their last show which will be happening tonight!

All I can say by the end of it all was “Ang galing!!” and “Ang sarap tumawa!!!“. I’m glad to have seen it the first time on their 30th year! The show was spectacular, well-thought of (syempre) and well-put-together (as I kept saying).

photo taken by Brianne
photo taken by Brianne

P.S. other photos to follow on my other blog (still for developing and scanning hihi)

I should teach myself to cry

I miss my bum days. I miss staying up late and pigging out. I miss doing nothing and everything at the same time, and today, I’m going to miss one more thing…..eerrr person that has been a HUGE part of my life for the past years. B.

Our relationship has been a real roller coaster ride for us both and this blog has been a big witness to that. Over the years, I’ve seen our relationship transitioned from what we were before to what we have become now and by the tone of my writing, you should already know how it turned out.

I’m not really sure I should be doing what I’m doing just hours after “it” happened, but who knows exactly what to do after a breakup, right? There, I said it. But it’s true. It’s different for every person, I guess. Take for example how I’m not surprised I didn’t wallow in self pity or cry myself to sleep tonight. It might be because I’ve already been through those one too many times before, or I did really see this coming, or maybe because I felt like I was boyfriendless long before I really became boyfriendless? or maybe, just maybe, it hasn’t really sunk it yet because I’ll have to admit, we did exchange a few more texts after we broke up because our last phone call got cut when my sister got home (we share a bedroom, technically). Talk about bad timing, but I did try to make it less dramatic this time and laughed it off and he did the same, so it’s not really how I expected our “real break up” would be. I guess it also has something to do with it being a mutual decision because we both knew that it really had to happen anyway. We accepted it. We did it. We should deal with it…the right way. IT. So it that how I’m going to pertain to “it” now? IT? I should name it something else, something less bitter? Like jellybean? Para sweet? sabaaaaaaaaaaaaw

So now, speaking of dealing with it the right way, I’m just waiting for FRIENDS to buffer on another tab so I could stay up all night for a marathon of the best thing left on this planet. CHOS. (Ooopsie Here goes the emoterang frog again.) The moment he and some friends who are still up or at work, stopped texting and I realized that I just woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, I had the sudden craving for this all nighter.

The first whole season I’ve seen of FRIENDS was the third one and it kind of revolved around Ross and Rachel and how they fell in love the first time and how it ended up badly. So now, I’m kind of torn if I’m going to continue watching season 1 first to see how they ended up together or season 4 to see how they moved on to still being friends after the break up. Hmmmmmm…. tough choice, I know!

Anyway, I know whichever I choose, I won’t be disappointed because it’s too funny and I shouldn’t even be too hard on myself. I just broke up with the love of my life! Heeellleeeeerrrrrrrrr! I should be laughing hard right now. Speaking of something funny, since I’m following Hollywood Life here on WordPress, I get my daily dose of surprise!—–hollywood life, and the first thing I saw on my feed was this! It’s about Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown. It says there that they’ve been together for years na pala, mygad and no matter how hard it has been for her to stick with him, she never let him go, hoping that in time, he’ll change into a better man. It also said that she ain’t working her a** off making him a better man for someone else, so she’s all clingy and overprotective of her man…. or something like that. What struck me most though was this:

Our insider also revealed why Karrueche is overprotective of their relationship.”He made her this way. He broke her heart several times and she loves him so much she’s still there. I ain’t saying she’s blaming him but if there’s someone to blame for making her crazy and act like a guard dog, it’s Chris.” (Hollywood Life)

Story of my life? charot Story of Jelena yata yan! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. 😛 When I read that, I just felt sorry for them because that’s exactly what happened between me and my ex. OOOOUUUCH! EX agad??!? Should I really use that term already? Can I use bebelove, even for just the next 3 days? hahaha! Kidding aside, that’s not even healthy anymore. She’s being too idealistic when she should be realistic. But who am I to judge, right? I’ve been there too and had bebelove refused to let me go again this time, I wouldn’t have had the guts to end our…..our……..I’m thinking of something really funny to say….. please bear with me….. our failed happy ending. YUN EH!

Anyway, B and I, I still believe in a happy ending for us. It might not be for the next maybe 3-5 years? **kitty puss-in-boots eyes** but I still want it to work between us. We both still want it to work, diba Bri, umagree ka pag mabasa mo ‘to or lagot ka sakin! haha! But for now, we really have to stay out of each other’s lives and try to focus on ourselves. If in time, he falls for another girl, then I should just jump off any building from at least the 40th floor………………………….just kidding! Well, I should be happy for him because he found someone much more deserving of his love. Meganon? And it’s something that he shouldn’t deny of himself…to find someone to be really happy with and I should be okay with that. yesss, akala naka move on na agad. Daming side comments noh? I think I’m starting to have a dual personality. Chos. This is just how I’m choosing to deal with it. By making fun of it, so again, bear with me, friends.

So should I still teach myself to cry? Naaaah, I don’t need that. We only cry for the dead and our love, it hasn’t died yet! Lakas ng fighting spirit! And I know that whatever happens after this, I know that our love was (emphasis) real and I’m happy I met him and that he’s my first love. I wouldn’t change a thing in our story (yea even the negatives because those taught me a lot), because that’s ours and nothing and no one can take that away from me.

P.S.I know he’s going to get mad when he sees I’m playing this song, because he knows I’ve dedicated this to someone else before, but it’s all that has been playing in my mind for weeks now….

And i like what this guy said and I agree with him.


So now I’m reading people’s comments about the song and it’s finally sinking in. I’m really going to need God, all my friends and all the help I can get. It’s really been a long time since I last held hands with you, more so since I last hugged or kissed you and I never even got to for one last time. I miss everything about you, but I’m glad I told you.


I got a chance to visit Bianca Gonzalez’ blog once again after so long and I’m glad she started blogging again! Then I saw this Bro Show season ender she and boyfriend, JC Intal were in and I thought that it was too funny not to repost. So here I am, an hour of laughing out loud (as in when watching-vice-ganda-videos-loud) after, posting it here as well.

I’m a huuuuge fan of Bianca ever since her starting up years in the entertainment industry. I can’t remember if I first discovered her in a magazine, in Y-speak or through her blog. What I know is that I hoarded all of the magazines she was in, watched PBB Celebrity edition where she was in as well, followed her blog ever since her college years and pretty much just watched all of the shows she was in. No this is not a fan girl I-wanna-be-like-her-someday kind of thing. It’s pretty much more than that after being her follower all these years. How I wish I could have the life she’s having, but now that I am slowly starting to figure out what I want, I thought, maybe I just admire her for who she is. I remember hating her for having those PDA moments with now actor, Zanjoe Marudo inside the PBB house when she has Direk Lino Cayetano waiting for her out in the real world. It wasn’t a great move for her, but now I realize that she’s just a person and though she’s someone I looked up to, there can never be a perfect person to ever walk this planet. Now that she’s become more mature and much more where she wants to be (I think), I still admire her because she’s made much more responsible choices (being an advocate of different organizations and all that) and she continues to inspire so many, including me!

Being a supermodel (fashion, tv ads, and role model) or so I’d like to think, is one thing that I like about her, but being in a really beautiful relationship with beau JC Intal is another thing! When I first heard about them, all I could think of was, “teka, they must have been friends back in college pa!” which got me soooo giddy, knowing that they both went to Ateneo, but after watching this Bro Show episode, I thought that it was actually cute that they didn’t even know each other personally back then.

I look up to both of them since they may be a power couple to most of us, but seeing them together for the first time in a show (we mostly only see them in photos) made it seem like they’re two kids who are madly in love with each other but are afraid to get caught doing PDA. Also, aside from Bianca, I also know JC as one of the best players of Ateneo back when I was in high school. (Yes, though I came from an all girls’ school, most of us were also fans of the ADMU-DLSU rivalry ever since then). So it just seems fitting for them to end up together, parang two of the most accomplished personalities who you idolize, who may seem confident in their own but different careers, but shy in real life, both good-looking and young…….you get what I mean. No, you don’t, but to cut to the chase, all I wanted to say is that they’re prefect for each other.

Gulo lang, pero what they are to most of  us is a perfect combination. Compatible! Aren’t they? So now, it got me thinking, how do you know if you’re compatible with the person you’re with right now? I know most of my posts are pretty much about love, though it’s March already and I should be posting fire prevention stuff, I wanted to know, how do you know?

I have a friend named Jannina and she blogs too (, and if I’m not mistaken, just a few days ago, we were talking about knowing more about a someone’s personality through her sign (Zodiac or Chinese). She’s really good at this. So here I am getting the idea from it and checking my compatibility with my boyfriend, B. When we first started going out, I checked this astrology book I had for years and I was encouraged because he is a Capricorn and I’m a Scorpio and it said in the book that we were compatible. True enough, if you look it up somewhere else, they would say that it’s a good combination, not perfect though, but it’s got a potential. Now that we’re going through something, I remembered to check it again and lo and behold, it’s not something that I expected.

If you were to sign a pre-nup, Schedule A must clearly designate who will play the “Top” and who will be the “Bottom.” After your attorneys haggle over the prone position, you may just call off the engagement. An inability to reach settlement is likely for two uncompromising Alphas such as yourselves. Although your business-savvy signs can make quite the contemporary Napoleon and Josephine, LLC, there are terms that must be negotiated in advance. For one, you’ll need to swear off secrecy—and that will be the true test of your relationship. Scorpio and Capricorn are masters of underhanded power plays that could topple this merger fast. Your first job: learn and practice direct communication (“whip me like THIS” or “no, darling, the leather corset, not the PVC”). Master it, and the rest is a cakewalk. You can lash each other to bedposts, tryst on the conference table in your glass-paned office tower, or earn your mile-high wings with nary a flight attendant knowing. The 2.5 kids you produce will have some interesting conception stories, that’s for sure. Not that you’ll ever tell. A little secrecy with the rest of the world is fine. Just make sure to erase those sex tapes before the housekeeper finds them.

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Okay, I’m not so sure about the whole prediction, but what struck me the most was the one I underlined. That’s exactly why we are currently having this major fight! No one wants to compromise. Well, I do, but it’s not consistent and we both have our own beliefs that would just not coincide!

Here’s another reading, but this time based on the Chinese Zodiac…

The compatibility rating for Brianne and Marielle is 70% (Well Suited)

You are a couple that craves for romance, but have to face the truth. Both of you are perfectionists and like to pursue a lofty goal. The marriage makes you restrain your idealization and learn to walk abreast and treat each other with your true heart. The male sheep is very frank and easily affected by the surroundings. While the female snake is calculating, strong-minded and resolute. You may have complaints on the other because of high expections.

ImageSo I highlighted the ones that I agree with and find true. For B, I don’t exactly know what having and iron hand in a velvet glove mean, but thanks to the free dictionary, I learned that it means: something that you say when you are describing someone who seems to be gentle but is in fact severe and firm! That’s kinda sexy! HAHA! Kidding aside, it may seem true at times. I also love how he described a sheep as pessimistic, moody and sentimental! That is soooooo like him, although he started working on being optimistic as part of his resolution this year. Also, I agree that he looks charming and gets so much attention from girls, but how could the Chinese zodiac tell that? It also says that a sheep will work hard for those they love, this pretty much I agree with and I can see it! Lastly, his lucky direction?——syempre towards me in the EAST! 🙂

As for my reading, I was struck by the statement that I am rational but can lose myself once I fall in love. This can be applicable to most if not all, but maybe this is the reason for my falling head over heels for him. Cheeseballs! On the other hand, I could not agree with the fact that my weakness is communication. You could say that, for all I care, but I’m sure that if there’s one thing I learned from our relationship is that we’ve fixed a lot of our problems through good communication. Although when I think about it, maybe I’m really not good in handling fights and all.

Oh well, I’d like to say that everything we read or everything that these signs say are all right and we should depend on them every time, but we shouldn’t. Some of them are true, but the rest is still up to us. We cannot always rely on these things but they can help us, probably guide us in the way we interact and communicate with others, just as Jan said.

Compatibility isn’t figured out through first dates (although it can help if you click on the first day), but through your willingness to make yourself perfect for the person you’re with. You adjust to your partner’s personality and that’s how you see way past compatibility… That’s how you see that you are truly the missing piece of the puzzle that is his/her heart.

My well-spent day off!!!

I woke up eating leftover burger taken out of the fridge which tasted surprisingly good…….no, real good! Then I headed off to Ortigas extension to meet up with my boyfriend to have lunch!

We were going to try out this well-publicized resto in Marikina, Cafe Lidia. So we took the jeepney to Rosario in Pasig, then a trike going to floodway, where we took another jeepney ride to Marikina which dropped us off right in front of the restaurant.

At first glance, it didn’t look so incredible, from the outside, but once you get in, you’ll see why it’s flocked with people from all over. The interior was as good as the food. You’ll really find yourself coming back for more!

As for Bri and I, we were on tipid mode, both in time and money, so we weren’t able to try as much food as we wanted, though we were both already sooooooo satisfied with our own orders.

He ordered the Tuna Sandwich which as he said, was made from fresh tuna! OWS? As for me, I liked the fries… scratch that, I LOVED IT!

I ordered the Pasta Lidia since I’m a sucker for seafood pasta dishes (unlike Bri who’s allergic to seafoods, ironically!)

He also ordered this mudslide sundae (supposedly only for him), but the waiter gave him two sundae spoons and being the glutton that I am, I shamelessly dug in!

angas look/forced solo pic

After having lunch, off we went to the Santolan station bound for Legarda station in Mendiola 🙂

sexy B! 🙂

A few minutes later, we arrived at my beloved Alma Mater! We didn’t bother to go in since we were out of time and I needed to get home early, but I did not hesitate to take a picture amidst all the students going up the footbridge because I MISSED GOING TO THIS SCHOOL!

Spotted: My cousin, a freshman, who still obviously looked like a grade school student!

Here we were at Goldilock’s in Espana catching up on each other and having Buko Pandan for merienda! 🙂 I told you, my cousin looks like she’s 11!

Here’s a map I made for her emphasizing Coffee Indulgence, Mang Tootz and Asturias  for her photocopying/piso printing and food tripping needs!

Then I showed her how to go to Recto/Morayta where we bought her notebook before scurrying to Quiapo to catch a decent SM Fairview FX for Kaye and G-liner for us!

It was indeed a very well-spent off of mine and I’m glad I had these two to share it with! I needed a break from my stressful life and going to both old and new places did just that! 🙂

Pardon me for the incoherence of my paragraphs. I wanted to make this one, short, but obviously, it wasn’t sweet at all! I just woke up and I still need to sleep for a few more hours to properly function later at work, so CIAO!

P.S. Bri, thanks for the other photos! Grabbed them from your instagram account!

Night shift and a date!

Work doesn’t seem like much of a burden when you have the right people with you. In my case, I find these two the most approachable among my senior nurses, thus I find it comfortable working with them! 2 nights with them made it easier for me to work since they goof and play around like 2 pbb teens in love and jokingly quarrel like cats and dogs.

On my first night with them, we were so noisy (take note, patients were all asleep) just looking at a few restaurants we suggested we’d try either together or with our significant others! HAHA! We were that excited!

chillax mode! 🙂

They even made me practice my IV insertion on them! Sila na! haha!

SEGUE: It was also ma’am Donna whom I was able to share my love story with and it was also her who gave me hilarious tips on how to sneakily go on a date! ODIBA? San ka pa?

Early this morning when we punched  out after duty, she saw Brianne sitting at the lobby. When I thought that she was about to step out of the door, she quickly turned around and asked “Is there someone waiting for you?”. Ang lakas lang maka-vibes nitong si ma’am! and I quickly and cheerfully replied “YEHEEEEEES!” Haha! To think, she doesn’t even know him yet!

After quickly introducing him to her and my 2 other co-staff nurses, we bid goodbye and had breakfast, again! Ang effort daw, sabi ni ma’am!


Special day 🙂