Night shift and a date!

Work doesn’t seem like much of a burden when you have the right people with you. In my case, I find these two the most approachable among my senior nurses, thus I find it comfortable working with them! 2 nights with them made it easier for me to work since they goof and play around like 2 pbb teens in love and jokingly quarrel like cats and dogs.

On my first night with them, we were so noisy (take note, patients were all asleep) just looking at a few restaurants we suggested we’d try either together or with our significant others! HAHA! We were that excited!

chillax mode! πŸ™‚

They even made me practice my IV insertion on them! Sila na! haha!

SEGUE: It was also ma’am Donna whom I was able to share my love story with and it was also her who gave me hilarious tips on how to sneakily go on a date! ODIBA? San ka pa?

Early this morning when we punched Β out after duty, she saw Brianne sitting at the lobby. When I thought that she was about to step out of the door, she quickly turned around and asked “Is there someone waiting for you?”. Ang lakas lang maka-vibes nitong si ma’am!Β and I quickly and cheerfully replied “YEHEEEEEES!” Haha! To think, she doesn’t even know him yet!

After quickly introducing him to her and my 2 other co-staff nurses, we bid goodbye and had breakfast, again! Ang effort daw, sabi ni ma’am!


Special day πŸ™‚