Morning Person

If I were to choose a favorite time of day, it’ll be a tie between early in the morning or late in the afternoon, primarily because I’m obsessed with I adore taking golden hour photos, and also because I think I’m getting old and old people NORMALLY just wake up very early in the morning or bask in glorious sunsets to pass the time.


Kidding aside, I do really love mornings, even more so than afternoons apparently, evidenced by this and this. I just love waking up early, not necessarily too early like when I used to have a 9-5 job, but earlier than most people do, especially on weekends, holidays and even when on vacations.

My body clock is probably just programmed to automatically wake up early enough for me to catch the news errr morning shows or the sunrise while enjoying the cool morning breeze or for me to do some chores or a quick workout to start me up with the rest of the day’s activities. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me at all. Like I said, I love mornings and I don’t only say this because I don’t have any choice.

love the morning tones in photos

Most of the time, I also feel like I cannot afford to burn daylight, not with the productive things we can do if we just wake up a little early than usual. Plus, I love how peaceful it feels when you water the plants and you won’t hear anything except literally, the birds’ chirping. You’d think that city living has rid us of this little “luxury”, but yes, there’s still a big chance that you can have that provincial feel you’ve been longing for.

However, nothing beats the real thing, so whenever we’re on vacation, I make it a point to walk along the loveliest beaches we’ve been to at dawn. I’m not really the type to stay up late partying in Boracay (mostly because I can’t keep my eyes open way past 10pm LOL), but I sure did love waking up extra early to enjoy the seemingly abandoned beach, especially on low tide. I did the same when we stayed along the splendid shores of Pagudpud, Laiya, Bohol, Puerto Galera and Bataan. As expected, most of the people out strolling or jogging were 20-40 years my senior, and it couldn’t get any better than that.

Here are some of my favorite early morning photos…

Here’s when we woke up soooper early so we could catch the sunrise together in Laiya. A lot of these photos were shot in film, hence the light leaks! 😛








Bumped into a pearl vendor at around 6 in the morning.

Lounging around early in the morning at home.





This photo doesn’t even look special at all, but every time I see it, I can’t help but stare at the sunlight’s golden reflection on my bedroom window.

Then there’s my favorite set, Pagudpud morning stroll with the parents…




The campsite, before and after sunrise!

And finally some digital, early morning photos from our trip to Galera…


Apart from capturing such sceneries in the morning that would’ve totally looked different in broad daylight, I also love that mornings give me hope and make me want to look forward to better things to come. Then there’s also my love for breakfast food and the fact that mornings are more conducive for praying and reading the Bible.



I think I may never be able to enjoy summer again. Well, not as much as I have in the past years! I can still remember how we’d spend every summer of each year (redundant?) out of town with our whole family (mother’s side). I would anticipate every end of the school year knowing we’d get to spend one weekend (our parents need to go back to work after) together in a private rest house either in laguna or batangas!

Unfortunately, due to more urgent priorities, I guess, we had to allot the money to those and so since then, our annual family outings have long been gone (with the wind :P)!

You know, I really do get overly dramatic most of the time (which I may have inherited from my mother), but I should tell you that I’m still grateful for being blessed with people such as my friends whom I get to spend summer vacations with, in lieu of the cancelled or unplanned family outings haha :P. Though I still miss our family getaways, I do know for a fact that someday, we’d all get to spend our hot, summer days together again!

Hopefully this summer, as I have already planned in my mind:

  • I’d get to spend time with my barkada at the beach or kahit Pililia lang please? haha kapal eh!
  • Go to EK with my siblings and cousins!
  • go on special dates with my college friends! (ehem Joey ehem!)
  • spend time with boyfie too (somewhere we’ve never been before for a change)
  • spend time with family and relatives 🙂