Marriage Goals

It’s my parents’ 27th anniversary and our car’s 2nd! Haha! Yes, I had to include that since it’s always going to be a part of their celebration now.


I know they’ve been through so much and still going through a lot, but I also know they’re both happy and content with each other and with what they have.

Everyday, I get to witness their conversations and I find it amusing that at their age and at this point in their lives, they still get to talk about the smallest things, tease each other and even laugh at their mistakes.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t plan anything for today. They went to work and will be coming home late again, waiting for my sister. It would be like any ordinary day, but it’s no biggie. I know they both wouldn’t mind having dinner at a non fancy place or going to work when they could’ve taken the day off.

I have to say I’m really lucky to have parents like these two. They’re not perfect, but their generosity, kindness, simplicity and faith makes them one of those couples a lot could easily look up to. They’re both soft spoken but their actions speak louder than their words. They don’t have a lot, but they always have something to give. They’ve come a long way since they got married, but they remained simple and content. I don’t see why God wouldn’t bless them for they have always shared what little they have in life to those in need. And as for faith? I don’t think they would have remained together all these years without God at the center of their lives and that’s what I’m most thankful for.


I’m really blessed for having parents that are more than what I could have hoped for. They’ll always be the source of my strength, inspiration and of course, my life, couple and marriage peg/goals!




Our Fourth ♡

2015-05-26 (4)

Can I just say that I feel like I’m at my prettiest when I’m with this guy. He compliments me so much that I’m starting to think that I am really beautiful. And if that’s not good enough reason for anyone to love someone like him, then maybe hearing the compliment repeatedly for 4 years is.

4 days ago, we went out to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. It wasn’t grand nor fancy. We were both broke, but we were happy. What we both wanted was to spend time with each other on that special day so we did; and it was one of the best dates we had.

Happiness is a choice and so is love. What we have is so much deeper than what we had 4 years ago. Now, I’m starting to realize that there is so much more in a relationship between a man and a woman than just tangible gifts or fancy dinners. You can date models, businessmen or celebrities but it isn’t as special if there’s no sacrifice nor tough choices to make. You can be broke, fired from work, cheated on but if you choose to be miserable then you will be. Today, as we both understand the value and real meaning of love, we agreed to support each other in our endeavors, or so I think.

Our relationship is truly a product of hardwork. There are some whose relationships may seem smooth-sailing and even though at times I can be jealous of a life like that, I know I shouldn’t be because every obstacle we overcome is a milestone we’ll treasure forever.

Happy anniversary!

I’ll Be There For You

I’ve never had a chance to watch FRIENDS back when it was still shown on tv because for one, we never had cable tv, plus I was too young to even get the jokes of twenty somethings. Fast forward to the second decade after it first came out, I’m having the time of my life watching reruns of the show. Call it the grand FRIENDS throwback!

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I actually find the timing very appropriate since I’m in my early twenties and I can never relate to it as much as I can right now dealing with quarter life crisis, job problems, love problems and all that drama. Thanks to ETC for giving a late bloomer like me a chance to relive one of the greatest shows of all time. It was actually how I got started on watching the show, by seeing reruns before lunch time everyday. When I finally got myself a copy of the show on DVD, it wasn’t but a mere, single season. I had to settle for it, even if it was the third season already or else I wouldn’t get a chance to see it, not unless I buy myself an original copy, which sadly I can’t afford. It’s not as if I had a choice, thinking how rare it is to find FRIENDS nowadays, even on sites that offered free streaming. It’s that rare!

I spent about 7 hours watching the whole third season and I can’t say that I did not enjoy because I was indeed having so much fun, but I found it a million times more meaningful, though terribly sad because I actually related to the whole Ross-Rachel, love-hate thing they had going. I honestly was a bit torn between laughing my a** off and having my heart broken into pieces. It was that relatable. 

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On a lighter note, FRIENDS marks its 20th year this year and I didn’t realize it until now that I have written about it and remembered in one of their interviews that it first came out in 1994. I just had to watch all the interviews because it’s been a while since their last season aired and it always feels great to look back at the good, old days. Seeing how different life used to be back in the day, what could be more relaxing than that, complete with a huge bucket of timeless jokes? Here’s one that was done by Oprah herself. Just seeing her on that show is a nostalgic time travel in itself. 

What was mostly surprising for me to see was how Matt LeBlanc was when not playing Joey. His character was very well played that I didn’t realize that he might be the very opposite of how he played Joey and true enough, he really was. I remember being a fan of his show Joey, even before I saw FRIENDS, which is odd, and he acted in the exact same way (Well he should, since it was a spin-off from FRIENDS), a very hyperactive, goofy Italian womanizer and frustrated actor. Seeing him in the interviews, it was a bit of a fresh air but it suddenly makes it even more heartbreaking to see him that way. No more of the goofy, hyperactive guy. 

Here’s one memorable interview right after the last episode ever was aired. What I loved about it was when the “original pitch” that was written by the creators 10 years before, was first ever read to the cast, :

It’s about sex, love, relationship, careers, a time in your life when everything’s possible, which is really exciting and really scary. It’s about searching for love and commitment and security and the fear of love, commitment and security. It’s about friendship because when you’re young and single in the city, your friends are your family.

I thought that that was more touching than anyone can ever write about friends. It’s simple but it’s true, like how friendship should be. 

P.S. I think the photo below was their final bow since apparently sitcoms used to have live audiences, hence the genuine audience reactions. I should really look for the video of their last episode since I cried like a baby when I saw That 70’s Show‘s final bow, to think I’ve only seen a season of it.

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