It’s a hard knock life—-or not!

I’ve never seen the movie, “Annie” in my entire existence (loser alert!). We have a VCD copy though that has been sitting on a shelf ever since I could even remember. I think I even have this very vague memory of my father singing a tune or two from the musical, but I just never got to make myself see it. I guess I just have this certain dislike for old movies…………………..**insert cricket sound here**………… Thinking about it now, I could never name a single movie I’ve seen that is in black and white or that is beyond the 90’s era. Alright, head hurts now. I really cannot think of anything. (major loser alert!)

Fortunately, Jay-Z and Will Smith collaborated to produce a really hiphop version of Annie, or so I think! Well it’s got more funk now (not that I’ve seen the old one to compare) but you could tell, since the original Annie was white with ginger hair, the new Annie is African-American, so the music has got to be a little more funky and not to mention, a bit more appealing and appropriate for my taste! Hey, it got me to write about it here and now!

One favorite song in there is of course, “It’s a hard knock Life“! Although I said I’ve never seen it, it doesn’t mean I don’t know a single song from it! Thank goodness my sister used to play this all the time and every time, the song gets trapped in my little head and plays in there for hours.

Although basically “hard knock life” means one that’s so difficult it seems like all the odds never ever got to be in your favor, the melody of the song suggests otherwise. It turns out, it makes you feel good instead of the other way around. So when life knocks you down, why don’t you pop this tune on your player and before you know it, you’re good to go again!

P.S. Can’t wait to see the movie this Christmas! I’m a sucker for big, heartwarming, tearjerker–eerrr —ing, inspirational family flicks!

Speaking of heartwarming, I was listening to this on the way home this afternoon and boy, I gotta tell you, it always makes my heart melt. This is a really talented and creative group and, just like the song above, my sister introduced me to them a few years ago! I just love it soooo much I have never deleted it, ever! Just lovely!