When Reality Strikes

I was quite set to welcome the weekend on this Friday night when mama called me asking for help for my aunt’s best friend. Apparently, she is suspected to be stricken with the unfortunate and dreaded virus.

My aunt’s best friend, whom we’ve known since we were kids and is very close to our mother’s side of the family is more of family rather than a friend. My lola probably treated her as one of her own kids, when she was alive. You’d know when you meet her that she is such a joy to be with, very warm and very easy going.

Tonight, her life may be hanging by a thread. Mama, my aunt, my brother and I asked help from friends in the medical field, called all hospitals within the QC, Pasig, Marikina and Rizal areas but to no avail. Every single ICU bed in all the hospitals in the greater Manila area are all full, which we reported back to mama. When I finally called the last hospital, mama sadly responded with a “thank you ate dags matulog na kau“. (FYI, dags is short for dagul, one of my many nicknames) lol!

One rejection after another, I suddenly thought that we don’t realize the gravity of any tragedy until it hits home, and it hits you so hard. It made me fear for my family’s health and safety now more than ever, especially that we are too far away from home.

Thinking about her now, I couldn’t help but look at Jesus and Mary’s images on my wall and ask for nothing but a miracle for our aunt’s friend. She must be in a lot of pain and discomfort right this moment and it sucks that not one of us can do anything about it. Why does it has to come to this?

All we can do right now is pray that she may be free from pain and suffering and that a miracle may be granted unto her. Please pray for her and the whole world.

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