7 YEARS on WORDPRESS / The Sunday Currently vol. 15 / GGSS – Valuing Oneself


7 years on WordPress yet I still forget when exactly my anniversary is because TBH, I’ve been here longer than that. Looking back, I just imported my previous wordpress blog on to this account, on this day, 7 years ago. More or less, I’ve been blogging on WP since 2010, but blogging on other platforms since 6th grade in 2002! You can do the math! LOL!

I was eager to write about How to Value Oneself and how to Value Your Worth after a long conversation with a friend early this morning, but since it’s my anniversary, I thought of adding something more………I need a new SUNDAY CURRENTLY post since it’s a Sunday!

Last time I did this was 2 years ago! I cannot believe it was that long ago! I used to do this all the time, and the last one seemed like I just wrote it yesterday!

Without further ado, here it goes…..


Again, this is a SIDDATHORNTON BLOG LINK UP. This series ended in 2014 yet a lot of people still continued theirs on their respective blogs. I was #76 on the list of blog links and will post my 15th TSC today as I missed it so much!

C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G  “Everyone Can Be Creative” by ex-nun, Merlee Cruz-Jayme. Will post a book review soon!
W R I T I N G  this blog post!
L I S T E N I N G  to the Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify!
T H I N K I N G  of my tito who is currently in critical condition.
S M E L L I N G  Tol’s buttered chicken take out from yesterday and mothballs (which I scattered all over my room here in Cebu)
W I S H I N G  a lot of things right now. Wish it’s Christmas vacation already and that I end the year with a bang!
W E A R I N G  my sleepwear. Can’t specify since it might be a little too much (or too little) for some. Charrr!
L O V I N G  my current state as I have finally decided to let go of the past and be hopeful for the future! Also loving this Sunday in particular although it’s not really a good one for my family back home.
W A N T I N G  more time with my family—-will be going home in 2 days for the All Saints’ day weekend!
N E E D I N G  to do a lot of admin work, personal errands and pack my suitcase! Also need to have my car repaired over the holidays!
F E E L I N G  so many mixed emotions all at the same time! Feeling anxious about all the paper work and errands I need done by today, feeling excited about going home in a few days, feeling sad for my family, particularly for my tito and his kids, feeling grateful and accomplished for implementing the marketing activities and having done a lot of programs the past week!


Phew!!! That was quick! I need to do more of this!

And now on to my GGSS post!

I have been feeling less burdened lately as I was finally able to pull out THE thorn out of my chest just recently.

It was one day a few weeks ago, when I woke up from a very good night’s sleep that I realized that I can finally let go of the past! I even wrote about it here. Now, I can say that I’m finally opening my doors to new possibilities in life and love and that I am sending it out for the universe to devour and hopefully in turn, send to THE ONE!

It’s scares me still, but being scared sometimes means that I’m out to venture on to something good, right? I have given it proper thinking for the last 2 years (I think) and now, I owe it to myself to know my worth, my value as a person and also to my ex to be given the freedom and happiness he also deserves!

So why GGSS? As you all know, this Pinoy term/expression means “Gandang-Ganda Sa Sarili“, which in simple English translates to being narcissistic and completely obsessed with one’s physical beauty. People often use this expression when reminding their friends that they’ve gone overboard with the selfies or that they’ve been so annoyingly boastful with their looks. You get what I mean!

Using it almost always gives a wrong connotation and evokes a negative reaction, but for today, I am using it as a term of great endearment for oneself.

It’s annoying to be with people who are obsessed with the superficial a.k.a. their looks, but don’t you think that somehow, it is very important too? To be able to love yourself first among others?

A lot of us have insecurities and it isn’t healthy that we obsess over these too more than the good in us. Mahirap rin naman yung PPSS or Panget na Panget Sa Sarili diba? I admit, I am guilty of this especially since I have cooooountlesssssssss insecurities! I lack self love which is why I hate taking posting selfies for fear of rejection or negative reactions.

I envy people who have good smiles, pretty eyes, perfect skin, gorgeous hair, confidence, who are good in public speaking, and the list goes on.

Despite these, I still love myself a lot. I have learned to gradually love myself more as I grow old. I am not beautiful as per majority’s standards, but I do have my own charm, which I am not yet quite aware of, but we all do, right?

So in order to know our worth as a person, we have to dig deep into the concept of self love. It goes beyond loving only the good, our strengths, the pros, because whether we like it or not, we also have to accept our imperfections. Just the same, in loving another person, we have to be able to accept the fact that no one’s perfect and in loving, it doesn’t discriminate with the good things alone.

Hence, if we learn to fully love ourselves, we also learn to value our worth.

You love your books because you know how much they’re worth. You value blogversaries because they are important to you. You take care of the things that give you meaning and value as a person, and in the same way, if you know your worth, you will also know how to take care of yourself.

You should know when to step up, especially when you’re being stepped on. You should know when to stop when you feel you’re being taken advantage of. You should know how to stand up for yourself, especially when you know that you’re worth more than other people’s treatment of you.

To end this self love post, let us give importance and value to whoever we have become and to whoever we are, because deep inside each one of us, is our God. We value Him as we value ourselves! Now tell me, ain’t that right?