Divided We Fall

Everyday, my appreciation for the huge turnout of the youth in various protests all over the country today grows bigger and bigger. Their unwavering conviction to fight for the remembrance of the atrocities in the past and wounds that have yet to heal inspire and empower me to stay firm with my own opinion and beliefs.

It is true that this country needs healing and I agree with the president that it all needs to end now, but I can’t say the same for his decision to allow for a dictator responsible for the deaths and unfortunate fates of thousands of our fellowmen and for an ill-gotten wealth to be buried alongside those who have done otherwise.

Healing is achieved through forgiveness, and forgiveness should be given wholeheartedly with or without an apology from the aggressor. We should forgive to be forgiven by God. This is what the Bible says. For a fleeting moment, I’d like to agree with the president when he said that healing is what this country needs, but I doubt that it can be achieved this way.

Say a family member was taken away from you, was tortured and killed inhumanely by someone devoid of even an ounce of remorse, would you forgive him? The Christian way to answer this is YES, with no hesitation and with sincerity. Though it is not always easy to follow God’s words all the time, it is still expected of us to forgive, nonetheless.

Easier said than done. I myself was born years after his 2-decade regime and with Ilocano blood, yet I find this painful, so it is quite hard to find it in my heart to forgive. What pains me more are those who tirelessly support him because to me, they seem to celebrate the the man’s heinousness. They are merely adding insult to injury. Seeing them act as if completely blind to the past injustices infuriates and saddens me at the same time.

I’ve recently learned that their family has both pending and dismissed graft cases, the former due to lack of evidences, but nevertheless, everyone in the family is still able to run for various positions in the government (although politics are full of such people). They have committed various fraudulent acts in the past and now, they secretly buries F. Marcos himself in the LNMB. I don’t know about you, but all these sound too dodgy to me. It amazes me how they seem to have an overabundance of fuel to add to a fire that has long erupted. They seem to stop at nothing to get what they want and it looks to me that they’ve no fear of God as well for them to do all these.

Now, various protests have erupted all over the country. It doesn’t look like the people are going to let the past be forgotten. All they are asking for are justice and peace yet here we are again, with history looking to repeat itself. The streets are appearing reminiscent of the past people power revolutions and all because of the same man that brought about a holocaust of our own.

A proposition suggested by a member of the anti-Marcos group to bury and build even an ostentatious memorial for him in Ilocos Norte sounds good to me. This way, both parties will be at peace and he will be surrounded by those who love and support him. Burying him in a public national cemetery then suddenly prevents the entry of relatives who normally goes to visit their loved ones there isn’t fair. This is just another privilege given to the Marcoses, but at the same time a right taken away from the citizens of the Philippines.

Unless a compromise be arranged between the two opposing parties, unhealed wounds will reopen, no justice will be served and this nation will remain divided.