Mama and I just finished watching Titanic. I found our old VCDs earlier and ended up watching the first half of Vertical Limit and the discs 2 and 3 of Titanic.

This film is (as usual) emotionally exhausting to watch, so we both found ourselves barely moving on our seats as we watched everything right to the very end of the credits (yep, we both even uttered names of those we thought are Filipinos). It was her first time to watch it again after sooooo long and I knew by the look on her face and tears on her eyes that she was a bit traumatized.

Likewise, no matter how many times I see this film, I cannot keep myself from breaking into tears. I know it has a lot to do with the musical scoring, thanks to my favorite, James Horner, but I also have to give it to Jack and Rose for the short but truly sweet thing they had going, until the very end.

I love how this film affects me in so many ways possible and differently each time I watch it. I love how I’m always reminded that life is short and how we always take it for granted.

I also realized how lucky they were (had they been real people) for finding true love, despite it being short-lived. That won’t take away the fact that it was still truly special.

I realized how small my problems are, compared to what the passengers of the infamous liner have gone through. I also realized how love can make everything seem so simple and easy…nothing a little lovin’ can’t fix.

Watching Jack and Rose fight their way through one obstacle after another gave me hope and inspiration to keep moving forward myself. After all, it is what life is all about…

to keep breathing, to pick yourself up, to treat everyone nicely and to love.

In the end, Rose struck me with her little speech and with this line that I didn’t realize was there until today…

“But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson and that he saved me… in every way that a person can be saved.”

Much like how this film saved me from losing my sanity in such a difficult time.


P.S. Didn’t know Google has this little treat for their users. Made me smile yesterday 🙂


7 thoughts on “Saved

  1. There will always be that one film that would pull the heartstrings.

    Titanic, wow. I think I was still in my elementary school years when I first watched it in full, thanks in part to our house helpers. Which is nice.

    At the top of me mind, my personal “heartstrings” film is Immortal Beloved. I’ll admit that it’s not a great, great film nor it’s high up there with the classics, but I personally love how Beethoven’s life of glory and tragedy were portrayed, loosely based on historical accuracy. Gary Oldman portrayed Beethoven nicely.

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    1. Me too! My mom can’t believe I was in 2nd grade when it was released. haha but yeah, I think everyone saw this film when it was shown 2 decades ago.

      Oh wow, now that you’ve mentioned Gary Oldman, I had to watch the trailer and I found it very intriguing. I think we discussed Beethoven’s life (also in grade school) just in passing so I don’t know a lot about him. It doesn’t seem like a boring biographical film too since someone said it was a little dark. That alone makes it interesting. I wanna know though, is it a tearjerker?


      1. Classical music is one of those I usually listen to, so yeah I could relate to Beethoven’s biography.

        It isn’t so much of a tearjerker. For me, I could feel the sadness and the heaviness of the world from Beethoven’s point of view. The film particularly emphasizes his personal and interpersonal tragedies: eventual deafness and his “Immortal Beloved.” It IS dark.

        There’s also this very classic film “Amadeus”. Now that’s about Mozart. It’s one of those iconic films back in the 80s. It’s three hours long, but it never has a dull moment.

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      2. “Dark” is what I often avoid in films, docus and sometimes even in books, but I’ll have to make an exception for this one. I’ll just have to find a copy of this as it really piqued my curiosity, thanks to the trailer and all the things you said about the film.

        I’ll even have to recommend it to my friend who’s passionate about classical music (although I doubt that she hasn’t seen it yet). And as for the Mozart movie, I think she’ll love it more than I will, but what you said about it not having any dull moments sounds good to me! Thanks Jake!


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