August Break 2016 | day 13


6 o’clock.

My August Break is pretty messed up at this point. 😛 It’s either I don’t post on time or I don’t post anything at all. Typical me, but I’ll be sure to post 31 photos by the end of the month, a promise I’m making to myself this year.

This is 6am just this morning during a very sudden and heavy downpour. It’s been raining like this for days, about a week, to be exact; although, looking back at my first AB post, I realized it has been intermittently raining since August 1. PAGASA even stated that the rainfall for this week has reached almost half the expected rainfall for the whole effing month. That explains the sudden thigh-deep floodwater along our street. Papa even had to take the car to higher ground, something he and mama have been doing whenever it starts flooding in our area, since Ondoy happened. Thankfully, the water subsided the very same night he took the car out, and was able to come back home safely.

As much as I’ve been enjoying this cuddle/sleeping-with-socks-on/hot chocolate weather, this really can’t go on until the end of the month. **Keeping fingers crossed**


6 thoughts on “August Break 2016 | day 13

  1. Is that a dream-catcher right there on the window? I used to have a big one in my bedroom and I also had a dream-catcher necklace. I had to had those stuff before during the early years of my tarot reading.

    All these weekend rains have been good and bad. They kinda ruined my plans, but the weather feel was also soulful.


    1. Yes, it is! Haha, I made it myself so it doesn’t look that nice haha!

      Cool, but what happened to those dreamcatchers? I’m actually planning on making another one but bigger and all-white.

      I agree, gloomy weather doesn’t have to be all bad.


      1. Nah I tremendously appreciate hand-crafted stuff. You wouldn’t even need to make it fancy. Just as long as you made it out of your own ingenuity and kindness. Maybe I’ll give you a tarot reading in return if you’re up for that. 🙂

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