August Break 2016 | day 9

Okay, I skipped a day because nothing was left of what I was supposed to take a photo of for day 8 – “favorite taste”. It was too late when I realized it. All that was left was the wrapper. At least I know for sure that it was indeed my favorite taste in the world. 😛

Good thing though, this photo challenge isn’t strict with their rules, so I’m thinking of posting something for the said prompt some other time. Like I said, I didn’t want to feel pressured into doing this challenge. It was meant to be fun and so far, it has been fun.

Anyway, today’s prompt is RED and here’s one of my favorite cameras that was refurbished by the previous owner.



12 thoughts on “August Break 2016 | day 9

    1. I agree! And they’re very sturdy too! All the second-hand cameras I bought were all in mint condition!

      Wow, you must probably go to CubaoX a lot! They have tons of antique/old school stuff there.


      1. I once had a friend who’s really engrossed to vintage cameras and that. I gave her one of my old-school polaroid cameras back then. Yep, CubaoX is like a haven for me. I go there once in a while to check vinyl records and other fancy stuff. 🙂

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      1. ay nabili mo syang luma na? minsan iniisip ko nanghihinayang ako sa mga lumang gamit nila ermats, nasira dahil pinaglaruan namin haha…sayang vintage na sana oh


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