August Break 2016 | day 9

Okay, I skipped a day because nothing was left of what I was supposed to take a photo of for day 8 – “favorite taste”. It was too late when I realized it. All that was left was the wrapper. At least I know for sure that it was indeed my favorite taste in the world. 😛

Good thing though, this photo challenge isn’t strict with their rules, so I’m thinking of posting something for the said prompt some other time. Like I said, I didn’t want to feel pressured into doing this challenge. It was meant to be fun and so far, it has been fun.

Anyway, today’s prompt is RED and here’s one of my favorite cameras that was refurbished by the previous owner.



Stranger Things

I came across a very intriguing review of this newest, highly-rated Netflix show yesterday. Apparently, all the other reviews I read after that didn’t disappoint, so here I am, binge-watching the show’s first season on a cold, rainy Tuesday afternoon.

I just finished watching the first episode and boy am I bummed that they only have 8 freaking (no pun intended) episodes for the first season. This is obviously going to be huge, so why the hate?

Kidding aside…

Verdict: I’m totally all for it (mystery/sci-fi/drama, duh?) and wouldn’t mind the jump scares, as long as I’m watching it in broad daylight. After all, it didn’t traumatize me as American Horror Story did, at least not yet.

So far, I’m loving how it’s set in the 80’s, which obviously took us back to an era when teens listened to Toto‘s “Africa” and all the clothes are ruffly again.

I also love the show’s poster which I can’t help but compare to


the Star Wars movie poster:


***both posters are linked to their respective sources/owners.

I’ll probably finish the whole season by tonight and would be having withdrawal symptoms by tomorrow, so I hope season 2 comes out very, very soon!

On a lighter note, here’s Senator Chiz doing Heart’s make up, which I find weirdly entertaining and the best out of all the similar boyfriend-does-my-make-up videos online. They’re so cute together and Heart’s skin is incredibly flawless without make up!