August Break 2016 | day 6

I’m reading…


I got this off a BOOKS FOR LESS annual warehouse sale 2 years ago for a whopping Php 10 ($ 0.21), so did the 19 other books I got that day. I flipped through it a couple of times because you know, visual learner/person here. To be honest, the reason why I picked it up was the cover. A plain, orange book with a tiny cartoon of a man with what I believe is squid ink all over his face and napkin, smack dab in the middle. The title below it says “Where’s the Squid?“. Who wouldn’t be curious, right?

Today, I’m finally reading the whole book. It’s all just cartoons about food, but it was created by none other than the New Yorker cartoonist, Jack Ziegler. And did I mention that it’s all about foooooooood? LOL.


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